Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Computer Retarded

So try as I might, I just could not fix the stupid video from Christmas and get it on the computer. Denny even tried helping me but eventually I just got frustrated. I'll try giving it another go this weekend. Just in case I don't figure out the stupid thing, I plan on making DVD's for everyone of Sophie's 1st Christmas and her birthday. Her party is this Saturday, so hopefully I get that done soon. Besides that, we all got over being sick. Happy day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas (take 1)

So we had a great Christmas and got it all on video, the only thing is we don't have the right cord to connect the camera to the computer. So Denny will be picking one up tomorrow evening, hopefully I can get the videos up tomorrow night. I'll go ahead and give you the play by play for now. We got up around 10 this morning (I love sleeping in) and came up to get breakfast. Then I set up the laptop for my mom, so she could watch Sophie's first Christmas. She loved watching Sophie open all her gifts. Half way through Sophie got tired though, and just got a bit cranky. She loved ripping up the paper and showing everyone her gifts. It was adorable. Then my mom opened the gifts we mailed out to her, we said our goodbyes, and cleaned up the mess. Then we headed out to Grandma Tina's house. (She is on a trip, so that's why she isn't in the videos.) Once we got there the girls opened the gifts we brought them, and then we opened ours. Sophie was pro at opening gifts by now. After we were all done Melissa "cooked" us dinner... she just put pre-made meals into the microwave. :P She was still convinced that counted as cooking. I'll put up the videos tomorrow night. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Super Crafty

So I finally finished my nativity scene. I only got one picture of it before my stupid camera died, but I'll take some more when we open Christmas presents. I also took pictures of the stockings I made. :) I planned on adding one "doo dad" every year to each of the stockings that reflects our personalities.

Sick Sophie

For the past two days Sophie has had some really watery poo (tmi I know, get over it) and she threw up on me last night. So I'm going to have my dad drive us to the doctors today. I thought I would share the story of last night. About 1:30 AM Sophie woke up, I knew her tummy was bugging her so I picked her up and went to feed her. The moment I laid her back she threw up ALL over me. Delightful, no? She didn't really know what happened, so she just got upset and screamed. Denny slept right through this, he sleeps through everything. I pushed him and told him to get up beceause I needed help to change Sophie. His exact words : "Well get her out of the bed." What a jerk right? So I got out of the bed and rocked Sophie in the chair to keep from punching Denny dead in the face. He went back to sleep. She calmed down a bit and I got up to grab her new clothes. I laid her down in our bed so I could change her and once again Denny told me to put her on the changing table. I wanted to throw her dirty clothes at him, instead I just ignored him. He finally got up and changed the puke covered blankets. Ah... marital bliss. :P He is by far the crabbiest person I have ever had to wake up. Hopefully Sophie won't be like that.

The "Joys" of Winter

Let me start off by saying I HATE the cold. Winter is by far my least favorite season. Last Friday I took Isaak and Sophie to the post office so we could mail off Christmas gifts. On the way back home we were going about 20 mph because I hate driving in the snow. Then a wonderful woman decided to try and brake once she got to a stop sign, instead of fanning the break sooner. The stupid woman went right through the stop sign and crashed right into us. The truck bounced off and went into the oncoming traffic, lucky everyone was able to stop before we got hit again. Sophie didn't even notice, and no one was hurt. So I pulled off to the side of the road and the police came. An hour later I was able to take a very cranky Sophie home. I will never drive in the snow again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peek a Boo

Denny has a jacket hanging by our stairs. Sophie decided to play in it. She worked her way behind it and just sat there. Once I got the camera she was popping in and out of the jacket. She is so silly. There are a few more videos at the bottom of the page too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sneaky Sneaky

Sophie has recently decided that her favorite place is the pantry. She loves pulling EVERYTHING out and doing what she pleases with it. The other day I was cleaning the kitchen and let her sit in the pantry while I did so. I heard something fall, and figured I better go check to see if she was still alive. All I saw was a lake of chips coming out of the pantry. Then I heard little teeth munching on the chips. I looked in and saw Sophie sitting on the floor, she looked up, smiled, and handed me the bag. At least she knows how to share. :P

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Goober

My little goober is just all over the place nowadays. She is using a big girl sippy cup now, the ones with a straw. She has a VERY strong personality and I love it. She is a little ball of energy and keeps me on my toes. Just yesterday Denny was taking a shower while I was doing my hair in the bathroom. Sophie LOVES bath time. She kept opening the shower curtain trying to play with the water. Eventually she reached too far over and dove head first into the shower. I had just done her hair too... figures. Denny picked her up and I pulled her out, she was soaked from her shoulders up. The dork. God knows that won't stop her from doing it again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Walking Pro

I finally got a video of Sophie waddling about the house. I know its bad lighting, for some reason this house sucks with lighting. But hey, she's still cute. :P


So who doesn't love to make a little extra money? When I have down time (normally when Sophie sleeps) I get on the computer and do nothing. I signed up for one of those websites that pays you to do surveys. I didn't really know what to do at first, but once I was told how to get going, I started making the money! :) In the past 2 weeks or so I have made $30 from just spending 30 minutes every few days doing this. Its easy. So I figured I would pass this on to anyone else who would be interested. Plus I get referral bonus. Tee hee. If you feel like giving it a try (and you should) just sign up by clicking on this link:

Or just email me alexisthegreat@playful.com and ask for more info on it. Its easy and gives me something to do when I'm bored.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Too Cute

So today went fairly well. Sophie and I went to the craft store so I could go spending-happy. I love the craft store. :) Near the end she started getting crabby so I decided it was time to head home for a nap. Once we got home she absolutely REFUSED to nap. For nearly an hour I battled her, then gave a sigh of defeat and let her wear herself out. I was sitting in our rocking chair working on a cross-stitch. I saw her rubbing her eyes and new at any moment her sleepiness would take over and she would just hit the floor. She grabber her blanket and waddled over to me. She laid her head down on my lap and closed her eyes. My heart melted. :) Who could be frustrated with such a cute little girl? So I picked her up and we went to lay on the bed. The moment her head hit the mattress she grabbed hold of 2 of my fingers and fell right to sleep. It's moments like that, that keep me going on those rough days.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas AND a Birthday?

Most of you know that Sophie has a cousin named Katie, who is 10 days older. These poor girls were cursed with birthdays within a week of Christmas. Lord knows they are going to get screwed over when it comes to gifts. Luckily, they won't figure it out for a few years. :P Tasha (Katie's mom) asked me what I plan to do for Sophie's birthday. Honestly... not sure. I know I want to do it in January, but when? I'm thinking the 3rd, since its the Saturday right after her real birthday. (for those of you who don't know its new years eve... and shame on you for not knowing) I suppose it won't really matter this year, since she won't even remember. I sure do need to come up with a plan though. So mark off the 3rd of January for Sophie's party. And you best be showing up with a gift. *points finger* You cheap asses know who you are.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Lists

As you all know, I am sneaky sneaky. :) Okay so not really, but I try to be. Denny is the WORST person when it comes to gifts. He doesn't see the reason in getting something, wrapping it (without a shitload of tape), and keeping it a surprise. This is the same man that will call someone up and ask them what they want for their birthday, because he is in the store and doens't want to try to find something they would like - when he could just ask them. Drives me nuts. He ruins EVERY gift. This Christmas... I SHALL PREVAIL! I am determined to get him gifts without him figuring out what they are before Christmas. This means I will have to use cash, becausd paper. Denny also ie he looks at the bank stuff everyday. I will have to hide them somewhere in the house, because he is a nosy little man. Do you see what I have to deal with? For some crazy reason I love this frustrating man to pieces. :) Sophie on the other hand will be easy to shop for. I already found a bunch of cute toys for her... even though she will probably be more interested in the boxes ansn't allowed to wrap Sophie's presents. You think I'm kidding? He puts gifts in either paper, or the bag he got from WalMart, then wraps that with about 500 layers of tape. Imagine a poor 1 year old trying to open that?


So I felt like being lazy this weekend, and didn't get any videos or pictures... I DID however get Sophie some cute church dresses. I went to get one, but I just love the tiny clothes and walked out of the store with four. What can I say? I'm a girl. :) Sophie also knows who "dada" is now. During the day, while Denny is off making money, Sophie will wander around the house yelling "dada!" Its adorable. I think she just gets sick of me all day everyday. She gets so excited whenever someone else comes over, or when all the boys come home.

More good new- after dealing with all those assholes I finally found a job. It may only be once a week, but hey, that's one day out of the week Sophie and I get out of the house. Its watching some rich lady's kids on base. I met them today and they seemed pretty good, plus its only 4 1/2 hours. Hopefully the kids don't turn into devils once the mother leaves.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Finally, she utters the word "dada". The only thing is she will say it to anything and everything EXCEPT Denny. :) She says it to her rubber duckies, the tv, the cat, grandpa, but not daddy. Its silly. At least she's got the word down, now she just has to learn who it is. :P

Picture Perfect

I have always loves photography, and awhile back I downloaded a picture editing program. I love how easy digital cameras have made my life. I was just proud of some of my pictures and felt like posting them. :)

That is of our wedding day. :) Right putside the courthouse. Jared took the picture.

This is of Sophie on Halloween. My little lion. <3

Then here is little Melody back when I was pregnant. It was in July of 07 right around Isaak's birthday.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Did I Forget...

To tell you all that Sophie is WALKING! On the 5th she took her 1st two steps to daddy. I got so darn excited. Ever since then she has been trying to walk all day long. She is a pro now. She can make it across a room by herself, it takes a while though. She will take a few steps, then stop to steady herself so she doesn't fall over, and keep right on going. I love it! She also discovered clapping this past Monday when we went out to eat with Denny's family. She loves to mimic. I got her to start blowing raspberries too. :D Its so silly. I'll have to get videos of her doing all these things. That is my mission for this weekend. She is just growing up so fast. Its amazing how quickly time goes by...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Already A Nerd

Despite my efforts to keep my darling daughter from becoming a nerd like her father... I have failed. *sigh* Sophie LOVES the xbox controllers. Whenever Denny, Isaak, or my dad play she has to go grab a controller of her own and "play" too. She will sit there and stare at the screen too, its great. She also loves keyboards. Whenever I am on the computer or Denny is, we give her one to play with on the floor so she doesn't bang on ours.

Social Butterfly

I try to babysit kids whenever I can, for the extra Christmas money, and so Sophie can interact with other kids. She LOVES other kids... probably a little too much. She doesn't really understand how to be gentle, so she will get excited and grab someones face. Tasha commented and asked if Sophie will play with other kids yet, or just play around the other kids. She likes playing WITH them... or just taking their shit. :) I watched 2 boys the other day, and one was only 2 months older than Sophie. They chased each other around the house and played with the basket of toys I keep upstairs.Cute huh? She always wants to play with the kids when we go anywhere, she just doesn't like the older people touching her. So that's good. :) Like we went to WIC today, and I saw a friend of mine that I went to school with. The second Sophie saw the little boy her age, she wiggled out of my arms and ran over to squish his face. She is a silly girl.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been tagged! *gasp* So I have to upload my 4th picture from my 4th folder. Now I have TONS of pictures... I'm obsessed with my camera. Hopefully it won't be an ugly one.

Well I may not have makeup on, but this isn't too bad. So I guess its okay. :P This is of me and my childhood friend Mariza. She has a little girl about 6 months older than Sophie. We are both statistics... YAY! Hispanic teenage mothers... gotta love us. Now I have to load the other one with the girls.
Sophie looked away right when we took it, of course.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Tonight we had our Relief Society's big craft day of the year. Its like Super Saturday. I signed up to make a cute little block nativity scene and learn now to make hair bows. As you all know, Sophie loves mommy, and mommy isn't allowed to leave the room to pee for 5 seconds... let alone leave for 2 hours. So I put her down to nap and headed out. So much for that, Denny ended up bringing her over. She woke up from her nap and quickly realized mommy was no where to be found. I didn't finish my nativity scene, but once I do I'll take pictures to show off how crafty I am. :) And I loved the bow making. My first two looked like a special-ed kid made them, but the 3rd was pretty darn cute. If only Sophie actually had enough hair to use them with. *sigh* Oh well. Soon enough.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Dork

Sophie has decided that the new wake up time is 6:30 am... WHO DOES THAT?!? The end of day light savings time has really screwed up her sleep times. And I hate it. Anyway, notice the picture. Her little bottom is plopped right on top of her bag of crackers. I turned on Nemo this morning and let her sit on the floor while I slowly forced myself to wake up. She had her ziplock bag of crackers and her sippy cup on the middle shelf of her changing table. I put them there so she can reach them. She got her cackers down, then decided she wanted the sippy instead and just threw the crackers. Silly girl forgot she put the crackeres down, so once she got the sippy she just plopped on the floor (or rather the crackers). Sophie didn't mind one bit. She just fished out a few crackers from the bag and ate them that way. You can see there are a few on the floor. She makes me smile every morning. If only those mornings would come at like 8 or 9... we'll have to work on that.
What a little dork.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Energizer Bunny

At the bottom of the page I put up a few videos, 3 of which show Sophie walking around with her littler "lawn mower" toy. For the past while she has been wanting to walk EVERYWHERE. If we are in the store and I am holding her, she'll wiggle and scream until I put her on the floor and hold her hand so she can walk. At home she will follow me around, pulling herself up on my let, until I take her hand and help her walk. Just yesterday I decided to let her use her lawn mower toy on the carpet, just to see if she could use it without actually falling on her face. It worked! All she does now is walk back and forth across the room with that thing. She will run into everything in the room, but she loves it. She especially loves running me and Roffle over. Lovely little girl isn't she? Sophie is also getting more and more independent every day. Like today at nap time, we were reading books before nap time and SHE was only allowed to turn the pages. After awhile she started "reading" the book to me and got mad if I tried to read it. She is so silly. Or if I try to help her do something, or take something she is using, she pushes my hand away. Stubborn little thing.


We got a kitten a few weeks ago, and I made the mistake of letting Denny name her... that's right. RoffleStomp if the newest addition to our happy family. Denny had a kitten named Scurvy when I met him, and I hated the little thing, so I had him get rid of her before I had Sophie. I found a lady online giving away kittens, and decided out of the goodness of my heart to get one for Denny. He looked at the pictures and picked her. The little orange furball things she is a lion, ninja, and invisible all at once. But Sophie loves her to pieces, so I put up with her.
Besides scratting Sophie once, she has been pretty good. I am the one she normally decides to attack... go figure. I try to do something nice and she ends up hating me. Stupid cat. Anyway. Her and Sophie play every morning, its adorable. Sophie talks to her a lot and always wants to hold her... but she doesn't really know how to be gentle yet, so she just ends up pulling her foot or her face.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was very fun for us. First off, I made the mistake of not getting the candy until yesterday... WalMart was a mad house. I won't be doing that again. At 2:00 pm we headed out to Denny's work for some Trick or Treating. They have a big building with over 200 workers, and all of those workers had CANDY! :) There were bunches of people there, all walking around to each desk and getting some candy. I forgot my camera for that :( we were in a hurry to get out the door. Sophie loved being around all the people, especially the little kids. At first she wasn't really sure about taking candy out of bowls, because normally its me trying to keep her from taking people's things. After a few minutes she got the hang of it, and loved it. She would pick a candy (or 5) out of the bowls, and plop them into her bag that either daddy or I was holding. It was adorable. Then at 3:00 there was a magic show! Everyone crowded into the cafeteria and watched the nervous little man do his tricks. Then we headed home to let daddy get back to work.Once dad got home we had some dinner and packed up to head out again. There was a Lutheran church in Roy doing a Trunk or Treat. Right before we got there she fell asleep in the car, poor thing was pooped. So we just drove around a bit, and 20 minutes later when we got home she woke up. Since it wasn't that cold outside, I decided we would just go around the block to a few houses. We got a couple done, before it started to rain. Wonderful huh? Luckly we were just across the street so we didn't get too wet.
Once we got home we passed out the rest of the candy. Denny gave fist fulls of candy to the really small kids. He said that the really little ones actually get really excited for the candy so they deserve more, while the older kids don't really care - they just want candy. It is true though, how the little kids will sort out their candy and count out how much of each they have. :) That was our first Halloween with Sophie, and I think it went pretty well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So I've Been Slacking

I know, I know... I haven't posted in a while. In my defense, my dad had open heart surgery, my mom had surgery, and my child sucks the life out of me. Sophie finally had her 9 month well check today... even though she turns 10 months tomorrow. Stupid, I know. She is doing great. 29 inches long, 16 lbs 7 oz. My little string bean just keeps growing. She got one of her flu shots today (since she is little they do half, then the other half a month later) and she did not like it at all. She gave out a scream, then looked at me with such betrayal. It was sad. They also poked her foot to check if she was anemic, she didn't even flinch. She did however take off the bandaid the moment she got the chance.As you can see my little ball of sunshine gets into everything. In her hand she holds one of my Reeses Cups. I hid them from her after she got into them once, but the little turd knows just where I put them now. The moment I go to do something else, she attacks and gets to them. She already has a love for chocolate. Lucky me. She is energetic enough as it is.
Wonderful isn't it? Tomorrow we are going to Denny's work to Trick or Treat. They are taking the kids all around the building to get candy at the workers desks, then there will be a magic show. Then we will either head to WalMart or the Layton Mall. I'm not sure if I will take her around the neighborhood, it might be too cold. Maybe just to a few houses. I will be sure to take loads of pictures though. Just incase you forgot, she is going to be a lion. It fits her personality: opinionated, strong, smart, and just down right cute. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grandma Is In Town!

My mom and her boyfriend Manuel are here to visit for the next week. We always love seeing them. My dad is doing better, he is moving around and breathing without the oxygen tank. Sophie started standing on her own yesterday, I was so excited. It is only a matter of time until she starts walking. She has a very strong personality, and she gets more independant every day. Like today when we went to K-Mart, she kept wriggling trying to get down on the floor. She doesn't want to be held as much as she used to, but I still get my cuddles in. :) She is exploring every day. Opening food, eating random things off the floor, throwing the DVD remote into the toilet... yea that one just made me giggle. She understands when I don't want her to eat something, I'll hold my hand out and she'll smile and give it to me. Or if she wants to show you something she will hold it up to your face, but you aren't allowed to take it, only look. She has even tried sticking her binky in Denny's mouth a few times. Its silly. She is a very busy girl and keeps me chasing after her. She also LOVES eating big people food. Whenever we have dinner I cut up pieces and put them on her high chair table, and she goes to town. She is a big fan of cheese, green beans, bananas, and strawberries. My little girl is getting so darn big.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grandpa In The Hospital

My dad went in to get a stent put in his heart, they found out he had a "widowmaker" and needed to operate. What happened is his artery calcified, so they took a vein out of his leg and put it in his heart. He is doing better now. Just wanted to post for the family that reads this. Keep him in your prayers, and I'll keep you updated. He is a bit loopy from the medication they pump into him, but he can cary on a conversation. I just went to see him with Sophie, and he seemed pretty upbeat for just having his body cut open. :P He will be there for a few days, then be home for the next 3 months. So I get to play DOCTOR! He was moved out of the ICU, and into his own room. So he is doing better. You can call me if you want his room number.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She Loves Me Most

I have been constantly saying "mama" to Sophie for about the past week, and it has paid off. In the evening on Sunday, we went to visit Grandma Tina, and Sophie said "mom-mom". We were all so excited she just kept right on saying it. Yesterday Denny was playing with her and was trying to get her to say "dada". She looked right at him, smiled, and said "mom-mom!" I couldn't hold back my giggles. So now we are working on "dada". I love it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh Well

So I did my nanny job for a week, then had to quit. With Sophie having to wake up at 6:30 every morning, she would fall asleep right when we got home. Denny never had any time with her, and none of us liked that. Plus we were all getting crabby from having to wake up so damn early. Now I'm gonna be home all day again, I'll keep looking for jobs, but not really long hours. Or the people can come drop their brats off here. :P Sophie still loves Nemo more than any other movie, she is watching right now. And she loves exploring the house, especially going up the stairs. She has started having nightmares every so often, and it is just the saddest thing in the world. Last night she started screaming out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me. So I picked her up and she didn't stop, I noticed she was still asleep, so I just snuggled her until she calmed down and stopped. Strangest thing ever...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, I win.

After 2 months of looking at childcare website everyday, applying for loads of jobs, going to interviews, and getting jobs then being screwed out of them... I finally win. Last Thursday I was responding to my emails from people wanting me to watch their kids for ridiculous prices (i.e. two kids from 5 am until 6 pm for 100 a week... seriously...) and I came upon one that looked promising. I emailed the lady and said if she was interested in meeting with me to call. Well as a surprise to me, she actually called. We met Sunday afternoon and she hired me within an hour. Today was my first day, and even though I was a bit iffy about it at first, I ended up loving it. Granted I have to get up at 6 in the morning to get ready and be there by 7, but who doesn't love extra money? That is what coffee is for! So I have a little 19 month old boy I watch all day, him and Sophie just love each other. It was adorable. And there are two older boys that are 9 and 1o, I only watch them for about 2 hours, I get them up for school, then make sure they do their homework when they get home. Plus the kids take care of themselves... crazy! They get up by themselves, shower, eat, get ready, and head out to the bus. I didn't have to do a thing, they even get their baby brother his cereal. Then at 5 Denny picks me up on his way home from work, so this is all working out with one car. I'm so excited we'll finally have a place all our OWN, no damn roommates or family running around. SEX ON THE KITCHEN TABLE! hehe... I kid.

ANYWAY... The other night Sophie was diving me nuts. Two hours of crying because she refused to go to bed (she is her father's child). So daddy came to the rescue. I gave up and we went downstairs to watch a bit of tv until she got tired. Well that didn't happen. They played for a good hour or so. It is so cute watching them. Denny is getting really into the whole "daddy" thing lately, because Sophie actually plays with him now. When she was smaller she would just scream and cry when he wanted to play. Now he will attack her and she will just giggle and try to run away. After all this Denny went to get a PushPop. Sophie saw all the colors and decided she wanted some. So after they shared it - her face, arms, legs, my arms, and my face were all sticky. Then she went right to sleep within 10 minutes... who knew. I posted a few new videos of the PushPop incident, and some pictures. Enjoy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sippy Success!

For months I have been trying to get her to drink ANY liquid from ANY kind of cup or bottle. Every attempt was a failure. The other night I was babysitting some kids, one was a 10 month old. She saw his sippy cup and the floor and stole it.
So being the great mommy I am, I went and bought her one just like it. I put some apple juice in, handed it to her, and crossed my fingers. She picked it up and went to town! Now we can slowly back out of nursing. Joy! Needless to say, I'm excited.

I snapped these pictures while she was laying on the floor watching tv. There should be another video at the bottom of the page. Its of Sophie attacking the camera.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Not many exciting things happened this weekend. Denny and I are both still applying for random jobs, nothing promising yet. Saturday morning Kid-to-Kid had their Halloween costume sale. :) So I headed out at 10 am to find Sophie a cute costume. There were LOADS of moms already swarming the store, and I got there only 10 minutes after it opened. I found her two that I liked, and decided to buy them both, just in case she grew too big for one. One was a little penguin, and the other was a lion. I think she'll probably be the lion since the penguin looked a bit tight. Who knows. I'll have to take pictures and put them up so you all can give some input. Yesterday I got the computer game Spore, but only the creature creator and since I am so easily amused - I love it. I just get to build random animals and they make babies! Jealous? I thought so. FYI there is a new youtube video at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tooth!

8 1/2 months and I finally feel her first tooth breaking through! Huzzah! We were at Wal-Mart yesterday, and on the ride home I was making her giggle. I noticed a little white speck on her gums, so being a concerned mother, what did I do? I shove my finger in her mouth, of course. I felt the little tooth! So she will probably be extra crabby for the next few days. I've also been trying to get her to drink from a bottle since July. And on the ride home I have her a bottle of pear juice and she drank a good two ounces. :) It was a good night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I needed me a good giggle today, so I put up this picture. God knows Jared will like it. :P We are both very happy immature people. Tee hee! Anywho! The one lady name Lisa, that I was supposed to start working for, suddenly stopped calling me. Sunday I was supposed to go meet her kids, I called to get her apartment number and she didn't answer. She finally called me back at about 8 that night to say her friend was raped, so she would call me Monday. That's all good because rape sucks, so she hasn't called me since... can we say "bitch"?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Thief

Lately little miss sunshine has decided everything is HERS.. including my wallet. She loves taking all my cards out of it, or just eating it. This is a picture I took when I caught the little booger. While I was getting dressed she took it out of the diaper bag and took out all the cards. I just love her dorky little smile. If you are holding something she wants, she will crawl right on over and take it from you. She sure has a personality. One thing I love is that she started giving kisses a few weeks back. She doesn't really know that you close your mouth for kisses, so she opens up wide and plants one right on your face. :D I love it! And if you make the kissy face to her, she will open up to give you one. She started waving the other day too. If you put your hand out and wave to her, she puts her up too and smiles. Sometimes she will actually wave her arm, but most the time she just puts it up to you. The silly little thing. I think I might try some sign language, not go all out like those crazy parents, but just a few to help out. She already knows "sit down", "come here", and the waving thing. I dunno, we'll see. Anyways. I'm gonna go sneak me in a shower before she wakes up.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am officially EMPLOYED :)

That's right. I'm a workin' lady. I finally got a nanny job, even though its only until December 18th. A single mother is paying me to watch her kids in the evening, while she finishes her degree. All will be wonderful! I start on Monday, and we are going to try it out for a week to make sure everything works out. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ready For My Close-Up!

I got Sophie two pairs of sunglasses a few months back and just found them last night. So I plopped them on her face and pulled out the camera. She left them on for a few seconds then decided to pull them off. I still got some cute pictures. :)

Bad Things Happen In 3's

So that nanny job for $200/week... ya I didn't get it. I think the worst part is knowing that she WAS going to pick me, until her boss told her that she could work from home. Damn boss. I suppose its good for her, but I'm still crossing my fingers that the kids drive her back to work. Yes, I'm a horrible person, I already know this. :) If I had gotten the job, we could have easily afforded a place of our own, we even went to look at houses yesterday. *sigh*
Then with our 2nd car, the geo, didn't pass inspection today so we can't get it registered at the DMV. Joy of joys. We are still down to one car, which leaves me stuck at home all day every day. I feel the need to remind you people with lives, that being home all day can drive a person insane. Anyways.
I'm now waiting for the 3rd thing to strike when I least expect it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone is Sick

This past weekend we spent Sunday with Denny's family. It was a blast. We ate, swam, watched a movie, and whatnot. Denny's sister Melissa just so happened to be sick as all hell. Well Denny spent a good half hour or so in a room with her... lo and behold, he is now sick. Then he got Sophie sick, and now I am getting sick. Ah, how we all love germs. Sophie had a fever yesterday, but I loaded her up with Tylenol and her fever was gone by today. She is still a bit warm and fussy, but at least she isn't melting. I feel like my head is going to pop and confetti will fly everywhere. Denny has been laying in bed the past 2 days.
But on a happier note. I'm looking into babysitting. That's right. I will now have something to do during the day, and make money. Woo hoo! Everyone loves money. Well now that Sophie has crawled around and pulled out EVERY last toy that I just put away... I think I will try to get her to bed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girls Night

Last night Denny's mom invited Sophie and I over for a girls night. *woot* Who doesn't love a night away from men? :) So I packed up our swim suits and we headed over to Grandma Tina's. Melissa was supposed to be cooking us dinner that night... but she's a slacker. So we waited around for an hour or so while she made cupcakes and then we all put on our swim suits and headed for the pool. Being that it was the late evening already, the pool was pretty darn cold. We figured the hot tub would be nice to try then, but that was boiling hot, so we were pretty much screwed. We all eventually tip toed our way into the cold water. Sophie didn't seem to mind the temperature at all. She was having a pretty good time kicking and splashing the water with her hand... up until she got herself right in the face. Aunt Melissa just happened to be swimming over at that moment in time, so Sophie gave her the look of death. When we got back to the apartment we ordered Chinese food, because got knows Melissa never would have cooked. Then we popped in the movie "P.S. I Love You" which was amazing. Great chick flick, I loved it. So overall we had a pretty good night.

Friday, August 1, 2008

She Crawls!

That's right, my little ball of sunshine is now mobile! Over the past two weeks she has perfected her crawling and can now get just about anywhere she wants. -oh joy- I am going to be starting her on a sippy cup too, so we have all kinds of fun things going on.
When we went to Sophie's 9 month check up on the 28th (which was about a month too late) her doctor said she is doing great. Shes 37 inches long and 14 lbs 8.5 oz. She shot up in height, but she isn't gaining too much wait, and her head isn't growing all that fast either. So I need to plump her up. :)
By the way, there is a link to all the videos I put up at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got a flight back to Utah for around noon on Wednesday. Tuesday Isaak got really sick at about 5 in the morning and was throwing up for hours. Needless to say, I kicked his butt out of the bed and made him sleep on the couch so he wouldn't get me or Sophie sick... this was all in vain. Around 11 that night it hit me too. My stomach felt like it wanted to pop out of my throat. I was miserable all night long and got maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Since Sophie is in a phase right now where I can't even leave the room without her screaming, I couldn't pawn her off on anyone else. -sigh- So I forced myself to get up and pack, by the time we were headed to the airport I felt much better.
Oh I forgot to mention on this trip Isaak decided he wanted to get his ear pierced... HA! Now being the dumb boy he is, he asked my dad about it first. As you can all guess, dad said NO. Isaak did it anyway, so we are just waiting until dad tells him to take it out.
I picked up Sophie's pictures from JCPenny's yesterday so I'll scan those today and put them up on here. Then when I get around to it I'll mail out those to my favorite people. :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tahoe and Such

Sophie and I are out visiting my mom again in Tahoe. This time Isaak came with us. There isn't all that much to do out here... being as we are in the mountains, but its still nice. We went to the lake (which was freezing cold) and the water was so beautiful and clear. For the most part we just spend time here with mom and Manuel, and my cousins that live nextdoor.

I'm getting my belly button pierced today... its going to hurt like hell, but I still want it done. I'm crazy, I know. Denny has a big geek thing down in Salt Lake City for the next 3 days with vidoe games and such, so he should be having a blast.

Sophie is doing great, she has her 6 month check up on the 28th, so I'll let you know how shes doing then. She is a very busy little girl, always trying to grab things or crawl away when you aren't looking. She can't really "crawl" yet, but she sure can scoot her way across a room in a few seconds. She is very much a flirt. Always smiling and giggling at the boys. Just yesterday she started sticking her tongue out and blowing raspberries. Its just the cutest thing in the world.
Last thursday my mom took us to get pictures done for Sophie at the JCPenny in Riverdale. I highly recomment them, even with Sophie screaming the whole time, they still managed to get some great pictures. They should be in on the 22nd, and we made sure to get extras to send to family. (but I'm selfish so most are mine, muhaha!) :D

By the way, I'm thinking of having Sophie's birthday party in Mexico since we are planning be down there anyway for Christmas. Sounds like fun ey?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Renaissance Fair

Best day EVER! This past Saturday we decided to take Sophie to the Ren Fair out in Ogden. It was only $20 for the both of us and Sophie was free. We had a blast. There were giant turkey legs to eat, a crap load of stuff for sale, puppet shows, a petting zoo, belly dancers, magic shows, and jousting! My favorite part was the jousting, the two guys were great. I got a face painting, and we got one on Sophie's arm too. I put up all the pictures in a slide show on the side. If anyone wants to go its still on this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They open at 10 and go all day. Just head north up to Ogden and take exit 346, turn left once you get off and head west. There will be signs from there going down the street, then you turn left once more and BOOM you're there. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So our lease is up the end of June, but I want out of this place before then. We are going to try and get it transfered to our roommates so we don't have to worry about anything if we move out early. We are going to go live with my daddy. :) He has lots of room in the house, and its just him and my little brother there, so we won't feel cramped. I can't wait. As for Sophie, she is getting bigger every day. Her baby blessing went well. Her dress was too big, but she is a giant string bean so that didn't surprise me. We are going to wait until the dress fits her better, then go get pictures taken of her. That's why we don't have any up right now. She is growing so fast. Earlier today I put her down for a nap, and she started giggling in her sleep. :D She can roll over now, front to back and back to front. She has a very happy and bubbly personality. We have her check up with the doctor this Monday, so I'll update after we go to that. I put up new pictures on our Tripod account. schlaikjer.tripod.com

Friday, April 18, 2008

18th Birthday

My birthday was this past April 11th. My wonderful husband took the day off to spend with me and Sophie. We went out to iHop for lunch, then Olive Garden for dinner. Yum yum. :) Then got me some pants that actually fit. So the day was pretty good for me. Then Saturday we went to my dad's house, where he sang to me and got me a "cake"... a gram cracker that was covered in chocolate frosting and had a candle in the middle. I love my daddy.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Video Games Live

Last Thursday we took Sophie to her first big nerd event. The Video Games Live Concert came to Ogden, and we just had to go. Despite the fact that it was Hell finding the stupid place, the concert was actually pretty nifty. They had an orchestra and choir to recreate the music from popular video games. They even brought out an electric guitar near the end to play songs from Halo. Denny loved the entire thing, he was like a little kid in a candy store. My favorite part was when an Asian boy came out and played the piano. First he played music he had written, I think it was for one of the Final Fantasy games. Then he was blindfolded and played music from the Mario Brothers. It was pretty cool. I can't remember all the games, but here are some of the ones I remember.
-Final Fantasy
-World of Warcraft
-Space Invaders
- Zelda
-Mario Brothers
Anyway. We plan on going back whenever they come to the area again. It was a blast. Hope you all get the chance to go sometime.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today was wonderful. We got up, put Sophie in her adorable little Easter dress my mom got her, and left for church. There are pictures of her on our Tripod site. We got her baby blessing set up for April 27th, at 11:30 AM. If any of you want to attend, just call either Denny or I, and we will give you the address of our church. Anyways, after church we went to have dinner at my dad's house. Jared, Tasha, and the girls were all there, so we had a blast. After dinner, we went out back so Melody could fly her Elmo kite... that mostly consisted of Jared hold Melody and running around in circles, while she left on to the kite string. Then Melody played fetch with my dog Quimby, and we all sat in the grass and watched. All in all, today was a lovely day. We love spending time with them. And Melody isn't scared of Denny anymore, she's starting to love him (and the way he spins her around upside down). This Thursday is Denny's "nerd concert". Once we go to that, I'll give another update. :) There is also a new video at the bottom of the page, of Sophie sucking away on her little hand.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trip To Tahoe

I am still waiting for my pictures and video, but I might as well tell you how the trip went. We left on Feb 24th around 11 in the morning. Denny kissed us goodbye and we were off. Sophie slept the entire way there. The flight was only about and hour long, so it wasn't too bad. The take off and landing were rather bumpy, but that was the worst part. Just as luck would have it, a big storm hit the night before we came to visit. Wonderful, huh? We got to the airport in Reno and my mommy was there to pick us up. She was so excited to see Sophie. Mom was amazed at how white Sophie was... she sure is her daddy's little girl. We stopped and got a few things we would need from a Wal-Mart before we headed up into the mountains. Now just to make sure I am clear... she really lives in the mountains. On the top of them! I thought she was just exaggerating. Nope, she was serious. We got up to her apartment, unpacked a few things, and got dressed to go out to dinner. This is where I got to really meet Sonny. He is a silly, rich, Indian man who likes his booze. He sure does make life more entertaining when he's around. Sonny took us to a really nice restaurant. Then we all loaded up in mom's car and headed to my tia Yara's. (She lives in the apartment right next to my mom) My cousins couldn't wait to see Sophie. We had a blast. The next day we went shopping with the $200 Sonny gave me to spend on Sophie and I. Sophie now has a summer wardrobe. :) My mom made dinner and we all had a wonderful night. Then the 26th came and it was time to go home. :( The day I left, all the snow melted - God sure does have a sense of humor. I hope we get to go back again this summer, only this time we will take Denny with us. :D

Monday, March 3, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Today I took little Sophie to her check up... and it was time for her shots. :( She did not like that ONE bit! She only had to get 2 of the 3 shots though, because they were out of the 3rd. No worries, she will get caught up when we go in for her 4 month check up.

Other than that, she is doing beautifully! She "talks" much more than she did a few weeks ago, and smiles all day long. Kicking is still one of her favorite pastimes. Her little hands have opened up, so she likes to grab on to everything in sight. Sleep... how I love my sleep. :) I put her to bed around 10 or 11, she wakes up around 6 to eat, then stays awake around 9 or 10. To sum it all up, she is a wonderful baby.

Length 23 1/2 inches (86th percentile)
Weight - 10 lbs 7 oz (38th percentile)
Head Circumference - 37 cm (9th percentile)

Just so ya know, the percentile is where she would stand if she were placed with 99 other 2 month olds. So shes long, skinny, and has a little head. :D

Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on Sophie

Hello All!
Sophie and I will be going to visit my mom this Sunday, out in Tahoe. We are going to get pictures taken at the mall in Reno, so I will post those when we get home.
Our baby girl is doing wonderful with her milestones! She can already hold her head up, if you help her to sit up. She is VERY alert, and looks at everything. She smiles so much, and gets excited when she sees mommy or daddy. She is also "talking" a lot more.
I got some of those Baby Einstein videos and she is just fascinated by them. She will sit there in my lap and watch the entire 30 minutes of the movie. Those little baby books will keep her attention too.
She is very strong. When we lay her down and put a hand at her feet, she can push off and scoot her way across the bed. Kicking is one of her favorite things to do right now. I normally lay her down by me and let her go at my leg for a good half an hour every day. She likes to grab her little ears too.
Just so you know, the slide shows on the side of the page are little photo albums, you can click on them to see the full sized pictures. You can also download or print the pictures. We will change those pictures every now and then. Don't worry, I will keep all the pictures saved on our other website. This one will just give us a chance to write blogs to keep you updated on our family.
You can also comment the pictures and blogs. If you have problems with it just email me. :)