Thursday, May 27, 2010

"I hate you"

Yesterday, I hit the magical 8th week. I started off by feeling awful, which is normal for the mornings. Lunch rolled around, and things just kept spiraling down. Eventually I found myself laying across the sink, while my stomach tried to empty itself... when it was already empty. Not a fun start to the day. I had a headache from the moment I woke up as well.

After an entire day of feeling like crap, I was plopped on the couch around 10.

Me - *groan* Why would you let me do this?!?
Denny - You wanted to
Me - ...I hate you
Denny - What? Why?
Me - You have no idea how much this sucks!
Denny - I could imagine
Me - *groan*

Eventually, I passed out in my pitiful state.

Now, he has been a good sport. He will fetch whatever craving I have, rub my head while I whine myself to sleep, instruct me to go take a hot shower - after I've dealt with a pissy 2 yr old all day, constantly assure me that my growing rump is attractive, and not make any comments when I refuse to shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows or even wear makeup for days on end.

For those of you who weren't around while I was preggo with Sophie, I will hate you all. I hate people who can eat whatever they want, and not throw it up through their nose. I hate people who don't have to wear pants with elastic waistbands. Most of all, people who touch my belly (aside from my family and close friends).

BRING ON THE HORMONES! 8 weeks down, 32 to go!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby is WHERE?

Ok last one for today... I promise. I just had a ton of posts to catch up on.

We've been telling Sophie a handful of times that Mommy is having a baby. I like the idea of her gradually getting use to it, rather than "BAM! You're a big sister!" Ya know?

This conversation took place last night.

*Sophie lifts up my shirt and pokes my tummy*

Denny - Do you know that mommy has a baby in her tummy?

Sophie - Mommy, where baby?

Me - The baby is inside.

Sophie - INSIDE?

Me - mhmm

*she stares at my tummy, with her face about 1 inch away from it*

Sophie - hmmmmmm, where baby?

Me - Inside my tummy

*she pokes my tummy again*

Sophie - hmmmmm

Video Games & Toe Nails

DSC_0016.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Remember how I had special Mother's Day toes? Well I wasn't the only one. That same night, Sophie also painted Denny's toe nails. Aren't they beautiful? I sure think so.

The best part? The sparkly nail polish is a total pain to actually get off. He still has traces of glitter on his toes. :)

DSC_0020.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Denny gets ridiculously enthusiastic about me doing anything remotely nerdy. He got me a laptop (despite the fact we had 2 desktops and a laptop already), buys ANY game that I express the slightest interest in, lets me sit in front of a screen until I realize that I've wasted 9 hours on my Sims family, and most recently - brought our spare TV out and hooked the Game Cube up.

a.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

When Sophie was a newborn, I had nothing better to do, so I spend hours playing Harvest Moon. My own little farm. I loved it, and wasted hours of my life playing that game.

DSC_0008.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Sophie also shares my love for cows and sheep.

DSC_0017.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Aren't those curls just to die for?

Sunday Afternoon

DSC_0046.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Last Sunday, we decided to take a walk down by the river after church. Sophie "loves the riber."

DSC_0084.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

She could spend hours there, just throwing rocks into the water.

DSC_0073.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

DSC_0047.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

DSC_0060.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

It was not a smart thing to let Sophie go river diving in her church dress. Live and learn. At least I took a dry set of clothes this time. :)

DSC_0089.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

We even saw a turtle on the walk back.

DSC_0090.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

I had just washed those jeans.... I pulled them out of the dryer not 10 minutes before we left.

DSC_0093.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Much of our summer will be spent at the river.

Side note: Last Sunday was her first time in nursery, well actually staying the entire time. Granted we sat in the corner of the room, but she did pretty well. Maybe next Sunday we'll just leave Daddy in there with here, then she can go all by herself. She's getting so big. :(

Ren Fest

10.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Last weekend was our 3rd year going to the Ren Fest. As usual, we loved it.

Our favorite thing is the food. We are all super fat at heart. :) Sophie stole my corn.
9.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Sophie got a tiny parasol. She is always playing with my pink one, that I got last year. Mine is just too big for her, so we got her a little one of her own.
8.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

I got a fan, it was hella hot. I was expecting it to be a bit chilly like last year, so I wore pants. It was far from chilly. And Denny got himself a CD. He always stares at the band that plays there, so it was about time he got their CD.

(Notice how she isn't wearing any pants. She leaked through one diaper and it got her pants slightly wet, so she sported her awesome mommy-made diaper. I envied her... it was freakin hot.)
7.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

There was a giant lady.
5.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

A giant dog.
3.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

A giant pirate ship.
4.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

And of course, a very tacky hair cut. Why anyone would want a mullet is beyond me.
6.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

We spend a few hours there, but eventually stinky could take no more. We left before the jousting, but had a good time none the less.
2.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Until next year.
1.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seven Weeks

DSC_0094.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

So far no puke. I've had plenty of nausea though. I started out at 120 lbs, and have made it up to about 124. Not too shabby. My butt feels huge, but Denny assures me that I'm just a crazy person. Also a plus - THE BOOBS ARE COMING IN! Happy day :)

I have an appointment next Tuesday, then our first ultrasound on the 3rd.

Why I Hate Smokers

We actually have the above image on a shirt. It was Denny's but I think I'll make it into a maternity shirt for myself. As a not so subtle reminder to the world, that smoking is stupid.

We live in an apartment complex, so we don't get any say in who our neighbors are. Luckily we got a nice old man that lives above us, he rarely makes noise, and never complained when Sophie would be screaming at 3 am because she was sick. The ones next to us aren't half bad either, I rarely ever see them.

The ones across from us, I cannot stand. Aside from the fact that they are total white trash (not even kidding), they are chain smokers. The woman is constantly screaming at her 4 small children. Ok, kids get into things, but all day long? Take them to the park or something, jeeze.

It is now 2 in the afternoon, and they have gone out 6 times to smoke since I've been up (10 am). Whenever one goes out to smoke, everyone else does. I get 1 to 5 people smoking right outside my window, 10+ times a day. This is just ridiculous.

All last year I simply kept my window shut, because someone was ALWAYS out there smoking. Now that I'm pregnant again, I refuse to have to smell their nasty ass smoke. I informed the office lady that they were a problem yesterday, she said she'd give them a notice. They were so kind as to wait until 8 pm to go out and start polluting the air. Then the 6 times today, so I called again. "I'll give them another notice," is the answer I got.

Apparently her notices aren't all to scary, because they were a whopping 5 feet from my window about 20 minutes ago. So I'm sending in the angry husband. Denny gets a strange twisted happiness from threatening our office people. Whether they over charge us on rent, take weeks to get something fixed, or simply never answer the phone, he enjoys being the one to make sure they get shit done.

So I'll give the lady another day, then I'm calling the health department and reporting them all. The kicker? There are signs on EVERY building saying you have to be at least 25 feet away to smoke.

I cannot wait until we can get a house that is far, far away from anyone else.

Totally Forgot To Post These

So awhile back, I took some pictures of my friends baby. You remember? Good. I forgot to post the photos of little Evan. These were just some of my favorites. He was not interested at ALL in sleeping. He finally fell asleep right before Mary had to leave. Kids are brats. :P

Now for the picture overload.
(ignore the crap quality of the blogger uploader, I didn't feel like sizing these before I uploaded them)

I can't wait for stinky 2. I'll get OODLES of pictures.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Aren't those flowers pretty? I bet my mom is green with envy... purple is here favorite color. Irises make me happy. Flowers in general make me happy. Whenever we finally get a house, it will be engulfed in flowers. You just wait.

We woke up and headed out to iHop for my Mother's Day breakfast. Denny is embracing my pregnant love for food... I've gained 5 lbs in the past 2 or 3 weeks... this is maddness! He keeps telling me to eat while I can, since I'll probably throw up non stop in a few weeks anyways.

We went do chuch with dad. When we got to the house, Papa was singing a song to all the mothers.

Sophie got a balloon from iHop, and Denny put it to use.

I had special Mother's Day nails. 3 colors of polish were used to put on about 5 billion coats.
Later in the day, I dug my old maternity clothes out of the basement. Sophie played dress up.

Then we went to Joann's were I got to get $30 of diaper fabrics for my gift. :) I was absolutely giddy.

will be turned into these.
The lay in soaker.
I loved my Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom > Your Mom

My mom is the bees knees. She is so much better than any of your moms. Why? Because she's awesome.

When I was little my mom always sewed dresses for me. She was as crafty as could be. She made pillowcases, pajamas, each and every one of our Halloween costumes, and endless decorations. She inspired my love for all things crafty.
No matter what I wanted to try, she encouraged and supported me. In elementary I bounced around from basketball, to soccer, to chearleading, to piano lessons, and so on. At every single event, she was there to watch me.

If I was ever made fun of or picked on, she was there to remind me that they were just jealous. She loved me completely.

In middle school, all of my friends adored her. She would often shuttle us to football games, movies, sleepovers, and never complained.
When she did snap, she didn't try to defend herself. (even though she very well could have) She let all of her kids hate her for getting divorced, and never tried to put the blame on our dad. They are one of the most functional divorced couples ever.

Favorite memories:

For my 12th birthday party, my mom kidnapped me and my friends around midnight. We got several bags of toilet paper from Smiths, and drove to toilet paper my "boyfriends" house. That was the funnest thing in the world.

When we lived in Texas, she took me to our ward's mother/daughter camp out. And taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.

When I wanted to color my hair bright red, she went right out and got coloring. I looked like the little mermaid. She always let me color my hair whatever weird color I wanted.

The day we FINALLY got my dad to buy us a trampoline, she informed us that she was going to go out there at night and jump on it naked.

Whenever we went out to dinner as a family, we were always laughing and making fun of random people we saw.

At Sam's Club she started a spit ball fight with me and my cousin. We ran up and down the aisles with our straws.

She was my girl scout troop leader.

She was my girls camp director. The years she went, were by far my favorite.

When I was about 5, my grandpa was sleeping on our couch. She filled his hand with shaving cream, while I sat on the floor, then tickled his nose. Funniest thing in the world when you are 5 years old. Papa was pissed. :P

When I was in 8th grade, I had two boys who wanted to be my boyfriend. I asked her which one to choose, and she said both. It totally worked.

When I was suspended from school, she didn't try to make me feel like crap.

She would drive to pick up my friend that had stuck out so that we could all hang out before I moved.

She shuttled all of my friends on home coming night to dinner, pictures, the dance, the back to our hotel. Then dropped them all off when I bawled my eyes out at each house.

She was trying to strip the color out of my hair one night, and didn't realize it stripped ALL color. When she was washing it out, all she said was "crap." I was the color of winnie the pooh for the day.

When I bought home "alternative" friends, she treated them just like all the other ones.

I got married with no intention to invite her, but she drove the 12 hrs and showed up anyways.

She flew Sophie and me out to Tahoe, just so she could meet her newest granddaughter.

I love you, mom.