Monday, April 27, 2009

My Spirit Will Not Be Crushed!!!

This cute snapshot was taken our first morning in our very own apartment. Notice how Sophie has made her way in between our pillows, this happens often.
Its official. We not longer have to live with ANYONE. I can't explain how completely wonderful it feels. We began our moving late Thursday night, and finished bringing everything in Saturday afternoon. The only non-family member that helped us move was Matt, kudos to that little ball of sunshine. All the rest of you - are crappy friends. Moving on!

Our first night in the apartment, I went to turn on the heat ... it didn't work. Talk about a nice little surprise. The maintenance man was also fired the day we moved in, so nothing was going to be fixed until Monday. Also almost every door in the apartment, would get stuck. While it was a crap apartment - it was still OUR crap apartment. So I was still happy.

2:00 am I heard a strange voice on the baby monitor, and realized it was picking up a different monitor since Sophie's had turned off. I went to check her room, and the power had gone out in both her and our room. I woke Denny, and he went to fix the problem. After flipping a few switches, the power went back on in the rooms. We got everything settled and went back to bed, 5 minutes later it all switched back off. Once more Denny flipped the switches and we went back to bed... and once again it all went off.

Being as we NEEDED the power on, since it was the only thing giving us heat; we called the emergency maintenance number. They informed us that we were out of luck, and they couldn't make it out until 7 am. We unplugged everything but the heater in Sophie's room, then came to camp out in the living room - and freeze to death. Soon after Sophie woke up, so I just brought her out on the couch with us.

Denny was loving enough to sleep on the floor. A few hours later, the maintenance man arrived to save the day. Turns out the idiotic apartment people didn't turn on our pilot light... that's cool... it's not like we have a baby or anything.. oh wait, we do!

A wonderful man name Juan has been here all morning, fixing all the crap that was wrong with our apartment. He is great at his job, and he is keeping me sane. :) So that was our delightful adventure of our first few nights in our apartment. :D

The Joys Of Fatherhood

Thanks to the beautiful and talented Tasha, Sophie has a box of cute little bows. She LOVES to put all of them in EVERYONE'S hair. While we were all watching tv, she started sticking the bows in Denny's hair. Against his wishes, I snapped a few quick pictures. :) I think they are super cute.
I also have a video I'm going to upload. It will be at the bottom of the page in the video bar.

Free Gifts!

5 Gifts

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Make A Baby

Denny showed me this video, and I had to share. :D

If only it was really this easy...

My Pride and Glory!

I heart crafts, and always have. When I was little, my mom always did fun little crafts with us. My favorite, at the moment, is by far scrapbooking. Tina has oodles of scrapbook supplies, and we all enjoy doing it. On the weekends, I would go over there and work on my books; little by little the pages filled up.
The first one I finished, was Sophie's 12 month baby book. It goes from my pregnancy all the way to 12 months. I kept a journal throughout my pregnancy, and after she was born. Each month I would right her milestones, how our family was adapting, and how much I loved her. For each month I made a two page spread, with a journal, my favorite picture, and then random pictures from throughout that particular month. I love it!
The next book I worked on was Sophie's 2008 book. It was just all the other random pictures I took throughout her first year... and boy were there a lot. I haven't finished it yet, these are just the pages that are done.
I'll put the whole scrapbook up in a slideshow on the side of the page. I'm also working on our wedding album.. finally. So once I get around to finishing that, I'll post it as well.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Duckie Park

(Last post of the day, I promise)
We have gotten into the grove of spending our weekends at Grandma Tina's. Its a good way for Sophie to spend time with Grandma, she LOVES Grandma. Its also a way for Denny and I to spend "me" time. I'll scrapbook randomly, while Denny plays on the computer. Sophie doesn't mind, because she can just follow Grandma all over the apartment. ANYWAYS!
Yesterday we (I) decided we would go to the Duckie Park. We took some bread for the ducks, but the stupid seagulls had invaded the pond. Sophie was fascinated by the feathered blobs that waddles around honking at everything. (the strange black thing lurking in the background of the picture is Emo Aspen, Denny's little sister)
This particular duck was super fat. It was also the only duck that would get close to us, all the other ones ran away. It was picky when it came to the pieces of bread it would eat, which we found odd. That just makes me wonder how on earth it got so big?
Denny came up with a bright idea.

Denny - "We should put Sophie's feet in the water."
Me - "Um, no."
Denny - "Why not?"
Me - "Its freezing."
Denny - "Pfft, no its not."
Me - "Why don't you put YOUR feet in the water?"
Denny - "OKAY!"

I should have known better. That man thinks everything is a challenge. He made his way onto a rock and proudly stuck his feet right into the ice water. Sophie then decided that she too wanted to join in.
After the park we went out for a snack (Denny's bribe to come to the park). First it was Dairy Queen, but they weren't open. So we went to Burger Stop. I was given a banana slip, minus the banana. And a large fat man came in the store to yell at an elderly woman who worked there. We found out the large fat man was a supervisor. Denny got the name and number of their superior, so we can complain. Maybe we will get free food, hopefully this time they remember my banana.

All Girls Love Shoes

I've slowly but surely been packing up all of our things, getting ready to move. The other day I decided to tackle the closet. I pulled out the shoe racks, and started packing. Sophie saw my shoes and she was off. Thankfully, she was only interested in the flats.

She threw on about 5 different pairs and walked all around the room. Every now and again a shoe would fall off her tiny foot, and she would look angrily at it. What a silly girl.


I know Easter happened last week, but I'm a slacker. :) I only got two pictures of Sophie in her Easter dress, and they were taken during a tantrum. And I forgot the flash... Oh well.
Here is the super cute Easter bag Grandma Tina bought Sophie. It was filled with all kinds of goodies.
There were two adorable cookies in the bag. One was Dora, and the other was her best friend Boots.
And here is poor Boots after Sophie got it opened.
We also went to an Easter egg hunt early Saturday. There were LOADS of people there, and it lasted all of 1 minute 38 seconds... GAY! I was pissed. But on the way home, Denny pulled into the park. We played for a few minutes, and I felt better. Stupid egg hunt.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Good To Be True

Tuesday Night:
8:10 Bath time
8:30 Hand off to Denny, he dresses her and reads books
8:45 Denny exits her room alone, with a smile on his face
12:00 We go to bed
5:00 I wake up and think my child suffocated
5:05 I tip toe into Sophie's room to confirm she is still breathing
5:15 I go back to bed
6:30 I wake up from a nightmare
6:31 I wake Denny up and make him snuggle me
7:00 we get up to shower
7:40 Denny leaves for work, and I go back to bed
8:30 Sophie wakes

... Sophie slept nearly 12 straight hours... and didn't wake up once. I was so giddy, if someone could have popped me - bubbles would have burst everywhere! On top of that, she took a 2 1/2 hour nap... inconceivable! I tried not to get my hopes up, but couldn't help it...

Then last night came...

8:30 she fell asleep while Denny read books to her.
9:00 she wakes up angrily.
9:02 I console her while she lays in her crib.
9:15 I give in and nurse her.
9:25 I bring her in our bed.
9:30 she sleeps, I move her to her crib.
9:31 she wakes up even more pissed than the last time
9:40 Denny goes in to console her
9:45 I go nurse her once more
10:02 the monster is finally asleep

12:20 she wakes, I bring her in our bed
2:30 she cries, I nurse
4:50 she cries, I pretend I'm asleep
7:00 the insane child pops awake
7:40 Denny leaves for work while I hide under the blankets and Sophie watches tv

8:30 she falls asleep on my face, yes my face
10:00 she pops awake once more

3:40 (now) she has yet to actually take her nap, which normally happens between 12 and 1... tonight will not be fun.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sophie is VERY proud of the fact, that she knows where her nose is. If you ask her "where is your nose?" A very wide grin covers her face, and her pointer finger shoots up her nose. This picture, I was lucky enough to snap a picture before the finger went inside. If for some reason I touch my nose, say to itch it, she will stick her finger up her nose and shout "no!" (she can't really say the "se" part yet)

She also knows where her eyes are. We have to be careful asking her where they are, because she gets so excite she stabs her freaking eye with her finger. I'm afraid the poor girl will go blind.
In that picture she is on top of a stand... she has discovered she can climb things... joy.

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday was on the 11th, and it was pretty darn good. We woke up, Denny took the dog out, got the laundry going, and made breakfast. I didn't have to do anything, it was delightful.

We went out to dinner with Denny's mom, then went to see the movie Observe and Report- ALONE! Since Sophie was born, we have been on 5 dates. That is 5 dates in 15 months. I always hated leaving Sophie, she was so attached to me that she would literally scream from the moment I left, until I came home.

I finally worked up the nerve to leave Sophie with Grandma Tina about 2 weeks ago. The entire time I just pictured my poor baby crying. Once we got back to the apartment, I braced myself for the worst. Tina told me Sophie didn't even notice we left, and only cried a few minutes. ...FREEDOM! I'm so glad we can finally go out and Sophie won't think its the end of the world - that is by far the best gift ever.

I also got gifts from Tina, Grandma Horton, my dad, Isaak, my mom, and Denny. Thank you all, for an awesome birthday. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Videos

Here are a handful of videos I've taken the past few days.

"Where In The World Is Sophie?"
Sophie found a new hiding place.

Katie and Sophie getting pushed on the swings at the park.

"Bubbles Galore"
The girls playing with bubbles at the park.

"Melody & Cheerios"
Melody trying to feed Sophie Cheerios.

"Follow The Leader"
Sophie following Melody all over. Her shirt is unbuttoned because I was changing her and she escaped. I promise I actually dress her during the day. :)

Family :)

My brother and his family came up to visit for 2 days. They moved to Texas last May and we haven't seen them since. They have 2 girls, Melody who will be 3 this summer, and Katie who is just 10 days older than Sophie. I was SOOOO excited for them to come out, so that the girls could finally play together. In the picture, Katie is diving off the couch, Sophie is trying to push me off the couch, and Melody is trying to make her way up on the couch.

We went to the park, and that was oodles of fun. The slide was the first thing the kids ran to. We formed a train to watch the kids. Denny got them up the stairs, I helped them get in the slide, and Isaak caught them at the bottom. They loved it.

Then we hit the swings. As you can see from this picture, Katie was super excited. She spent most of her time watching the ground.

While the little girls were swinging, Melody ran about playing with the wood chips on the ground. She used a tiny yellow wrench to dig.

Then the bubbles began! The girls ran about chasing them, while Jared and Denny kept the bubbles coming. Here is Melody giving Sophie eskimo kisses.

Eventually Melody got a hold of some bubbles. Sophie followed her around while she attempted to blow bubbles. After a while Sophie decided that SHE wanted to play with the bubbles. Melody ran away, and this was the result.

I'm loading a bunch of videos, and I'll post them once they are done. Also all the pictures are in a slideshow on the side of the webpage.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Daisy

Sophie always loved Daisy, but never really touched her. She would pet her now and again, but that was about it. Just yesterday she started to pick Daisy up. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world... I'm sure Daisy wouldn't agree. :)