Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sophie Language

Often times the parents are the only ones who can understand a toddler. Even though Sophie speaks very well, she still says silly words. Here are a few off the top of my head.

Me - Mommy, Mom
Denny - Daddy, Denny (she calls him Denny because that is what I call him when I get angry with him :P)
Achilles - kill-ee
My dad - Papa
My mom - buela , ga-ma
Isaak - I-dac
My grandma - buela
My grandma - boy
Oreo - o-ro
Quimby - kimby

Denny's mom - ga-ma, ga-ma tina
Melissa - lissy
Aspen - apen

The Incredibles - crebles
Ponyo - conro
SpongeBob - bu-bob
Squidward - qui-ward
Patrick - pak-rick
Gary - gury
Plankton - plantin
Mr Crabbs - meester crabs
Dora - dra
Wubbzy - wuzzy
Walden - waden
Widget - wigit

mermaid - mee-mer
macaroni - roni
snuggle - nuggles
tv- tb
movies - moobies
river - ribber

excuse me - cuze me
thank you - tank you
please - peas
maybe not - baby not
oh snap - oh nap
I'm so excited - so cited
(leroy jenkins style) Let's do this! - do dis!
here you go - here go
perfect - perpect

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Showing Off My Diaper

Instead of waking Sophie up from her nap, I let the girl sleep. The moment she woke up I changed her into the diaper. Despite it's largeness, it fits her pretty well if I snap it down a setting.
I snapped a few pictures of her while she ate some apples and watched toonies.
Then I fixed the settings on the diaper, and she wanted a photo shoot.
Don't you love that grin? :) Her eyes were green today.
She wanted "more picture Sophie Mommy".
Look at me- no makeup, didn't shower, unplucked eyebrows, no bra, my roots are in desperate need of dying... I could pass for a hippie. :P
She put her blanket over her horse, then rode it.

Just felt like showing off my diaper some more :) Carry on.


Today was big for me, in the crafty sense. Not only did I sew my first AI2 diaper, but it was my first time working with PUL, my first time working with snaps, my first time making a "one size" diaper, and my first time using knit fabric on a diaper.

As you can imagine, all the new things at once drove me insane... BUT I PREVAILED!


The fabric is green with little lady bugs running around on it. Now the pattern wasn't mine, but I didn't feel like cutting the PUL differently. I got 5 diaper cut outs from a lady on CafeMom and they were already cut into her diaper pattern. Little did I know... the diaper would be HUGE! I'm totally not joking... I couldn't probably fit into it.

Here it is on the smallest settings. "newborn" HA! It is probably closer to a Medium.
Oh well, live and learn. I'll just have to cut the other 4 pieces a good deal smaller. I love it, and it will fit Sophie, so that is all that really matters.

Good day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It isn't uncommon for me to hear giggles/whispers/shushing coming from under a blanket. I often find the two of them hiding from me. Sophie thinks it is absolutely hilarious, and Denny is ridiculous enough to find it amusing as well.

Every 10 seconds or so they will pop out and "Rawr!"

River Time

Mom often asks me for pictures of Sophie or Abuelos. I decided to kill two birds with one stone, today we all went for a walk by the river. Well all but Denny, he stayed at the house and read/napped.
Along the way Papa was pointing out plants that were "good for us." He plucked one up and said, "Good for stomach." I made a face, and he laughed. Then he ate it!
I guess it didn't taste very good. :P He continued to eat it though. After chewing on several plants I turned to my dad, "Papa is eating plants." My dad replied, "Yea, he does that."
Once we finally made it to the other end of the path, we all took a rest.
Me - "Isaak, throw up a gang sign."
Isaak - "I don't know any..."
Me - "DO IT!"
And he does this. Really? The Vulcan sign? Nerd.
Sophie LOVES the river, we all do. I can't wait for it to get warm enough to actually play in it.
Of course, the ice water didn't stop Sophie from enjoying herself.
She loves to throw rocks into the river.
My abuelo was collecting some for a centerpiece.
Sophie sure loves her papa.
She though this was the bees knees.
We had a blast. I plan to go back tomorrow if the weather is nice. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

TTC with a Nerd

Last night on CafeMom a friend of mine posted a picture of her positive pregnancy test. Then all the girls started throwing out ideas of how she could tell her husband. They've been waiting to get pregnant for a year and a half. She ended up sewing a newborn cloth diaper, and asking her husband to put snaps on it. She stuffed the test inside so that he would see it when he picked up the diaper.

While I was super happy for her, I secretly hate everyone who is getting pregnant. Not because I'm evil, but because we are now going on 9 months with no baby. This month I cracked down and became the Sex Nazi (tmi? tough nuts, get over it). Next month if we still aren't, I'll be buying OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) as well as charting more. Trying to conceive sucks ass!

Anyway, onto the reason for the post. I was messaging Denny on google talk this morning.

Me: DAMNIT! I wanna baby! A lady in my cloth group got her positive last night.

Denny: Are you an aspiring pokemon trainer?


: That's pretty much what happened in the pokemon games. :P

: Confused sir, I don't speak the pokemon nerd!

: Ash wanted a pokemon. And then his friend got one. So he wanted one super bad. But then he basically nagged Professor Oak to get one until he got one. And then his friend had to
come back and get ANOTHER pokemon.

: Did you just compare me to Ash Catchem or whatever his name is?

: Perhaps I did :D

: sigh

First NIGHT in cloth

This was too exciting for me not to share (probably not exciting for you, but I don't care).

Last night was our first night using a cloth diaper instead of a disposable. Being as we dove into cloth a year ago, you would think I would have tried this sooner. I had two problems with nighttime: 1 Sophie still had a sippy at night (to make up for the lack of boob). 2 With the liquid, came the pee. And I only had fitted diapers (they didn't pull moisture away from her bum, so if she a wet one too long, it would cause a rash).

Problem 1 is still valid, kinda. She has a juice box at night, but hardly ever asks for it. Problem 2 = solved! Fleece is water resistant and serves as a dry barrier between bum and pee. Wahoo!

I felt like experimenting last night, so I put her in her Bum Genius with both the insert and booster stuffed inside. She fell asleep at 8:30 (it was delightful) and woke up a good deal to ask for her juice box. We never go to bed that early so it was hard for her to stay asleep. I half expected her to pee her way out of the diaper, but let her be.

We woke up at 9:30 and I took off her diaper. IT FELT DRY! I know she peed, the kid drank like a horse last night. The inserts absorbed so well that even they felt mostly dry. I have the sudden urge to go steal a cart full of these from the Quilted Bear. Lucky for the Quilted Bear, I have no car today... :(

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know, I know, I'm a slacker. I've been busy doing other things. I've decided to open at shop at next month. Yay!

Etsy is a big community of women that sell things they make. So hopefully I'll be right at home. I have my shop name picked out, and even set up the shop already. I just need to crank out things to list for sale.

I want to open May 7th, so hopefully I get everything in order by then.

Now that it's spring, I'll be taking tons of pictures outside, so that will make up for my blog neglect. :P Also we are taking a trip to Vegas next week, so more pictures will be coming from there as well.

Love you all, and promise to stop neglecting you next month. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Birthday :)

Sunday marked my 20th birthday. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and Isaak joined us. When we returned to my dad's house, he had a cake ready for eating. Denny even kept his annoyance to a minimum for the day.

Here they were singing to me, Sophie got shy and tried to hide under my hand.

She helped me blow out the candle.


Loves from Papa.

And from Mama.

Waiting for cake.

Mama giggling when she noticed that Denny was taking pictures of her eating.

I'd like to think that I've grown as a person since my last birthday.
I am stronger emotionally.
I am more sure of myself.
I don't rely on other to make me happy.
I've thrown myself into the world of the crafty.
I've read my Twilight Saga a good 4 times now.
I am becoming more comfortable with my body. (notice no "helper" bra was worn, just what God gave me - or rather forgot to give me)
I attempt to cook.
I try to branch out and try new things.
I take Sophie to church more often.
I don't feel the need to please people.

I am me, and if you don't like it - go suck and egg. :D

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts and birthday wishes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sprin Swap

If you remember, about a month back I said that I joined a swap by ShortMama. We were each assigned a partner, and were to buy/make at least $20 worth of our favorite spring goodies for them. If you want to see what I sent my partner, click here. (not you Myya! Wait until you get your package!)

Today I got the package from Myya, my swap partner. Each item was individually wrapped in fun bright tissue paper (in the picture backgrounds), and numbered. Sophie had more fun than I did, she helped unwrap all the gifts. Printed on a paper, was a reason for each gift. Here they are.

(The card)


"First off I gave you a Scentsy Plug-In... this was one of mine, I didn't have time to order one. This is not part of your swap, I just thought you'd love it."
I already love this woman! I do believe this item well get a TON of use.

"#1 - I am addicted to this stuff! I can't go without it."
Who doesn't need chapstick?

"#2 - If I'm headed out to run errands or whatever, I always put a little shimmer on. It just brightens me up on blah days."
What girl doesn't love some shimmer?

"#3 - Who doesn't LOVE these and seriously these are a MUST as soon as the sun starts to appear!"
Totally agree.

"#4 - Spring to me means more outside time, more walks, which then means I need one of these."
I am like a fish. This will come in handy. :)

"#5 - If you are outside it is pretty much a given that you'll need this stuff. I use it ALL THE TIME!"
As do I, I love to have a stash of these. I use them in my purse, the stroller, by the changing table, everywhere.

"#6 - Being outside with my girls is the best. They love these so I thought Sophie might too!"
She was right, the instant Sophie saw the bubbles, she screamed for me to open them.

"#7 - I found these fun metallic colors in Avon. They dry super super fast so they even will work great for little ones toes. I love me some pretty toes."
We like nail polish that dries fast, especially for Stinky.

"#8 - Nothing like a little accessorizing!"

"#9 - I always have one of these handy for last minute errands... Spring definitely allows me to get out more so I need it to try to keep me semi-organized. (Yea Right!)"
I love note pads, they are so convenient! Plus the pink & green pen = awesome.

"#10 - Lastly, with more out of the house time it means I want to get our faster. These help with getting ready in less time. These are the best!"
About 98% of the time, my hair is pulled back. I can never have enough elastics.

"So there ya have it... a few of my favorite Spring things. Hope they are favorites of yours as well. Happy Spring to you! :)"

Thank you so much Myya, I love my gifts. I hope you like your package just as much!

I can't wait to sign up for my next swap. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


Due to our lack of a washing machine/dryer, our weekends are often spent at my dad's. I spend the day doing laundry, Denny and Isaak get in some quality nerd time, and Sophie runs from person to person.

This Saturday, Papa was her favorite. She followed him all around the yard.

She collected rocks from his "garden."

She cuddled Oreo.

Her and Papa examined the tree in the backyard.

It was such a pretty day, I just had to follow them around with my camera.

Eventually she found her way to the front yard, as always. Armed with her little shovel, she buried her rock.