Thursday, February 12, 2015

Soccer Star

This past fall Sophie played soccer at The Fields. We had a wonderful experience, she loved every minute of it. Both girls will be signing up for the spring season.

I finally got around to loading the pictures, so here ya go!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When we first moved to Texas, we hoped to be renting a home within a year.

Life happened. Cars broke. Then they broke again.

We were waiting to get into a house before looking for a dog. Having a yard would make life so much easier, so we decided to wait. Fast forward 2 years, we are still in the apartment, and will likely be staying here another 2 years. With tax return on the horizon, we could easily afford the pet deposit along with initial vet costs.

The search began.

Several weeks were spent looking at various rescues, shelters, craigslist, etc. Sophie spent time researching how to care for a dog. She learned about grooming, feeding, exercise, behavioral issues, crate training, house training, so on and so forth.

One day while pursuing craigslist, I found him.

A beautiful golden retriever & german shepherd mix. He had been taken in as a stray, and was being given away for free! You can't beat free, especially when we were already forking over $400 for a deposit.

I spent a few days emailing back and forth with the current "owner." He was a sweet old man that fostered 10+ dogs on a piece of land. He was more than happy to answer my endless list of questions. In the end this dog was perfect for our family.

The girls and I spent a few days getting the apartment "dog ready," and buying supplies. Sophie, armed with her handy little list, was in charge of making sure we got everything we needed.

The old man's wife was kind enough to drive the dog all the way down to us, which was such a blessing. They lived an hour away, and I wasn't looking forward to that drive with 3 little kids AND an excited new furry friend. The kids sat at the window all morning, each car that passed by made them a bit more anxious.

Finally he arrived. I thanked the woman, paid her for gas, and off she went.
He was ours!

After the intial craziness, everyone settled down. I named him Groot, because he just looks like a Groot. Also I totally love Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

We have all fallen in love with him. He is amazingly well behaved. The children climb all over him, and he is just happy to be loved. Finn tries to ride him, sticks his fingers in his nose, and lays on his face. It doesn't phase my sweet boy.

Only a week and he has already made my life better. With a dog, you HAVE to get out for exercise every day. (unless you want a house filled with poop) The fresh air and sunshine is doing us all some good. I just love his snuggles.

Sophie loves to teach him tricks. Thus far he is pretty good at: sit, down, shake, and come. He is one smart pooch.