Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Till Death

We drive each other nuts.
It's what we do.
We are sarcastic.
That's how we roll.

*sitting in church*
Denny - "how did you scratch your arm?"
Me - "iono"
Denny - "masochist"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "did you hurt yourself?"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "i thought we were past thi-"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "no fight club!"

*just got home from grocery shopping*
Denny - "what is this?"
Me - "i'm helping you get the groceries"
Denny - "whaaaaaaaaaat?"
Me - "i'm helping"
Denny - "you never help get them"
Me - "accept my help, damnit!"

i bump denny's computer chair
Denny "what?"
Me - "spoon."
Denny - "but i was gonna stay up and play"
Me - "spoon."
Denny - "but we did last night"
Me - "no, you said the same thing last night"
Denny - "but"
Me - "spoon."

Denny - "what are we doing for father's day?"
Me - "going to the lake"
Denny - "why?"
Me - "Sophie has been asking to go"
Denny - "so is this for me or her?"
Me - "her"
Denny - "thanks"
Me - "well, i'm cooking food to bring for you"

Denny - "hey hun"
Me - "nope."
Denny - "what?"
Me - "nope."
Denny - harrumph
Me - grin "what?"
Denny - "I wanted to-"
Me - "NOPE!"

*driving to dinner*
Denny - "don't you want to know where we are going?"
Me - "where are we going?"
Denny - ".....guess"
Me - "UGH!"
Denny - "guess"
Me - "where denny?"
Denny - "I'm not telling you"
Me - "i hate you"

You wish you were us.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandma's Visit

Here are a few of the pictures from when my mom came out to visit.
Notice their adorable shirts?
"Bis Sister" & "Little Sister"

Jumping with Diego.

Hanging out outside.

We took the front runner to Temple Square.

We all kept telling Diego that the train was going to fly when it took off. So everyone held on. :P


Flowers. Digging. Whatnot.

Holding hands.


Playing in the reflection pool.

Me and my little ladies.

Sophie loves her grandma.
We can't wait for her to come back.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ren Fest

We spent our anniversary at the Renaissance Festival.

My mom came along with us.

Denny got his turkey leg.

And ate it while we waited for the jousting to start.


Sophie giggled.


Isaak and my dad showed up for a bit too.


Jousts breaking.

Waiting for Sophie and I to get our Henna done.


Sophie's unicorn.


She loves it.


Random giant turtle.

Sign we saw while looking for the festival.


4 years ♥


As of May 14th, we have officially been married for 4 years.
4 very long years, and it's just the beginning.

We started young, and have faced an absurd amount of trials.
But.... what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. :)

4 years:
1 shotgun wedding
5 moves
2 apartments
1 home
5 dogs
4 cats
4 fish
1 bunny
2 pregnancies
4 nerd games played together (D&D, WoW, Magic, Minecraft)
2 very difficult problems
1 baptism
5 jobs
2 cars
2 car accidents
3 obsessions with food
2 cervical cancer tests
5 hobbies (legos, nerd games, sewing, scrapbooking, photography)
2 family deaths
2 road trips
3 nights on the couch
9,000 disagreements
11 birthdays
1,000 sleepless nights
4 sewing machines
5 computers
2 family weddings
9 cell phones
3 mp3s
4 gaming consoles
200 books
1 baby with colic
5 beds
2 postpartum depression
5 cameras
and 2 beautiful little girls

Te amo.

Mya's Baby Blessing




So much time was spent on it, and I am in love with the outcome.

Having 2 tiny children, I don't get hours to just sit and sew. This took about 2 weeks, working in spurts of time. It was so worth it. :)


Mya was exhausted, and slept through all of the pictures.

Abuelo was the one that blessed Mya, and it was such a beautiful blessing. My dad translated so that all of the whites could enjoy the blessing as well. :P

Everyone went over to my dad's house, while Sophie and I stayed for church. Afterward we went over to have some food too, since EVERYONE ate without us. Thanks guys. *glare*

And now the pictures.



Since she was asleep on blessing day, I dressed her up again yesterday and took some pictures.



Monday, May 9, 2011

Motherhood part 2

Despite the fact that it rained ALL day yesterday (literally, morning till night), it was a good day.

My Mother's Day weekend started on Friday.

Sophie and I spent the afternoon at the Treehouse Museum, which wasn't as fun. There weren't as many kids there, so she spent most of the time looking for a "friend" to play with.
On the way to pick up Denny, both of the girls fell asleep. With both of the monsters out cold, we decided to go get dinner. All you can eat sushi, *gag*. I hate fish, always have. Sophie thought the chopsticks were amazing.
Next we hit Barnes & Nobel for my Mother's Day gift. Denny took Sophie to pick out a planner, while I wandered about the store. I wanted a planner because I like knowing when, where, and what is going to go on. Having two tiny children, my brain is full of cartoon theme songs, so I just write everything important down.
I left the store with my new gifts: a box of Hello Kitty stationary, a pretty purple planner, and two raspberry filled Godiva chocolates *drool*.


Weed pulling day. Yay?
Denny went to pick up Abuelos, and brought me back flowers. :) I love flowers.
Abuelos were loving enough to come help out. I originally asked if they would come keep the girls entertained, so that Denny and I could work on the yard. The moment Abuelo got out of the car, he dove into pulling weeds. There is no stopping that man. :P Abuela held Mya while she napped.
We got a TON of weeds pulled. A good half of what we needed done. Keep in mind that we have a good 4 areas for gardens, so that is about 4 million weeds.
After we showered, I took Sophie to the mall. She lost one of her earrings the day before, and we were out of spares. Being the pink lover she is, we left with a pair of pink heart earrings. After grabbing smoothies, we spent the rest of the night at home.


We had what Denny declared "Mother's Day cake," after he sang the "official Mother's Day song" (that I'm fairly certain he made up as he went). Delicious breakfast.
Got everyone ready for church.
The primary children sang to all of the mommies. Sophie just stood there and alternated smiling at me then her teacher. She adores her primary teacher. All throughout Sacrament, she kept asking if it was time to go to class yet. I'm so glad that she loves Primary so much. It makes the idea of starting school much easier.
After church, Denny took us to Olive Garden. SOOOOOOOOOOO many people. Luckily, the wait wasn't too bad, and someone gave up the couch for Sophie and me.
Once we got back to our table, Mya was starving. The instant I started feeding her, Denny informed me that the lady next to us was giving me the stink eye. She can go suck an egg, you couldn't even see my ta-tas.
The evening was spent watching tv shows.

Another wonderful Mother's Day with my family.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood part 1

My mother always has been, and always will be my best friend.

She has always given her time to make sure I was a well rounded and happy person.
  • She was my girl scout leader.
  • She had me take 2 years of Spanish.
  • She was my girl camp director.
  • She taught my young womens class.
  • She put me in soccer, cheer, basketball, and so on.
  • She lived with me for weeks in a hotel, so that I could go to my first Homecoming before moving.
  • She drove me to and from a different school for an entire year, so I wouldn't have to deal with bitchy teenage girls.
  • She let me dress however I wanted.
  • She taught me to be friends with everyone.
  • I never came home to an empty house. My mother ALWAYS made sure she was home for us.
  • When my parents got divorced, she let me hate her without trying to stop me. It wasn't until I went through the same problems, that I understood how much she gave for us.
After seeing how other people were raised, I now know how blessed I was.
My mother is the reason I think my kids deserve to have me at home with them. They deserve to be raised by me, not a daycare or babysitter.
My mother is the reason I love to make things for my girls.
My mother is the reason I believe that "I am beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks." :)
My mother is the reason I fight to be happy.
My mother is the reason I don't give up.
My mother is the reason I am strong.

I love you. :)

(part 2 will come sunday evening after I spend it with my girls)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tumbling/Blessing info

Instead of the one big show, Sophie's tumbling class will be having 2 little shows.

June 6th and June 20th
from 6:00 - 6:30

If you want to go let me know.
Otherwise you can wait until they give us the DVD in July.

She'll have worked on her dance for 2 months, so come support her!


Abuelo will be the one giving Mya her baby blessing.
We are planning for May 29th May 15 (when my mother will be here).
From 1:00 - 2:00

If you'd like to go to that, let me know :)


doing the first giveaway for my shop
win a free cloth diaper :)

HERE on Facebook


Abuelo's 73rd Bday

On April 28th, Abuelo turned 73.

Sophie and I spent the afternoon making him some cupcakes. She does pretty well baking on her own. I just give a little help here and there.
(notice the wardrobe change)


That evening we went over to celebrate.


And had a wonderful evening.
Sophie loves her Abuelo.


73 down, 73 more to go!