Monday, March 31, 2008

Video Games Live

Last Thursday we took Sophie to her first big nerd event. The Video Games Live Concert came to Ogden, and we just had to go. Despite the fact that it was Hell finding the stupid place, the concert was actually pretty nifty. They had an orchestra and choir to recreate the music from popular video games. They even brought out an electric guitar near the end to play songs from Halo. Denny loved the entire thing, he was like a little kid in a candy store. My favorite part was when an Asian boy came out and played the piano. First he played music he had written, I think it was for one of the Final Fantasy games. Then he was blindfolded and played music from the Mario Brothers. It was pretty cool. I can't remember all the games, but here are some of the ones I remember.
-Final Fantasy
-World of Warcraft
-Space Invaders
- Zelda
-Mario Brothers
Anyway. We plan on going back whenever they come to the area again. It was a blast. Hope you all get the chance to go sometime.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Today was wonderful. We got up, put Sophie in her adorable little Easter dress my mom got her, and left for church. There are pictures of her on our Tripod site. We got her baby blessing set up for April 27th, at 11:30 AM. If any of you want to attend, just call either Denny or I, and we will give you the address of our church. Anyways, after church we went to have dinner at my dad's house. Jared, Tasha, and the girls were all there, so we had a blast. After dinner, we went out back so Melody could fly her Elmo kite... that mostly consisted of Jared hold Melody and running around in circles, while she left on to the kite string. Then Melody played fetch with my dog Quimby, and we all sat in the grass and watched. All in all, today was a lovely day. We love spending time with them. And Melody isn't scared of Denny anymore, she's starting to love him (and the way he spins her around upside down). This Thursday is Denny's "nerd concert". Once we go to that, I'll give another update. :) There is also a new video at the bottom of the page, of Sophie sucking away on her little hand.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trip To Tahoe

I am still waiting for my pictures and video, but I might as well tell you how the trip went. We left on Feb 24th around 11 in the morning. Denny kissed us goodbye and we were off. Sophie slept the entire way there. The flight was only about and hour long, so it wasn't too bad. The take off and landing were rather bumpy, but that was the worst part. Just as luck would have it, a big storm hit the night before we came to visit. Wonderful, huh? We got to the airport in Reno and my mommy was there to pick us up. She was so excited to see Sophie. Mom was amazed at how white Sophie was... she sure is her daddy's little girl. We stopped and got a few things we would need from a Wal-Mart before we headed up into the mountains. Now just to make sure I am clear... she really lives in the mountains. On the top of them! I thought she was just exaggerating. Nope, she was serious. We got up to her apartment, unpacked a few things, and got dressed to go out to dinner. This is where I got to really meet Sonny. He is a silly, rich, Indian man who likes his booze. He sure does make life more entertaining when he's around. Sonny took us to a really nice restaurant. Then we all loaded up in mom's car and headed to my tia Yara's. (She lives in the apartment right next to my mom) My cousins couldn't wait to see Sophie. We had a blast. The next day we went shopping with the $200 Sonny gave me to spend on Sophie and I. Sophie now has a summer wardrobe. :) My mom made dinner and we all had a wonderful night. Then the 26th came and it was time to go home. :( The day I left, all the snow melted - God sure does have a sense of humor. I hope we get to go back again this summer, only this time we will take Denny with us. :D

Monday, March 3, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Today I took little Sophie to her check up... and it was time for her shots. :( She did not like that ONE bit! She only had to get 2 of the 3 shots though, because they were out of the 3rd. No worries, she will get caught up when we go in for her 4 month check up.

Other than that, she is doing beautifully! She "talks" much more than she did a few weeks ago, and smiles all day long. Kicking is still one of her favorite pastimes. Her little hands have opened up, so she likes to grab on to everything in sight. Sleep... how I love my sleep. :) I put her to bed around 10 or 11, she wakes up around 6 to eat, then stays awake around 9 or 10. To sum it all up, she is a wonderful baby.

Length 23 1/2 inches (86th percentile)
Weight - 10 lbs 7 oz (38th percentile)
Head Circumference - 37 cm (9th percentile)

Just so ya know, the percentile is where she would stand if she were placed with 99 other 2 month olds. So shes long, skinny, and has a little head. :D