Monday, June 3, 2013


As I sit here in a poorly lit hotel room, I'm still not quite sure my brain has grasped the reality that we have actually moved. I am well aware that all of our belongings are parked outside in that hideously yellow truck, but something just hasn't quite clicked yet. I'm weird like that.

We have planned to come to Texas for several years.
The only thing stopping us was the lack of funds, a job, etc.

With two tiny sick children, a stupid cat that peed in its kennel after getting groomed, all of the stress that came with packing up our things/listing the house for sale, and so on.... I question my sanity at the decision to move so suddenly.

I was supposed to have at least 2 more years to mentally prepare for the move.

Whenever I near a breakdown from the stress, I remind myself that this is exactly where we wanted to be.
With our family.
A place where Denny can actually get a decent paying job (that he doesn't hate)
Somewhere we want to be.

The greatest blessings come from the most difficult struggles.

I'd say after Denny being laid off, me being 34 weeks pregnant, and moving in an absurdly short amount of time...
We are due for a blessing or two.

Once the girls get to see their cousins and explode with excitement tomorrow, it will all be worth it.