Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The following discussion just took place.

Me: "Hey stinky, are you tired?"

Denny: *whispers from across the room* "It's a trap."

Sophie: *snaps around* "OH NO!"

Me: "Why did you tell her?!"

Denny: *laughing*

The traitor.

Night Night Baby

Sophie went into our room, grabbed her pillow, and plopped it out here on the couch. then she grabbed her baby doll, and climbed up onto the couch. She said "night baby," gave her a kiss, and laid down. I just about melted, it was the cutest thing in the world!
I had her kiss her baby again so I could get a picture. I LOVE IT!

There is a video of it :)

And here is a link to the video from the Dino Park.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pebbles Costume

My friend Sophie asked me to make her daughter a Pebbles costume for Halloween. I couldn't turn down a craft project!
Cute top huh?
And zee diaper cover
Then the trick of treat tote.
YAY ME! Now I just have to work on OUR costumes. :P


I've waited 21 long months for this kid to get hair. I can finally pull it back into a single pony! I LOVE IT! Maybe I'll be blessed with a second little girl who actually has hair... or maybe God will play a joke on me and give me a boy with a head full of hair. If he does - I'm totally still doing his hair!

Dinosaur Park

Since I now watch my girlfriend's son during the week, we have a bit of 'play' money. I decided I wanted to go do something fun as a family on Saturday, so we went to the Dinosaur Park. We had oodles of fun.
Oh my a 'Lost Trail'! We could have been lost forever.
Family friendly park right? Then why are there so many dinos being eaten alive by other ones?
Oh snap! Can you find the camouflage dino?
Apparently bears and mountain lions walked amongst the dinosaurs as well.

We took many a pictures, look at them here! Dinosaur Park Album

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Crap

A few weeks back, we decided to commandeer Sophie's room, and use it for our own hobbies. The main reason for this, was that Denny wanted a safe location for his Legos, where little hands could not attack them. I got this idea from my awesome sister-in-law. Here are pictures of all our crap! :)
Nerd station #1. (that is totally my piano bench he uses for his mouse) Much time is spent here.
Nerd station #2. Lego Land!
Those are all FULL of Legos.
Awesome area :) aka- my craft table
From left to right. White hamper full of clothes to use for other random projects, little storage bins full of scrapbooking stuff, tall white storage full of scrapbooking & sewing stuff, but ol' bag of fabrics!
Wire wracks covered in random projects. (those cute drapes... yea, I MADE THOSE!)
Under me craft table, bug bin of scrapbooking papers, albums, and such. Smaller storage things on top, full of stickers and embellishments.
More fabric.
And even more fabric, stuffed into that gray storage bin. All that fabric was given to me off Free Cycle.... YAY FREE CYCLE!
And yes... even though I have an entire room to stuff my things into... stuff still clutters my kitchen table.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay Sleep!

Last night was the first night.... in I don't know how long, that Sophie actually STAYED ASLEEP once she was in bed. Granted, she went to bed at like 11:40, but still, she didn't wake me up around 2 am. Huzzah! Hopefully we can just bump her bedtime up bit by bit, so she isn't going to bed at insane times. I'm excited!

Twisted Disney Princesses

Denny send me a link to Jeffery Thomas's drawings of the Disney Princesses. I LOVE them! I think they are amazing. :) If you want to see the other princesses, CLICK HERE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I just finished these super cute letters. If you want to see how to make them, go to my other blog - Craft Happy Mommy.

Thanks to my wonderful Grandma & Grandpa Meakin, I got $50 to spend to my hearts desire. Grandma loves to support my sewing, so she buys cloth diapers from me, and gives them out to family members who are expecting.

Yay grandma! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Ass Of The Day" Award

The "Ass Of The Day" award goes to.... PTTP - Populus Terminal Transmissions Partners. (and yes I spelt that right) We wanted to go to the park yesterday, and these assholes decided to try and claim the whole freakin place.
They actually blocked off an ENTIRE freakin parking lot... seriously? We had parked there before they blocked it all off, and they told us to move to the other side of the park, because they had rented out the entire park. Dirty rotton liars. Its a PUBLIC PARK! Needless to say, we did not go all the way to the other side of the park, we just moved to the other lot.
They also took it upon themselves to rope off a good section of the park. You can't really see, but they roped off the entire section from the pavilion to the playground. Rope also circled around not one, not two, but three pavilions. Jerkfaces.

Little Lady

Sophie decided that my church shoes look better on her. :P
My shoes have always been one of her favorite things to wear.
Such a pretty little lady.
I caught a quick video of her clomping around.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


While I was 'remodeling' my blog, Sophie passed out next to me on the couch. She also managed to scoot her bottom all the way down to my hip. (she started up at the top of the pillow) She also worked her foot up on me. The child takes over my personal bubble even in her sleep. :P


Sophie has been teething since we went camping at Pineview. 4 little teeth have made our lives hell, but alas, THEY HAVE ALL POPPED THROUGH! Huzzah! I will finally get my happy little toddler back, instead of this devil child I've had to deal with. I'm so happy I could cry. I'll finally get to sleep again. YAY!

Just thought I'd share :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandma's Visit!

My mom and Manuel came out to visit this past week. I freakin love them both. I wish they lived closer. :(
Tuesday we hit up a Pupuseria in Ogden. They serve food from Elsalvador, Manuel's homeland. We had a feast!
Later that day we all went down to Temple Square. I love it there, especially in Christmas when they put up all the lights.
I was Moses. :) (correction - NOAH! I dunno why on earth I put Moses)
I love this picture. Soon enough, my little family and I will be sealed together for eternity in there. YAY!

We also browsed around the DI's and found some awesome stuff at the Layton one. My mom got Sophie a little play kitchen for only $4! We had lots of fun, and I already can't wait to see them again. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!