Friday, September 27, 2013

Nature Preserve

There are no mountains here.
Thus, no hiking.
This saddened me a wee bit.


 photo DSC_6802_zps79cfab48.jpg

We went to the nature preserve. 
All is better.

Enjoy the overload of pictures.

 photo DSC_6803_zps15472f37.jpg

 photo DSC_6812_zps7ba100cf.jpg 

Upon arrival, Sophie and Katie instantly paired off.
They were born just 10 days apart.

 photo DSC_6808_zps2eff4b4c.jpg

Adorable, yes?

 photo DSC_6804_zps4dce9a79.jpg

At every bridge we had to stop and look at the water.
Every. Bridge.

 photo DSC_6828_zpsf070ff4a.jpg

 photo DSC_6832_zps69efe148.jpg

 photo DSC_6831_zpscf531642.jpg

 photo DSC_6830_zps390407e9.jpg

 photo DSC_6826_zps8ca71263.jpg

The tiny ones got special treatment.

 photo DSC_6819_zps8b96deff.jpg

 photo DSC_6821_zps861e167f.jpg

 photo DSC_6823_zpse0c35305.jpg

The oldest skated her heart out.
She was further ahead of me 90% of the time, making it hard to get pictures.
I will have to make a road block next time.

 photo DSC_6811_zps5bf6deac.jpg

Denny even snapped a few photos of me.
I told him how to focus and release the shutter, but forgot to have him fix the shutter speed.
My bad.

Finn rode along in my wrap the whole way. 
 photo DSC_6840_zps63413934.jpg

After the nice long walk, the kids dispersed among the playground.
Finn woke up from his nap.

 photo DSC_6842_zpse82f49e4.jpg

We will spend many evenings at this wonderful place.

 photo DSC_6815_zps75a18053.jpg

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love Thyself

The other day I was banging my head against the wall in my shower.
I was pissed off.
Not at any one thing in particular, just at life.

My mind had started a snowball of hate.
"Stupid day. Stupid heat. Stupid apartment. Stupid shower. Stupid everything." 
And so on and so forth.

Standing in my underwear, I looked into our full length {and very unforgiving) mirror.
I poked the fanny pack of skin on my front.
"Stupid stretch marks."

Mya busted into the room.
Chocolate covered and glorious, she grinned up at me.
"Mom, you so pretty!"
Throwing her arms around my legs, she radiated joy.

I picked her up and buried my face in her beautifully crazy curls.
She didn't see the stretches marks, the bags under my eyes, the unshaved legs, or the extra weight.
 She saw her mommy, and mommy is beautiful.

This slapped me back into reality.
I need to put more effort into loving my body.
It literally grew three people.
Not one, not two, but three people.

That in itself is amazing.