Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unexpected Perspective

One of the best parts about creating your own offspring is watching them grow.

While I may tear up when I look at their baby pictures, I love to see how far they have come.

Mya is learning sign language.

Sophie can write her name.

Even though the thought of having teenagers makes me cringe, I cannot wait to see the smart young ladies they will grow into.

Epic Quilt

This past Christmas, I made Denny the most awesome quilt ever.


This quilt is a jumble of hand stenciled patches, old t-shirts, woven fabrics, and so on.


I've slowly shifted Denny's wardrobe from his high school blackness, to prettier nerd shirts.

I had a giant 10 gallon container full of shirts, and didn't know what to do with them.

Now they are forever immortalized in the awesome quilt.

While the shirts are super, my favorites are still the hand painted ones.

Ron Swanson


Howl (my fave)

Our silhouettes from our engagement pictures. (my 2nd fave)


Being as this is the first quilt I've ever made, I'm super proud of it.

And just because they are adorable... some pictures of the girls. :)
I love their matching shirts!




Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guess What I did...


That beautiful, curly hair.... the hair I waited 4 years for....

Chopped it off!


Sophie has asked me several times to cut her hair, but I was always able to persuade her not to.
Today, she decided she was "for sure" about it.

So I cut it!

"Do you just want me to cut a little off?"

"No, I want it shoooooooooooooort."

"Like to your shoulders?"

"No, to my neck!"


Oh how I love those curls.

I must say, I am a fan.

As is she.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miss Mya Loves Ice Cream








Everyday Tools

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm trying yet again (year number 3) to work my way through Let's Do 52. 1 picture every week, all year. I've only ever made it about halfway through the year, so we'll see how this goes.


Here are my "everyday tools".


These little pills are what kept me from ending up on the late night news.

I try very hard to be open about the struggles I face in life. I know how crushing it can be to need help, and feel like a failure. In our society, being sad is a weakness. Only losers need help.


Truth of the matter, EVERONE needs help.
My help just comes in the form of a little sky-blue pill.

My hopes is that somewhere, someone will be positively affected by my openness.

What is life for, if not bettering the world somehow.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Pictures

I'm practicing messing with my camera settings more.
So here are some random pictures from this morning.


I adore little bums.








I very strongly feel that my single most important responsibility in this life, is to raise my children the best that I can.

No one is perfect, I know this.
We make mistakes, and grow as people.

I felt awful for not taking Sophie to church more as a toddler. I wanted to go, I longed for us to be there as a family. It just didn't happen. Since Denny didn't want to go with us, I selfishly decided not to take Sophie on my own. I didn't want to be judged with looks (being the teenage mother there by herself).

When we did start going as a family last year, I was certain that I would be called out as a fake.

We would walk into the church, someone would point their finger at us and shout, "J'ACCUSE!" They would know that I didn't teach our daughter about Jesus. They would know that she only went to Nursery a whopping 5 times. They would smell the stink of bad parenting on me.

That was all insane. We have been lovingly accepted into our ward. Sophie adores the other children in Primary, and is an expert on all things Jesus.

My responsibility is teach these children the Gospel, and prepare them to face the world.
And by golly, I'd like to see someone try and stop me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pink Marshmallow

Cutest pink ball of fluff that you ever did see!


Stupid Dog

Remember how I got Denny a dog last year?

Well something awful happened...

She decided I am her master.

Most of the time you can find her sleeping under my desk.

She follows me everywhere. All. Day. Long.


I go in my craft room, she lays under my sewing table.
I get on my computer, she lays under my computer desk.
I sit on the couch, she lays on my feet.
I nurse Mya in the rocking chair, she lays by the chair.
I make dinner, she lays in front of the fridge.
I go in the bathroom, she follows me.
I kick her out of the bathroom, she lays by the door until I come out.
We eat at the table, she lays next to my chair.
I go up to bed for the night, she waits at the stairs for me.

You get the idea.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess Who Can Write Her Name?



Earlier today she asked if we could make little Valentines for her preschool class.

Now that I'm the proud owner of a spiffy Cricut machine, we whipped up those cards in minutes.

Then she wanted to write her name on them.

I wrote it out on a sheet of paper, and she went to town.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grown Up

My Freshman Homecoming

Have you ever just sat there and thought, "Holy crap, I'm a grown up."

My QuinceaƱera.

I often have moments where I am amazed at the life I have.
2 beautiful girls, a home, a husband, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
It blows my mind.


It's silly how quickly life goes by...

Baby #1

how much we change and grow.

Baby #2

We realize that life isn't just about us, but our family.

Happy family.

I can't even imagine where we will be 10 years from now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


5 years now, I've been asking for a car.

Any car.

Every year it's, "we can get one next year."

Next year rolls around, and it's shoved back another torturous year.

I need a second car in order to be a doula.
I need to be able to drive the girls to a friends house, and to drive to the births.

I've been so excited about getting my schooling done.
(which I finished by the way, I just need my births to certify)
I've planned it all out in my head.
I've made websites, business cards, marketed myself.
I even have a birth lined up for this spring.

Then we had the talk.

"We just can't afford another car this year."
*spiral into depression*

I've reached the point where I would do questionable things just for a freaking car.

me "would you be willing to sell your body on the streets?"
denny "you want the car, why don't you sell your body?"
me "i already gave my body, i had the kids. now it's your turn."

He ignored me, as I went to go sulk on the couch like a teenager.

One day.... one day I will have another vehicle.

Until then, we will survive I suppose.
I just have no idea how I'm going to be able to be a doula, with no way to get to births.

Who wants to be our chauffeur?
You will be payed in baked goods.

Friday, January 13, 2012


We aren't exactly sure when, but at some point in the future, we will have more children.

When we do, those children (brace yourselves) will be born at home.


Before my friends and family die from heart attacks, read on.

Homebirths are just as safe, if not safer than hospital births.
(assuming the woman is not high risk, and has a competent care provider)

Homebirths dramatically reduce intervention rates.
Only around 12% transfer to a hospital during or after labor.
The majority of which were simply for pain relief and exhaustion.

Generally the "serious issues" that arise during a labor, are due to needless interventions at a hospital.

Example: Mom is tired, so they convince her to get an epidural. She then has to lay on her back her entire labor, which is a horrible position for birthing. Labor doesn't "progress" to the doctor's liking, so he orders Pitocin. She may not feel her contractions, but baby certainly does. Pitocin contractions are longer, and give smaller breaks in between. Baby becomes distressed. C-section is preformed. Huzzah! THE BABY IS SAVED! *snort*


I don't believe that I should have to be constantly on guard during labor, so we will simply be sticking it at home. We will have a CPM, certified professional midwife, as well as a doula.

I figured I would give the world a heads up so that whenever we do become pregnant, no one has to deal with the shock of my choices.

Also, as well meaning as your concerns may be, they aren't necessary.
So before anyone goes calling us crazy, do two things for me:

1- Actually research planned homebirth statistics.
2- Remember that I am working towards becoming a CPM, and my career will be birthing women at home.

As my sweet friend puts it, "Hospitals are for sick people, pregnancy is not an illness."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


^^My super awesome logo.^^

I finally published my website, and created a Facebook fan page for my Doula business. :)

Go have a look see!


I'm super proud of my self. :D
I even have business cards and all that jazz.

Certification here I come!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


These girls go bananas for bubbles.









Friday, January 6, 2012

Au Naturel

There is just something about being naked that toddlers find intoxicating.


Bath time is like crack to my kids.