Friday, February 27, 2009

Ok... I lied

So I just HAVE to post one more time before we leave. :D Sophie has such little hair that I can only ever get one tiny ponytail in there. Yesterday, I managed to get little pigtails going. :) I was rather proud of myself.
Last night I ran out to get Denny's pills for him. I left him watching a movie, with Sophie sleeping right beside him. This is what I came home too. They were both passed out cold, with the movie still playing on the tv. Cute, no? Might I add that this picture was taking in the complete dark, with no light. I freaking LOVE my new camera. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going to Tahoe :D

Sophie and I are going out to visit my mom for a while. We won't be back until the evening on the 10th. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures with my new camera, then post when we get home. Love you all!

Monster In My Bed!

Every night around 3:00 AM Sophie wakes up, I sleepily make my way to her room, then bring her back into our bed. I'm too tired to fight her to go back to sleep, so this makes my life easier. Plus I love waking up to her goofy little faces, being poked in the nose, or just listening to her talk to herself. This morning I woke up and didn't see her. She burrowed her way under the blankets like a mole. I lifted up the blanket and she gave out a squeal of delight and dug her way deeper into the blanket. The dork.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am a scrapbooking nut, so I have oodles of pictures. Just this past year I took and printed 800. I never got pictures of the really important things though, like Sophie's birth, her baby blessing, her birthday, or even my pregnancy. Luckily my dad was normally around snapping away. So the other day I stole a bunch of his pictures and I'm putting them up here for you to see. :) Just check the side bar on the right side of the page, there are bunches of new pictures there.

Denny :D

Most of you don't get to see Denny everyday, therefor you have no idea how frustrating he can be (especially when he has spend all day being bored at work). This man will come home and push my buttons until I want to punch him in the face. Then he will look me in the eyes, smile that stupid smile, and say "you love me."

I thought these two videos would give you a better look at his personality. He is like a little kid when he plays with Sophie, and I think its just the cutest thing in the world. And I'm not the only one around for him to tease, Sophie gets her share too.

Denny likes YoYos, which is good for him, and bad for me. He likes to fling it toward my face because he knows it drives me crazy. Here is the video.

Then here he is playing with Sophie after work.

I also got some cute pictures right before Denny found his evil YoYo. Sophie was trying to find pennies on the bed that had slid under her bum. I thought they were silly.


Each day Sophie wants to do more and more things by herself. Putting on her socks, brushing her hair (what little there is), feeding herself, and what have you.
Lately she has started washing herself, which is just dandy, besides the fact that she does it with the water from the dish washer.
When we open it up to take out the dishes, she walks over and starts splashing her hands in the water, then rubs it on her head. She looks up smiling too, because that is how she sees me wash my hair in the shower.
Silly little thing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sophie's Chair

I got this little arm chair for Sophie for Christmas, and it was a good idea. Every morning I plop her in there and let her watch her toonies (cartoons), while I slowly wake up. Sometimes she doesn't even really sit in it, she will lay right by it. Its silly.

You may also notice she is eating a toothbrush... odd, I know. But hey, helps keep her teeth clean. :) We went to the dentist with Isaak one day, and one of the ladies there gave Sophie a little kid toothbrush, and she has loved them ever since.

Just Like Mommy

I have oodles of purses, its a weakness. :) Sophie has adopted several as her own. Its so cute. She will stick random things in them, then walk around with them strapped around her shoulders. The best part, is she will wear 2 or 3 at a time. Such a silly little girl. I added a video at the bottom of the page, its over her and her purses.She also LOVES helping me with the laundry, even when we aren't going to do laundry for a few more days. I will lay the wet clothes on the dryer door, and she will push them all in for me. If I take too long putting down more wet clothes for her, she will just start throwing whatever is near in the dryer.
Here is a picture of her walking around with our dirty laundry. Such a clean child, isn't she? She had gotten into our closet, and pulled out some dirty clothes, then stuck them into her little red bucket. It just amazes me how quickly she catches on to things, and how much she already knows.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My New Website

I have decided to start making me some money! That way I can help out with the income and not have to leave Sophie and get a job. I am going to be sewing baby items and selling them. Nursing Covers, Baby Slings, Little Dresses, and stuff like that. I would love it very much if you would pass on the site to friends. :) Thank you thank you! Here is the link Baby by Lexi

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Denny's Birthday

My dear husband is officially 21 years old. His birthday was Sunday the 8th. I woke him up with breakfast, his first words "but I wanted bacon." No I didn't punch him, it was his birthday. :) Then I gave him his gifts - 2 shirts from and a card I made from Sophie's artwork. His friend Ryan stopped by with a gift. The day rolled on and soon enough it was dinner time. We went to Ruby River with Denny's "work wife" Matt, and his family. We love Matt. :D After dinner we came back home to have some cheesecake brownies that I made. And they were yummy. I took pictures of everyone, but Matt was the only one who was actually posing for the pictures. Silly Matt. I just had to post one of them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Videos!

I haven't put a video up in a while, so I figured it was time for some new ones!

The first is "No, Mine!" Sophie's little mind is just soaking up words, but the WRONG ones. I was going to get her so we could take a shower, but she was busy throwing all my breastpads on her floor.

The second one is "Sophie's New Room." I was freezing to death down in the basement, so I moved us back upstairs. Now Sophie finally gets a room all to herself. She loves her room.

And the third is "Down We Go." Sophie learned how to climb up stairs a while ago, but she has just recently mastered the art of going down them all by herself.

You can either click on the titles of the videos, or find them in the video bar at the bottom of the page.