Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Watercolor Pencils

Today's happiness is brought to you by:
Watercolor pencils.

 photo DSC_6724_zps56a53666.jpg

Simply dip the pencil tip in water.

  photo DSC_6742_zps737fc5f6.jpg

And go wild.

  photo DSC_6727_zps2ff818c8.jpg

  photo DSC_6730_zps952bd307.jpg

It's so easy that even toddlers can join in.

  photo DSC_6731_zps0ffaac9e.jpg

Just be sure to keep the infant at a safe distance.

 photo DSC_6748_zps7d43e601.jpg

 photo DSC_6743_zps874cce14.jpg

Hours of fun.

  photo DSC_6737_zps8c51ac68.jpg

And they wash off easily.
(even out of carpet & clothes)

  photo DSC_6733_zps3e83d001.jpg

 I have the feeling we will go through lots of these.

  photo DSC_6751_zps1a3943a1.jpg

Aren't my kids just freakin' adorable?
Ya, I think so too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Got This

I had such an awesome game plan.

I got a double stroller to go on nice long walks.
I planned out my garden to get lots of outside physical activity.
The girls had their swing set outside whenever I needed a break.
I had several close friends that were well aware of my post-baby crazies.
Friends that could easily walk over and take the girls.
We had a park just down the road.
Denny had a whopping 3 weeks of time off saved up.
I had a midwife, a doula, a photographer, and a home birth planed.
My midwife was going to encapsulate my placenta.

I. Was. Ready.

Life happens. Plans change.

I still tried to do all I could to prevent postpartum depression.
I managed to find a midwife, doula, and photographer.
I have an amazing sister in law just down the road.
 I had a beautiful natural birth.
No complications.
My baby is perfectly healthy.
I'm eating my placenta for crying out loud.
 I did everything right.
And yet.

There are times when I am completely fine.
There are times when I can function like a grown woman.
There are times when I genuinely enjoy life.
Times when I just sit and stare into his beautiful eyes.
Times when I snuggle my silly girls.
Times when everything is ok.

In an instant it changes.
Someone does something that makes me snap.
My eyes glass over.
I stare off into nothing, and wait for it to come.

I get sucked down into that deep dark pit where everything is terrible.
Where the only thing I am capable of doing is crying.
Where words are too hard, and feeling is unbearable.
A small part of my brain assures me that this feeling can't last forever.
I hang onto that one thought, gripping it for dear life.
Just a few hours, and it will pass.
In that moment, I cannot ask for help.
My mind can't even form a simple sentence.
I am drowning.

Thankfully my husband is pretty pro at this.
He has witnessed the endless sobs as I struggle to find words that express how I feel.
He has watched me completely crumble in defeat.
He knows what's going on.
So he just sits.
Reminding me that it is ok, feelings are normal.
I am not crazy, and it will stop soon.
No judgement.
Just love.
Love, as he waits for me to surface again.

Why put my crazy out on the internet?
To wipe out the general idea that PPD is all crazy moms that kill children.
Sticking babies in microwaves or drowning kids.
PPD has nothing to do with your love for your kids.
Your body is trying to rebalanced itself.
It is something you cannot fully understand unless you experience it yourself.

So to any other moms coming undone.
The kids won't shut up, the house is a mess, life is full of stress.
It will pass.
We keep fighting, and it will pass.

We got this.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting for Cha-cha

My girls absolutely adore their aunt Tasha.
(Mya affectionately refers to her as "cha-cha")

 photo DSC_6690_zpsae25d372.jpg

Tasha often picks my girls up for playdates, so that I can maintain some small bit of my sanity.
The other day it was lightly raining, making it cool enough to wait outside.
Enjoy some of their cuteness.

 photo DSC_6716_zps0ea1f553.jpg

 photo DSC_6720_zpsce1d19c7.jpg

 photo DSC_67042_zps5a99f532.jpg

 photo DSC_6706_zpsdc4bc5fe.jpg

 photo DSC_6714_zpsd146a031.jpg

 photo DSC_6696_zps3b1a4b0e.jpg

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Photos

I'm on a roll.
The girls are playing nicely with blocks.
I remembered to eat lunch.
The baby is asleep.
My home is semi-clean.

I may as well post all of the other pictures I had on my camera.

Denny and Finn after I attempted to half-bathe him.
(kinda hard when the cord is still there)

  photo DSC_6556-2_zpsf9b0ceb5.jpg

  photo DSC_6558-2_zps27f65234.jpg

  photo DSC_6569-2_zpsd5b6f5ab.jpg

Sleeping Finn.

  photo DSC_6574-2_zps5d8c04da.jpg

  photo DSC_6660_zps02a57eed.jpg

The girls being sucked into the tv.

 photo DSC_6577-2_zps668a97d6.jpg

 photo DSC_6601-2_zps3bbd1411.jpg

 photo DSC_6604-2_zps90733118.jpg

Attempting to get pretty newborn photos.
No such luck, I got 2 images I liked.

 photo DSC_66392_zpse688d5cf.jpg

 photo DSC_66472_zpsba74107c.jpg

Mya be crazy.

 photo DSC_6610_zps1382d129.jpg

Dream Catchers

Sophie has been having nightmares lately.
That makes a grand total of 3 children waking me up all night long.
I blame that damn Scooby-Doo show.

In hopes of getting even a little sleep, I took action.

We made dream catchers for school yesterday.
This kicked off our study of Native Americans.

It was delightfully simple.
First cut out the center of a paper plate.
Like such.

 photo DSC_6659_zpsf1725ced.jpg

Pick out a handful of beads, while simultaneously spilling them all on the floor.

 photo DSC_6662_zps4c84120e.jpg

Grab a few feathers, and throw the rest around the room.

 photo DSC_6664_zps66a9664e.jpg

While the older child strings on the beads without causing havoc, try to wrestle the yarn away from the toddler.

 photo DSC_6663_zpsb40eba1a.jpg

An hour or two later, you should have something that looks like this.

 photo DSC_6666_zps942c5714.jpg

Finally, hang up your beautiful creations.

 photo DSC_6673_zps021b6181.jpg

Sounds like a boatload of fun, yes?

 photo DSC_6668_zps1cab0f09.jpg

 photo DSC_6667_zps73e825bb.jpg

 photo DSC_6669_zpsbd283a51.jpg

Even if it only keeps one child out of my bed, I call it a win.

 photo DSC_6675_zpse7c17839.jpg

Also, just because he is adorable.
The infant that slept through the whole process.

 photo DSC_6658_zps38a3ee09.jpg