Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I like to think of myself as a strong person.
I can accomplish many things with determination and time.
 Many, but not all.

Once the idea of hurling myself off an overpass stared to look like an appealing option, I had to reevaluate.
Choosing the lesser of two evils, I've started Zoloft again.

Why is this any of your business?
It really isn't.

I believe that mental health is something that needs more attention in our society.
While not everyone is blessed (sarcasm) with a lifelong condition like my bipolar disorder, everyone struggles now and again.
Happy people can get depressed.
Such is life.

I'm bipolar.
And I'm cool with that.

I'm still a fantastic mother.
I'm still a bangin' hot wife.
I'm still a crafty overachiever.

Let's be honest, crazy people are always more fun anyway.

Now enjoy some pictures of my beautiful children!

 photo DSC_7649_zps6f3925bb.jpg

 photo DSC_7645_zps914eed33.jpg

 photo DSC_7571_zps009ec207.jpg

 photo DSC_7591_zpse2fd46bf.jpg

 photo DSC_7632_zpse1c7faa9.jpg

 photo DSC_7631_zps63f162d3.jpg