Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Here is a fast run down of the past two months or so.

Mom got married.
There are TONS more pictures, so this will get a whole post of its own someday soon.

We celebrated Mama's birthday.

We got her Cokes and yarn. :)

We had a big Father's Day BBQ. I picked out all the recipes and put the boys to work. Denny and Isaak were wonderful about helping me get everything done.

DSC_0052-1.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

I threw together a fruit salad, with a super yummy pudding topping.

DSC_0053.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Some pasta salad and potato salad.

DSC_0055.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Denny lovingly handled all the meat.

DSC_0054.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

& Pork.

DSC_0056.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Some Rice Crispies.

DSC_0057.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

And last, but Denny's absolute favorite -

DSC_0060-1.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake.

DSC_0058.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Right before the Father's Day weekend, Sophie learned to use the potty all on her own. Thursday afternoon she decided to start using the potty, and she's been in panties ever since. Another reason my kid is totally better than any of yours.

Yesterday I discovered that Sophie officially has enough hair for me to style. HAPPY DAY! I've waited 2 and a half years for this.

DSC_0070.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

DSC_0072.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

I had to bribe her with a Popsicle, but it was totally worth it.

Our park has also put in a splash pad this summer. Which is awesome... but now everyone within a 15 mile radius comes to OUR park. So many people were there yesterday, that we had to park on the street. Absurd.

DSC_0077.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

After she finished running through the water, we let her swing a bit. It was WAY too hot to actually enjoy being outside, so the swings were short lived.

DSC_0080.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

And then today's hair do.

DSC_0082.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

DSC_0084-1.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

So there you go out-of-state-family. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The past two months have been, for lack of a better word, horrible. It could actually stretch back a few years.

As a tiny little girl, I was sexually abused for years. This led to a variety of emotional problems. After several visits to the emergency room, I was sent off to the state hospital. During my 6 month stay in the ward filled with seriously messed up teenage girls, my parents got divorced. A year later I was pregnant. I got married at 17. The last 3 years of my life have been the most difficult.

Now, at 20 years old, I can easily say that I had to grow up way too early. I have the most amazing 2 yr old. I am now 10 weeks pregnant. And I am married to a man that requires more effort that the toddler.

I've recently been informed of something, that I never wanted to hear. It was a slap in the face.

Honestly, I don't update the blog much, because I just don't care to. I'm dealing with insanely frustrating things. I am a private person, and my life is really only my business. Translation- don't bug me (or my husband, and he will tell me if you try to, then I'll snap at you)

We are all healthy. Sophie is growing far too fast. And the baby is sucking the life out of me. Posts will probably be limited for the next while. If you don't like it, tough nuts.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Yesterday was my first ultrasound. We got to see the itty bitty heartbeat. The baby is 1.5 cms, that is almost impossible for me to imagine. Sophie loved it. She carried around the ultrasound pictures and kept saying "tiny baby."

We have 3 pictures, but I neither have my camera, or feel well enough to actually do anything. You will see the pictures later!

Also, my dueay and th date was pushed to Jan 14th. Good - that gives a bit more room between Sophie's birthde new baby. Bad - that is an entire week extra of feeling like this.

This weekend I'll probably post pictures from my mom's wedding, the ultrasound, and whatever else I haven't put up.

Today is one of those really bad days. I've been able to stand for a total of 5 minutes before I felt like I would faint/puke. Yay.