Thursday, October 28, 2010


With the Holidays/Sophie's birthday coming up, I wasn't sure when we should have our Baby Party. We've settled on the first weekend in December. It will just be a gathering of our friends/family with yummy snacks. (everything I make is yummy) Despite what Denny thinks, it will be a man-friendly gathering. Plus, since almost none of you have seen our house, it can count as a sort of housewarming get together too.


Sophie's birthday will be as usual - the first weekend after the New Year. This year it just so happens to fall on Jan 1st. It won't be until 3 or so in the afternoon, so you'll have plenty of time to sleep in. Other than me physically being in the hospital giving birth, we'll be having the party no matter what.

If you are invited, and don't have a valid reason for not showing up, I'll hate you. Even worse, if you just don't bother showing without even saying anything, I'll hate you even more. In my world, people who blow of little kids birthdays are equal to people who boil live puppies. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Sidenote - tomorrow is the Trick or Treating at Denny's work, so you'll all finally get to see pictures of our super awesome costumes. :) I can't believe it's already Halloween weekend...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Manual Mode

Back around tax return time, I bought myself a DSLR. I love my Nikon, she makes me happy. I've been learning from books, online, and practice. Up until this past weekend, I've been too big of a baby to try out Manual.

There is Manual or Auto. Auto lets your camera decide settings for you, but sometimes those aren't the settings you want. With Manual, you decided just how much light is let into your camera, and how long the shutter is open.

I love me some natural light, so we went outside for a bit this morning. I brought my camera out and practiced a little. I've fallen in love with Manual, and I'm getting the hang of it. :)

So the following is just picture overload of my practicing. Feel free to click the pictures and enlarge them. I really love the way her eyes pop.

I told you our lawn was ridiculously yellow. We don't even have a tree... it's our neighbors. Oh well, it makes for pretty pictures. :)

Leaf Art

Sophie and I love our arts and crafts. This morning we decided to put our sea of leaves to use. (this isn't an exaggeration, our neighbor's tree has turned our lawn completely yellow)

Sophie drew the eyes and smiley face on the bat. :) My goal is to do something preschool-like each day with her. Not only will it help her get ready for school, but it's something that can be just for her once the baby comes.

Today we drew pictures, wrote their names, glued leaves to them, and counted.

This stage is such fun.


Yesterday was the "Goodbye" dinner for my grandparents. :( They've been here nearly a year, getting their residency. Now that they've finished the process, they are heading back to Mexico.

After dinner I noticed a giant pumpkin sitting on the counter. We decided to rip its guts out.

Isaak molesting the pumpkin.

I don't know if Denny was afraid of me impaling myself with the giant knife, or if he simply new my weak pregnant arms weren't up to the task... but he decided to come cut the face for me.

Is it just me, or does he look creepy killer here? Maybe its the insane hair, huge knife, or permanent scowl that appears whenever he concentrates.

Sophie had no interest in sticking her hand in the pumpkin guts, she decided to draw pumpkin faces instead. *sniffle* My baby is getting so big... her pictures actually LOOK like pictures now.

We finish that pumpkin, now to carve our own. It's still sitting out on our front steps, sad and unloved.

Painting Pumpkins

Every Halloween we paint pumpkins, that's just how we roll.

Sophie's first Halloween - it was just her, my brother, and myself. She somehow got a hold of a paintbrush and started to eat the paint. Yay poison control!

Denny's Pumpkin.

Her 2nd Halloween no paint was eaten. She literally took the bottles of paint and just squeezed them over her pumpkin.

Sophie's Pumpkin

This year, she decided to paint. 90% of her pumpkin is covered in purple glitter paint.

My pumpkin.

I found these little wooden things at Joann's for 25 cents each. Woo!



And mine. Denny did the hair/clothes for mr vampire.

Friday, October 22, 2010


As of tomorrow, I am officially 28 weeks pregnant. Assuming she actually stays in until 40 weeks, I only have 12 weeks until delivery. She's already about a week or so ahead on developing, so I'm doubting I have the full 12 weeks.

I've already gained 25 lbs, and the 3rd trimester you gain weight the fastest... joy of joys. I could do another 10 lbs I suppose... but 15 may make me cry. I'm silly like that. Denny finds it hilarious. (jokes on him because he's gained weight too :P muhaha) Oh well. That's what sit ups are for, right?

With such little time until the baby arrives, I get anxious at random times. My biggest worry is about making the transition easy for Sophie. Of course there will be changes, but I want her life to stay as constant and familiar as it can. I've already made Denny all but sign his name in blood, promising that he would take a week off once she was born.

I never had a sister, so I don't really know what to do about it. What if one is fat and one is skinny? What if either of them deals with the crazy/depression/happy pills that is on both sides of our families? What if this? What if that? I have a very vivid imagination, and I can spend hours thinking about things that might happen.

We'll just have to take it as it comes. For now, I'll focus on sewing up adorable tiny diapers, and spending lost of time with my little booger bean.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom :)

My mom arrived in town Monday afternoon. Her birthday is Oct 25th, but since she only gets to visit every few months, I decided to celebrate early. :)

I made some SUPER delicious cupcakes, with purple frosting - of course. I think I'll make a whole batch just for myself...
The above picture is just full of weird. (we were all singing "happy birthday")

Blowing out the candle.
Grumpy face.

For a special gift, I told my mom the name that we've picked for the baby. I wrote it down on a notebook and had her flip it over.

The following happened:

Mya Tali.
My-Yah Tah-lee
Pronounce it wrong, and I'll punch you in the face.

Nephtaly is my mother's name, but she goes by Taly. Us tan people pronounce it Tah-Lee... hence the baby's middle name.

And just in case you wonder where all of Sophie's mad scientist hair comes from, look above.
Some of Sophie's art.
Sophie loves Manuel. He is by far one of her favorites.

Happy (early) Birthday, Mom. We love you! :D

Friday, October 8, 2010


Turtle Brownies!
Walnuts, Caramel, Chocolate sauce... mouthwatering?
All made from SCRATCH! Because I'm awesome like that.
Why did I make such delicious goodness?
It was Grandma Tina's birthday.
Instead of buying people gifts I 1-make them goodies and/or 2-make them something crafted.
Sophie loves birthdays. Her favorite part is the "happy cake," and blowing out the candles.
Grandma Tina wasn't aware that SOPHIE is the one who blows out the candles -much pouting followed.
One more close up of my yummy foods.

And just because my mom constantly reminds me that she NEEDS pictures of Sophie - here ya go.
A bit of our artwork from the past week. Sophie is big on coloring, and she's super excited for Halloween.
And the hats I made last week. Don't you love the matching ones for Sophie and baby? I DO! I can never get her to wear hats though. :( The booties are still in production.
We have many Halloween crafts in the making. So be sure to check back for those. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you remember a few months back, my laptop decided to be a pain in the ass. All of my picture got deleted, then when I tried to restore them, my laptop pretty much just threw everything up at me. I was digging through them today and found this one. It makes me smile.

Those two are so ridiculously alike. They make the same face when they are upset, have the same curly hair, and sleep the same. In this picture Denny had stolen my blanket, and Sophie stole my spot in bed.

Soon enough I'll have another tiny opinionated person to steal my things.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Here :)

Aside from our creepy neighbors (I'm fairly certain they are Children of the Corn), having the house is wonderful. Even though the mother of the creepy children smokes, I never have to smell smoke anymore. Happy day! I don't have to listen to obnoxious drunks stumbling around in the apartment parking lot. I can throw the dog in the yard when she annoys me. I have a yard.

The house is pretty much set up. The only thing left to really do is get the front room in order, and hang all my pictures and such. We however need a 2nd person to help Denny move the couch, so who knows when that will be done.

I've started building up an army of crocheted hats for baby #2. They are adorable. Since she will be born in winter, I want to have a variety of pretty hats for her to wear when we go out. (not like I'll actually go out, I hate the cold) Next I want to make her some booties to match said hats. :) I'm one of those weird moms that loves matching.

I procrastinate. I need to get our Halloween costumes thrown together. Sophie is going to be Princess Peach, her costume is to be constructed from scratch. Denny is going to be Mario, and I am going to be Mrs Mario. Fun, yes? You will all be jealous.

My mommy is coming out next week! EEEP! I love my mommy. While it's depressing that she'll only be here 3 days, and that my grandparents also leave the country on the same day... at least I get to see her.

My month will be full of fun Halloween crafts. I heart Halloween. Pumpkin carving, spooky cookies, SO MUCH FUN!