Friday, January 30, 2009

A Mother's Favorite Word...

Recently, my darling daughter has picked a new favorite word. At first it was "mom-mom", then "dada", then she learned "thank you"... or rather "ta-oo." Just a few days ago I grabbed Sophie for lunch, she was playing with toys and didn't want to eat. She looked me straight in the eye and said "no no no!" I just assumed she was babbling angrily, and hoped she didn't understand the word. Then today I asked her if she wanted to get a snack, and she said "no no no."


I suppose its what we get for saying "no no" so often. We try not to, but when your kid is waddling towards a flight of stairs, that is often the first thing to come out of your mouth. Denny has been working on teaching her "ya"... or "YEAH!" He is a rather enthusiastic person when he teachers her something new, like high fives. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby and Mommy

  1. Mommy's full name: Alexis Crystal Schlaikjer
  2. Age when pregnant: 17
  3. Current age: 18
  4. How far along where you when you found out?: 3 or 4 weeks
  5. What was your first reaction when you found out?: "oh shit"
  6. How did the father react?: "oh shit"
  7. How did your parents take the news?: ha ha... they didn't really take it, lets just say they weren't happy
  8. How did you feel about your first ultrasound?: I loved seeing her little feet, but right at the end of the appointment the doctor told me I needed a biopsy after I gave birth because I had HPV... way to kill a special moment
  9. What month did you find out the sex of the baby?: I think it was in August, so 4 or 5 months
  10. Where you happy about the sex of the baby?: Very :) I was so happy I almost peed my pants
  11. What were your cravings?: Salt, lots and lots of salt
  12. Did you exercise when you were pregnant?: God no, I went walking a few times, but most of my pregnancy was spent lying in a bed or with my head in the toilet
  13. How much weight did you gain?: I lost 20 lbs at first from all the puking, but then gained 30 lbs I think
  14. Did you get morning sickness?: Morning sickness, afternoon sickness, middle of the night sickness, you name it, I got it
  15. Did you enjoy wearing maternity clothes?: I liked the few cute shirts I had, but since I didn't go out much, most of my pregnancy was spent in pj pants and t shirts
  16. What books did you read when you were pregnant?: Loads of books: Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, Girlfriends Guide to the First Year of Motherhood, Prozac Nation, and millions of parenting magazines
  17. Did you take any pregnancy classes?: We took our pregnancy class in one day, Denny hated those 8 hours. :) But he went, and didn't complain at all. Then I took a breastfeeding class, plus all the classes WIC had me to go.
  18. Overall, describe your pregnancy: Hell and Heaven all at once. I was miserable, puking, crying for no reason, and my skin was so dry it hurt and I couldn't wear makeup. Then there where the nights Denny would rub my back, the ultrasounds, the tummy (I loved the tummy), buying baby clothes, feeling Sophie move around and even get the hick-ups. I wouldn't trade those 9 months for the world.
  19. How did you know you were in labor?: I got contractions that felt like really really really bad pms cramps
  20. Did your water break?: It didn't break until after I got my epidural and was lying in bed. We were in the middle of signing all the papers and I felt a POP. It was like someone poked a water balloon inside me, it was the coolest feeling.
  21. What were your contractions like?: Honestly, I didn't feel a lot of them, but the ones that I did feel were horrible
  22. How many hours was your labor?: Started at 11 pm, and she was born at 9:44 the next morning, so almost 11 hours
  23. Epidural?: Yes please :)
  24. Who was in the delivery room with you?: Denny, Tina, my dr, and the 2 nurses
  25. Was it an easy delivery?: I think it was, I was pushing less than half an hour, and she popped right out
  26. Did you cry during labor?: Nope, I was too tired
  27. Baby's full name: Sophie Turin Schlaikjer
  28. Birth date: Dec. 31, 2007
  29. Time born: 9:44 AM
  30. Gender: Girl
  31. Length: 20.5 inches
  32. Weight:6 lbs 12 oz
  33. What was the first thing you said to your baby?: "i love you"
  34. Who visited you and the baby in the hospital?: My dad, Isaak, Denny's family, my grandparents, our roommates Alex and Derek, and Denny's friends Stephanie and David.
  35. Did you breastfeed?: Sure did, we are working on weening right now
  36. What was your first night as a parent like?: Hard, she wanted to eat, but couldn't latch right, so she kept crying. Then I started crying because I didn't know how to make her stop. Finally I asked for a binky, she took it and went to sleep. Denny slept through everything, as always. :)
  37. Did you get sleep?: Nope, I was up two days straight
  38. When did you go home?: We stayed two nights after she was born
  39. How old is your baby now?: About 13 months
  40. Who does your baby look like now?: She has a few different features from both of us
  41. Been baptized?: She will get baptized when she is 8
  42. Your baby's current milestone achievement?: She learned how to go down the stairs all my herself, she has been able to go up for quite a while
  43. What's your baby's favorite thing to do?: Run around, she is just non stop. She loves to be just like mommy and daddy, she wants part in whatever we are doing. If Denny plays Xbox, she will grab a controller and sit by him. If I am cleaning up, she will start picking up things and bringing them to me.
  44. What is your baby's favorite toy?: I don't know if it counts as a toy, but her blankie is her favorite thing
  45. What is it like being a parent?: Simply amazing
  46. Ready for another one?: Thinking about it

Friday, January 23, 2009

Polite Little Lady

Sophie LOVES to share everything. She woke me up this morning by trying to stick her binky in my mouth, and she woke Denny up by poking him in the nose. :P She will shove all kinds of treats in my mouth, like cookies, crackers, or anything she happens to have in her hand at the moment. On to my story. Denny had a tooth pulled out yesterday, so he got all drugged up on Loratab. He was taking a bath while Sophie and I sat in the bathroom. Right in the middle of our conversation, he fell asleep. Sophie saw an opening and she took it. :D She went and grabbed all of her bath toys, and one by one she put them in the tub with Denny. A few minutes later he woke up and kept talking like he had never fallen asleep, I had to giggle. Then he noticed little foam letters floating around in his tub and asked where they came from. I pointed to Sophie, who was still walking back and forth between her toy bucket and the tub, dropping in little letters. She was so thoughtful to share all her letters with daddy, she wanted him to have fun in the bath too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dancing Queen

My little girl is full of energy. She also loves to dance. I got a video of her dancing at the end of her Dora the Explorer dvd. That girl could watch Dora all day long. There should be two new videos at the bottom of the page. They don't look amazing because I recorded them on my laptop. She is cute none the less. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy's Girl

More and more I see Sophie get closer to Denny, and I love it. Even if he is ridiculous at times. :) When I was setting up the decorations for Sophie's party, Denny pulled out a can of silly string and attacked her. One night I was grabbing something to eat and Denny found a squirt gun... of course he filled it up and went to town. Sophie thinks he is the silliest man alive. And last night Denny was going through a bunch of music we have and dancing with Sophie. They have the cutest love for each other.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Woo Curls!

My pregnancy sucked ass. I threw up EVERYTHING I ate. 3 times a day I would have to run to the toilet, then try to eat again. Needless to say, I hated life. They didn't find out I was anemic until about my 8th month. So I always felt like I was going to faint, and never got out of bed. Luckly, the Lord is giving me something in exchange for those months of Hell. Not only did I get a beautiful little girl that is so full of life and energy, I also got wavy hair. It has always annoyed me, but the other day I decided to embrace it. :) The outcome was pretty. I'm just hoping the next pregnancy is a bit easier.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMG Poooonies!

Sophie got a pony for her birthday! Grandma Tina got it for her, and she loves it. There is a little basket in the front and she puts everything in there, shoes, paint brushes, markers, everything. I think its adorable. She can't quite push it by herself yet, but she will sit on it and stick her feet up on the wheels so I can push her around. She gets the funniest grin on her face.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birthday Bash

Let us start off with my amazing cakes. I made 3 dinosaurs, the little one was for Sophie to eat all herself. They were pink green and yellow, each covered in cool whip and mini M&Ms. Needless to say, I am rather proud of my 1st attempt at this. I had to make the cakes, then cut out pieces, and put them all together. Denny helped me put the cool whip on them, and he also decorated the top left cake. Instead of placing each M&M on, which was madness, he decided to just take handfuls and throw them at the cake. ANYWAY.
Here is the little goober right before the party. All nice and pretty and clean. (I made her cute little bow by the way) 10 minutes after getting ready, she pulled off the bow. Go figure? She had a pretty good time being the center of attention though. Thanks to all who came. (the rest of you suck) I went all out and put balloons and streamers up everywhere, Denny thought this was stupid, but he wasn't going to stop me. :) Once everyone got there we lit the candle on the cake and sang to Sophie.
She just would NOT eat her cake. For a good 10 minutes she sat there staring at it and picking off the M&Ms. But once we got her down and I grabbed my own piece, she marched right over and demanded a bite of mine. Nice huh?
Then we started presents, she took forever. :P Once I finally got her to open one, she had to go show Grandpa and Isaak. It was a pretty good day. I just can't believe my baby girl is getting so big. I'll add videos of the cake and presents at the bottom of the page in the video bar.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Busy Bee

Last night we were all relaxing in the living room, but Sophie just jumped around from person to person.
First she sat with dad and watched him play violent games that involve shooting prostitutes, old people, and such.Then she went to go see what nerdy games the boys were playing.Then she came to violate my space. :P I put in a different belly ring the other day and she loves to touch it. So she will come over and lift up my shirt whenever she feels like it just so she can see the ring.Then she went right back to nerding out with dad. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yesterday my little ball of sunshine turned 1 year old. Its amazing how fast a year goes by. We didn't do anything too special, since we are having her party on Saturday. We did go to a New Years Eve party though. Sophie only lasted until around 10:30 then we just headed on home. I posted a few new pictures on the side of the webpage. One is from when my dad brought her home a chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel, the others are from right after Christmas. I'll take bunches of pictures and lots of videos of her party on Saturday.