Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coolest Ladies Ever

Yup, that is what we are.

I pulled out my tripod the other day and snapped some picture with the self-timer.

This was my favorite.

Then Sophie decided that she was the photographer.
I was scolded several times for not being a good model. 

Once I grew tired of her "helpful" direction, I had her show me how to do it right.

Then we moved do our front steps.
I love these steps.
The worn paint, the cracks, the awesomeness.

I swapped out our dog for a new one.


I like to think of our house as a foster home for unwanted animals.
We give them love, feed them, teach them not to crap in the house, etc.
Then when they break out of a steel welded kennel 3 times in one week, we find them a loving new home.
*damn Thor*

My husband is lovingly supportive of my crazy need to have pets that will drive me insane.

Lucy & Bella.

Igor hunting various bugs in the grass.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Visit

My family came out at the beginning of July.

Much fun was had and many memories were made.

Enjoy a small handful of the hundreds of photos I took. :)

Super awesome nail polish for the 4th of July parade.

1 - Uncle Isaak baby-wearing Mya while LARPing with the other children.
2 - Little Allie being harassed with kisses from Grandma Taly.
3 - My brother and his darling little girl at the parade.
4 - Poisoning the minds of the children with video games.
5 - Miss Sophie ready for some candy!
6 - Mya running away with the balloon.
7 - Hanging out in the grass.
8 - LOOK! I captured myself in the family memories!
9 - Melody learning to play cards.

Everyone was sick for the next few days.
Yay for Hand, Foot, & Mouth.

We went to SLC and walked around a bit.

The Dinosaur Park.

A day at the "beach"

We miss then dearly, and look forward to when we can all live near each other again.


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Yesterday evening, the girls and I were playing outside.

I knew that the sprinklers were coming on, and didn't want them to get all dirty.
So being brilliant, I covered the one inconvenient sprinkler that is right in the middle of our dirt.

This did not work quite as planned.

Instead of containing the water, it created a GIANT lake.

We took advantage of this.

Mya was throwing mud at everyone.

And put her tiny, freezing, mud covered hands on me.