Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 Days

Real Birthday Wish List.

Bum Genius one-size cloth diapers. Love. I bought one from the Quilted Bear a few weeks back (this same green color) and I adore it. Plus it's daddy friendly. I want an army of these for night time.
I'm also a big fan of my gDiapers. My only problem with them, is that the cute colors are hard to come by. I NEED COLORS! These are awesome though.

Lola Camera Bag by Epiphanie. $164 of beautiful! ...a girl can dream.
A pedicure/manicure. I've never had my nails professionally done. Sad, isn't it?
A tripod.

Camera Remote

50mm lens. Isn't it pretty?

Fabrics. More specifically - knit fabrics. (t-shirt material) I'd happily take a bag of old t-shirts. :)

Flip flops. 2 for $5 at Old Navy... I want one of every color. I have a flip flop addiction. My favorite flip flops from last summer broke. :(

Arizona plaid Bermuda shorts. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. :( I got two pairs of these off Ebay last year and I love them. I would buy them in bulk if I could.

That is all for now. :P

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Evan

My darling friend, Mary, had her 3rd little boy this morning. Little Evan Shaffer Hendrickson was born at 10:48 this morning, weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz, measuring 18 inches long.

Of course I couldn't show up empty handed. :) I made Mary a double sided car seat canopy, and 4 matching bibs. I'll have to get pictures of the canopy when she brings him over for newborn pictures, being as I don't have a car seat.

Being around an itty bitty probably won't help the baby fever. His hair was so soft... I miss having a newborn. *sigh*

Apparently he takes after his daddy in the foot department. They are pretty big considering he's 6 lbs.

Congrats to Mary and Richard on their bundle of joy.

I'm sure they'll just have a ball with 3 boys. :P

(Ignore the fuzziness of the pictures, you don't use flash with newborns, and I am tripod-less... I tried to fix the blurs. *Hint hint* Somebody buy me a tripod for my birthday!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is Here

Denny has the intensely irritating habit of sleeping in every weekend. And since the majority of my zen-like patience is used up during the week, I tend to ditch him on the weekends. :P

Much like any other Saturday, the afternoon was creeping closer, and there was still no sign of life in Denny. Eventually he did get up, and he was sick.

So Sophie and I headed out to the duck park, armed with an entire loaf of bread. Here is an action show of her tossing a hunk of bread right at a duck.

We spent a good hour or so running about the park.

Sadly, it started to get cold. I had to rip Sophie away for the slides with promises of seeing Papa.

Once we got home, Sophie and Denny snuggled on the couch, while I went to sew. After 1 or 2 Spongebob's, Denny informed me that Sophie wanted to see "How to Train Your Dragon." Being as Denny is an uber nerd, and has a thing for dragons, I had a suspicion that he was the one who wanted to see the movie.

Off to the movies we went! It was a good movie, even if we were stuck in the very front row. Sophie even sat and watched most of the movie. Around the last 10 minutes she got restless. My favorite thing about the movie is that it had some of my favorite actors as the voices. McLovin, and Jonah from SuperBad are in it. :) Best of all Gerard Butler!

All in all, a pretty good Saturday.



Just Denny messing with poor Sophie's hair.

Where I Get My Craftiness

Papa (my mom's dad) is an amazing person. He is musical, crafty, good with is hands, magical, and so many more things. When I was younger, he carved me a wooden jewelry box with a big sun on it. (I'll post a picture later) I love that thing, it is beautiful.

A few days ago he showed me what he was working on for Sophie. She now has her very own box.
Don't you love it? I do. I'll probably let her actually use it come Quincea├▒era age.

And here is the back.

He told me that he chose a star, because that is what she is - a star. She shines so bright. Whenever she is older and doesn't have him around anymore, she'll always have something to remember him by.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Make-up doesn't make you pretty. You do.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snuggling & Tears

It's like Where's Waldo.... but with Sophie! :) This is how I found them a few days back, while I was cleaning. They were both plopped in front of the tv.

Tuesday night I was doing the dishes, while Sophie and Denny watched Spongebob. After a while I noticed that it was far too quiet in the other room. I walked out and they were snuggled on the couch, fast asleep. The cherry on top - it was only 8:30!

I love when she goes to sleep at a normal time. Plus they looked so cute.

While I was busy finishing up this order,

Sophie was running all about with Achilles. She wanted to shove him into his cage, but he wouldn't have that. Sophie was overdue for a nap, so the logical way to react was for her to burst into tears.

And since I already had the camera in hand (taking pictures of the order) I figured I'd snap away. I'm an awesome mom like that.

Plus Denny and Sophie share a trait that I love. Their eye color varies, depending on their mood. Sophie's eyes tend to have a green tint when she's sad, where Denny's go a bright baby blue. I doubt he would ever let me get evidence of this though, because he is a man, and men don't shed tears. :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Because It Made Me Smile

These are all quotes that I have on my Facebook Info page.

*Sophie finally falls asleep at 7 pm*
Oooo, someone is getting drugged tonight! - Me

Why were you looking out the window at night? - Isaak
I check to see if it snowed... and for orcs - Dad

You will NOT say that word again! - Mom
What word?.... Dildo?!?!? - Me
HahAhAhA - Dad, Isaak, & Jared

You know how you used to say to me "You are beautiful, and don't let anyone tell you different?" - Me
Yes - Mom
Why don't you said it anymore? - Me
You are beautiful now, so I don't need to - Mom

(christmas gifts)
What are you getting me? - Denny
I'm not telling you - Me
Legos? - Denny

* melted cookie out of bag*
That looks like cookie shit -Tasha

*talking about me*
She'll laugh at anything - Jared
Nu uh! - Me
Blue - Jared
*smile* - Me
White - Jared
*giggle* - Me white - Jared
*uncontrollable laughter* - Me

(wanted me to turn on Dora)
Mommy, Dora - Sophie
Dora died - Me
*pout, then cry* - Sophie

(trying to wake up Isaak)
Isaak! Get up stinky, poopy face! - Me
Taly! Stinky, poopy, face! - Manuel

(looking at Isaak's report card)
You need to get good grades so you can actually graduate - Me
You didn't graduate - Isaak

(I was preggo)
You look fat - Jared
Shut up before I dip you in peanutbutter and eat you - Me

(piercing my belly button)
I didn't even start yet - Mariza
..oh - Me

Grab my purse - Mom

Why do I talk to you? - Me
I don't really know - Denny

I don't like his friends - Me
Why not - Aaron
He likes annoying nerds, I hate nerds - Me
But you married him - Aaron
Well he's MY nerd... ironic I know - Me
I'll say - Aaron

I wouldn't have been your friend in high school - Me
And why not - Denny
I've seen pictures of you, you were freaky - Me
Thanks hun, I love you too - Denny

(my twilight books)
How many times have you read those books now - Denny
...three times - Me
Why - Denny

I need to find my ring. I'm mexican, so I look like another baby mama when I go out without it - Me

You were never taught how to properly express emotion were you - Me
No.. - Denny
You need therapy - Me

Why don't you go get a full time job and I'll stay home all day - Denny
Are you saying that I don't have a full time job - Me -Denny

Isaak, touch your uvula - Me
What - Me
Don't say dirty things like that to your brother - Dad
...The uvula is in your mouth - Me
Oh - Dad
You perv! - Me

Tu mama! - Me
Tu abuela! - Tio Kio

(dad on his way to a dance)
Where are you going - Isaak
To pick up some bitches and hoes - Dad

Because I Can


ice cream flavor - mint chocolate chip
season - it was fall, in Ohio the trees were beautiful when they changed, not that we are in ugly Utah it's spring
sport - soccer
hobby - crafts
song - changes with my mood, today it's Once from the movie Once :P
band - as of lately it's Metric
place - the duck park
musical - Phantom of the Opera
book - Breaking Dawn
color - red
food - mama's fresh tortillas, mmmm
search engine - google
subject in school - math
flower - snap dragons
candy - ferrero rocher, I am my mother's daughter
state - Ohio
time of day - sunset
drink - lemonade
language - Latin
music type - soundtracks
store - Ross
month - August or September, it is warm, but not insanely hot
day of the week - Thursday :)
number - 3 & 7
movie - The Princess Bride
smell - Evy
sound - the rain

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Sophie has her room back! Shocking, I know. I've been planning to clean the room out for weeks, and it finally got warm enough to do so. After Denny helped more all of our crap out of the apartment, both him and Sophie took naps while I took over.
The closet. Yes, I am pretty awesome at Tetris. I ripped the broken doors off (they've never worked), then stacked things in. Don't worry, I'm going to hang some pretty fabric up to cover everything.
The left of Sophie's room. The bookshelf holds mostly my stuff, just like the closet. The two tiny wall shelves were made for me a few years back, by my grandpa. (They are the smaller version of the two larger ones that hang in the living room.) The little balloons and ABC shelf were actually my decorations when I was a baby.
Wire wracks hold our cloth/disposable diaper stuff. The doll on the top was made for me when I was a baby too. I love that doll. Super awesome curtains I made, as well as the personalized bookshelf/nightstand. The little yellow paper is a glue & glitter picture that Sophie and I made last summer.
The Nemo wall stickers, Pooh picture, and SOPHIE letters decorate the right wall. The TV was from Denny's mom. She actually took a nap all on her own! She crawled into her bed and watched Dora on my laptop while I moved things around.
Yup, he was totally asleep on the floor, using a beanbag for a pillow.


I am married to an infuriating man. Luckily, I've gone through years of therapy, which gave me the skills to deal with all of the crap the world throws my way. My main outlet was the piano, but since our apartment has no room my full sized piano - I've had to be creative.

Collages, a beautiful outlet.

Being "bipolar," (I think labels are stupid) some days are harder than others. I started this collage a few weeks back when I just couldn't sit still. It is compiled from my "hospital" years. Pictures from highschool, letters written to me while I was away, bits and pieces from my analysis, and various other things.

Yesterday was one of those annoyingly difficult days, so I broke out the collage and went to work. I also completed several other projects, including a bow holder for Sophie (it is ADORABLE, I'll get pictures tomorrow).

Of course, Sophie couldn't let me have all the fun with paint, glue, tape, and ripping of various papers. So she came in to paint.

Life is so much funner when you have a toddler around. (We both ended up covered in paint)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The past few days Denny has been sick, and it has been delightfully warm outside. So naturally we left his sick butt and home and went out to enjoy the sun. :)

Wednesday we went to a few stores, then hit up the park. Sophie adores the park. Every time we drive by it, she asks if we can go slide.

Then yesterday we went to hang out with our friends Angelique and Isabella. Sophie was so excited. The entire ride there she was screaming "BELLA TIME!"

We had a yummy picnic out in the sun, then the girls ran all over the place.

I also read through my 1st twilight book again. :)

I'm so happy it is getting warm. I can't wait for shorts, flip-flops, pools, and the river-walk. YAY SPRING!