Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adventure Time

Our super sweet costumes.

 photo DSC_7079_zpsb861b6fb.jpg

Princess Bubblegum
 photo DSC_7073_zps88d7c615.jpg

Marceline the Vampire Queen
 photo DSC_7075_zpsa0460862.jpg

Lumpy Space Princess
 photo DSC_7092_zps967ca8fc.jpg

Cinnamon Bun
 photo DSC_7094_zps19d53a5c.jpg

And the super cute cousins we went Trick or Treating with:

A jack-o-lantern
 photo DSC_7095_zps92638487.jpg

A spider
 photo DSC_7097_zpsedd1cec9.jpg

And a vampire
 photo DSC_7100_zpsc1f54ade.jpg

We had lots of fun and got tons of candy!
I freaking love Halloween.

 photo DSC_7102_zps33c3cf6f.jpg

 photo DSC_7105_zps257bcc7c.jpg

 photo DSC_7072_zpseb77b52a.jpg

 photo DSC_7106_zps8d8b55e1.jpg

 photo DSC_7077_zps62dd87aa.jpg

 photo DSC_7074_zps0a680882.jpg

Monday, November 4, 2013

School Pictures

We homeschool.
Most of you already know this.

Since we homeschool, we don't get "school pictures."
You know, those absurdly expensive packets of nonsense?


I decided to take my own, because I'm awesome like that.
Plus, my pictures are much cuter.

Sophie was first.

 photo DSC_6996_zps976ce6fd.jpg

 photo DSC_6998_zps805e34a0.jpg

 photo DSC_7003_zps4a263a70.jpg

Then Katie.

 photo DSC_7013_zps8bc5bcc0.jpg

 photo DSC_7014_zps8254830a.jpg

And Melody.

 photo DSC_7030_zps8221dbe2.jpg

 photo DSC_7033_zps9b25443d.jpg

Where was Mya and Allie?
Doing this:

 photo DSC_7023_zpsa0e17e82.jpg

 photo DSC_7020_zpsa16873ee.jpg

I bribed Allie to stand still with goldfish.

 photo DSC_7027_zpsfc84abb9.jpg

 photo DSC_7028_zps1a464c34.jpg

Didn't work so well with Mya.
She wandered off to mope.
 photo DSC_7045_zps4d98e808.jpg

Sophie went to comfort her.

 photo 1_zpsd45ea729.jpg
  photo DSC_7046_zpsaa10bae9.jpg

Tasha was more than happy to hold Finn, while I chased down the children.

 photo DSC_6995_zps368d6c3f.jpg

Then all the girls ran off to play.

 photo DSC_7041_zps743b39bc.jpg

 photo DSC_7037_zps3a8a790e.jpg

 photo DSC_7006_zps9af89669.jpg

 photo DSC_7043_zps91bede4f.jpg