Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Renaissance Fair

Best day EVER! This past Saturday we decided to take Sophie to the Ren Fair out in Ogden. It was only $20 for the both of us and Sophie was free. We had a blast. There were giant turkey legs to eat, a crap load of stuff for sale, puppet shows, a petting zoo, belly dancers, magic shows, and jousting! My favorite part was the jousting, the two guys were great. I got a face painting, and we got one on Sophie's arm too. I put up all the pictures in a slide show on the side. If anyone wants to go its still on this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They open at 10 and go all day. Just head north up to Ogden and take exit 346, turn left once you get off and head west. There will be signs from there going down the street, then you turn left once more and BOOM you're there. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So our lease is up the end of June, but I want out of this place before then. We are going to try and get it transfered to our roommates so we don't have to worry about anything if we move out early. We are going to go live with my daddy. :) He has lots of room in the house, and its just him and my little brother there, so we won't feel cramped. I can't wait. As for Sophie, she is getting bigger every day. Her baby blessing went well. Her dress was too big, but she is a giant string bean so that didn't surprise me. We are going to wait until the dress fits her better, then go get pictures taken of her. That's why we don't have any up right now. She is growing so fast. Earlier today I put her down for a nap, and she started giggling in her sleep. :D She can roll over now, front to back and back to front. She has a very happy and bubbly personality. We have her check up with the doctor this Monday, so I'll update after we go to that. I put up new pictures on our Tripod account. schlaikjer.tripod.com