Thursday, December 30, 2010


Our little Christmas tree, decorated with the super awesome ornaments we made this year.

The stockings.

Super awesome advent calendar (that I made the week before Dec). You'll want to click that picture to see all the ornaments.

Stupid cat. (Yes, I replaced the dog with a cat. Strange, coming from someone who hates cats. As much as I loved chasing after her in the snow, I simply wasn't going to do it once we had the baby. Her running off just got ridiculous.)

Sophie was a pain in the ass ALL morning. After 2 hours of tantrums and being put into time out 3 times, she finally stopped. Then didn't want anything to do with her gifts. I convinced her to open them by telling her that she had pink blocks hiding in one of the packages.

All month she's been asking me for them. This is the face she made when she finally found the magical blocks.

All the other gifts weren't nearly as fascinating to her. She'd open one, say thank you, kiss me, and throw it aside looking for the blocks.

At least she liked those. :P

The mommy set I made her.

A buttload of new leggings I made the night before.

A minky blankie. I also made a pink and brown one for Mya. They match! :D

The robe I made her.
New bath letters, bath crayons, and a ridiculous amount of play-doh.

Jammies that I literally crawled on the floor for during Black Friday, and a little peg game she wanted from JoAnns.

Denny was not allowed to touch the pink/purple blocks. All he got were blue.

My gifts. :D

The bracelet Denny got me. DIAMONDS BITCHESES!

All the fabrics and such I got on Black Friday. I heart my fabrics.

Denny and I both got these. I could eat millions...

While Denny was on his trip, Sophie and I stenciled a bunch of shirts for him.

Captain Hammer's shirt from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Robot evolution
Protoss from StarCraft.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from The Big Bang Theory

Minmatar from Eve.

Then Sophie picked a few shirts for him from Hot Topic.

Bioshock. She actually knew what a Big Daddy was... poor nerd child.

MineCraft. We also made him a Creeper shirt (her absolute favorite) but I guess I forgot to get a picture of it.


I made him a minky pillowcase, since the man loves minky.

Yay, Christmas!

Later that day Grandma Tina and the girls came by with another round of gifts.
I'll apologize in advance, I have yet to get pictures of the gifts. I planned to do it the next day... and then Mya came. All our Christmas gifts are still spread about our front room.

I also have yet to finish the gifts for the girls, which were also going to get done the next day. Yay for unexpected labor!

Melissa got Sophie a bag that you can color. She loves it.
Awesome princess Polly Pockets.

We got lots of wonderful stuff from them.

Sophie - Snow suit, gloves, & coat. Tea set that you paint. Shrinky dinks. Piggy bank that you paint. Penguin nighty.
Me - Makeups! Bath gel/spray/lotion. Jewelery. 2 purple sweaters.
Denny - Plaid shirt. tshirt. Monies. Pjs.
Mya - bunches o cute clothes

(Sorry if I forgot anything, I have yet to go back through all the stuff in that room.)

Also a quick thank you to Grandma Horton (Denny's grandma) for the money she sent out. We were able to get a cute carseat. :)

And thank you to my daddy for the money he gave us as well.

Then we headed to Papa's house for dinner.
By then Sophie was a present opening pro, so she assisted them.

The shirt I stenciled for Isaak.
And dad.

Sophie wearing her little Dora snuggie-type thing she got from Papa. Who woulda thought that she'd be a big sister in less than 24 hrs...

Thank you to everyone. Wish you could have all been here. Hope everyone had wonderful a Christmas as well. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mya Tali

Born December 26th at 4:11 P.M.
6 lbs 6 oz
19 1/2 inches
Big blue eyes
Black hair

This birth experience was far better than my last. My midwife was better at listening than my last doctor, and gave me great care. The hospital changed several things, all for the better. I was actually able to enjoy my pregnancy and birth.

6:30 A.M. - Woke up with soaking wet pants. After waddling to the bathroom, I was able to rule out the possibility of peeing myself. My water had broken, huzzah! I changed my pants and woke up Denny.

7:00 A.M. - Called my midwife (after looking everywhere for her emergency number), and she told me to go on into the ER and get checked. I wasn't all too sure how long I could stay home and labor before it would be unsafe. So much for my plan to labor at home. Called Denny's mom and asked her to come play babysitter for us.

8:00 A.M. - Denny and I head for the hospital. (all the while my water is leaking - super gross feeling) Get all checked in and put in an ugly hospital gown. 3 cm 75% effaced, no contractions.

9:30 A.M. - Make it to our labor and delivery room. Start an IV (after being abused with the needle) and Pitocin at 4. Contractions about every 2 minutes, but I don't feel squat. I'm just blessed I suppose.

Noon - Denny's mother and sister bring Sophie up to the hospital. 5 cm. Mya's head moving down. Pitocin upped to 10.

2:00 P.M. - My midwife gets there and checks me. Still 5. Pitocin bumped to 14.

3:00 P.M. - Contractions kick my ass. Waited for Melissa to show up and take Sophie on a walk so I could get my epidural... she got stuck in the snow. We called my dad to come instead, and they both showed around the same time. 7 cm. I get my epidural from a wonderful man. I was able to move completely, just felt a little numb. With Sophie I couldn't even tell I had legs, which I hated.

3:30 P.M. - Pitocin bumped one last time to 20. 8 cm. Midwife breaks a little bag of fluid I had hiding, and starts prepping for delivery.

4:00 P.M. - Bring on the baby! Melissa and my dad take Sophie out for another walk, and we get everything ready for pushing. I could actually feel the pressure and urges to push, which many women complain they don't get with epidurals. Scooted to the bottom of the bed and I could feel her coming. 3 pushes, and less than 3 minutes later she was born. She literally just popped out. Once she crowned I stopped pushing (to avoid a rip) and she just kept right on coming.

4:11 P.M. - My little booger was born. Immediately they set her on my skin and we bonded.

Sophie did amazingly well. She climbed up on the bed with me and was in awe of her little sister. Randomly she would ask to hold her. Denny and Sophie spent the night at home, and came back the next morning. Mya did wonderfully throughout the night. She slept much more than Sophie did after birth, and nursed very well.

We were sent home with a bili-light since Mya's jaundice levels were high. Today I took her back, and the numbers only got higher. So here at home she is pretty much glowing 24/7. We just lay a little blue light against her back. Tomorrow we get to go in for a bunch of labs...yay. *sarcasm* Hopefully her numbers go down.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Cannot Be Help Responsible

if I punch someone in the face. It's the hormones! I hate everyone.

People who simply annoyed me before, now drive me absolutely insane. I think of them getting hit by buses and my mouth twitches with happiness. Have I completely lost my marbles?

Pfft, no. People are just stupid.
(My husband would agree with that logic.)

Everyone now and again my fuse runs short and I need a time out. Sophie is very good at reminding me to breathe. "You need be happy mom." What would I do without her?

Earlier I was trying to type something, and she kept trying to "help" me.

me - "Sophie... PLEASE?!?!?"
*Sophie makes omg-what-did-I-do face*
*I sigh in defeat*
me - "I'm sorry I was grumpy."
*she hugs my face*
you - "You ok, I still love you."

She continues to help me grow.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I've had some pretty awful things happen to me. Said things have caused my view of the world to drastically change. I was absurdly bubbly (even with my depression) as a teenager. I was smart, outgoing, social butterfly as a child.

The world cannot be trusted.
Pregnancy has only enhanced my irrational fears.

1 - There IS something following you around in the dark, especially up stairs.
2 - Someone will break into our home with the intention of murdering us.
3 - I will not be able to handle two children, and then be stamped "unfit" as a mother.
4 - I will die. My girls will be left without a mother.
5 - Worse. Both Denny and I will die, then the girls will be raised by family. *cringe*
6 - Some suicidal/crazy person will jump in front of my car at night. (I don't drive at night, I make Denny go with me)
7 - I'll never be taken seriously because I started my family at 17.
And the list goes on.

This ridiculousness sprouted from a text. Denny informed me that he was waiting at the gate and the mechanics were checking the plane. His flight had been delayed and they didn't know what was wrong.

First thought?


You see how the crazy just snowballs?
I'm so ready for these hormones to be gone.
They are absurd.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

36 weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks. (37 according to my cycle)

I'm 3 cm dilated and my cervix is 75% effaced. Considering it took me until 38 weeks to reach that point with Sophie, that's good news. :)

We are still hoping she stays in at LEAST until January. I'd like her to cook as long as possible. Also, Denny can't take the week off to help me until the new year.

I'll update after my appointment next week.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tomorrow I hit 35 weeks.

Where has all my time gone?!?

I'm not really nervous about the actually birthing process, or even having to completely change our lives to accommodate a newborn. The thing that drives me nuts is how unpredictable everything is.

Next time around we will definitely be saving up to deliver at a birthing center, that way we can have baby, relax a bit, then go home. I hate that I have to spend 24 hrs in the hospital. I actually feel really comfortable with hospital settings (a good deal of my high school years were spent around them), but being away from my little family will be very hard for me.

I have no intention of shipping Sophie off to some family member's home while I'm at the hospital. I have 2 main reasons for this: 1- Seems kinda evil to banish her, then have her come back and find an intruder in mommy's arms. 2- I probably have worse separation anxiety than she does.

I'm totally fine leaving her with Denny, but that's about it. I know how he parents, I trust him. But the TWO of them away from me.... ugh. I'll be trapped in a hospital bed, and they'll be here at home. Torture. The nurses will have to sedate me if they expect me to sleep.

Then there is the matter of going into labor.

Both of our families are known for being difficult to reach during normal daylight hours... let alone the wee hours of the night. And lets face it, what baby actually cooperates and comes during convenient hours? We also have very few relaible friends, and the ones who are have responsibilities of their own.

So as of now, I plan to labor as long as I can at home. God forbid we aren't able to reach anyone to come help with Sophie at the hospital, we'll just deal with it on our own.

5 more weeks! (if that)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Once More

Just because it's actually December now, I figured I'd post our updated wish lists just once more. So here ya go.

(her list counts as a birthday list as well)
  • favorite color - pink
  • favorite animal - giraffe & unicorn
  • Size 7 shoes
  • 3t summer clothes
  • 3t winter clothes
  • undies(2t/3t) & socks
  • snow gear - boots, suit, gloves
  • play/dress up clothes
  • play kitchen supplies
  • books
  • bows/hair clips
  • art supplies
  • kid movies (dora, spongebob, princesses)
  • purses/bags
  • play jewelery - necklaces & bracelet
(baby shower list)
Grandmas normally do well in spoiling with clothing. We already have the necessities: crib, swing, clothes, pack n play, bouncer. If you do get clothes, we are MORE than set in 0-3 months already.

  • Eve time cards - $35 for 2 months. (his nerd game) easiest to just give him the money, so you don't get scammed online
  • Dragon Quest IX: Senteniels of the Starry Skies - for the Nintendo DS
  • shoes 11 1/2 - 12
  • xl button up shirts (work shirts)

Sidenote: I actually have a good deal of family gifts made, so expect to have them in the mail before Christmas. :P

Baby Shower

This past Saturday, we had our baby show for Mya. Guess how many people showed... guess. Other than our family, ONE of the friends we invited; no one else even bothered to call/text. Irritating? God yes. Upside? 2 dozen homemade cupcakes for me. Moving on.

I didn't let it ruin my mood, we had fun anyway. :) Here you see Sophie ripping off every last piece of wrapping paper.

Laser scissors... need I say more? I will cut so many things!

The friend nice enough to show up. Claire, and her insanely cute daughter Dea.

Breastfeeding basket. Full of awesomeness.

Oatmeal cookies! Who knew that oatmeal helped to produce milk? Not I.

The basket also had a gift for Sophie, which I loved. The soon-to-be older sibling often gets forgotten.

Sophie had no problem sharing her new crayons and coloring book with her friend Dea.

List of delightful gifts:

From grandma - $10 and a picture of a dead relative (it's just what she does)

From my dad - the laser scissor set

From Denny's mom & sisters - a baby swing, two cute outfits, & a super soft blanket

From Claire - breastfeeding basket which included : a nursing pillow, pack of nursing pads, lanolin, The Baby Book (love), oatmeal cookies, a huuuge thing of water, tons of other info that is helpful for nursing mommies, and the coloring book/crayons for Sophie.

Thanks everyone :) We love you all!