Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Hunts

First picture has nothing to do with egg hunts, but I love it (and know my mom will too).


Sophie was lucky enough to have 3 egg hunts this year. 1st was with my mommy group (or lack there of). We were the only ones to show, but my friend's family was there, so we still had bunches of kids.

Then at our home.

Then we took some more eggs over to my dad's and let do another one there.

Denny both hid all of the eggs, and took the egg hunting pictures.




And just because I can:

Pictures of Denny and Mya. :)



Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses

Sunday morning Denny woke up sick. The bastard. :P I spent a week making the girls' Easter dresses for church, so I wasn't about to stay home. I got everyone ready, while Denny lay dying on the couch, trying to keep Mya happy. He offered to come, but we left his diseased self at home.


The girls and I were only a few minutes late. Mya let me sit for a grand total of 5 minutes before she started fussing. A woman who already had 4 kids of her own (and was watching them by herself), invited Sophie to sit with them so I could tend to the squealing child.

Since Sophie had so much fun sitting with the girls, she actually wanted to go to Primary. Blew. My. Mind. She never wants to go, and normally starts asking to go home halfway through Sacrament.

On top of that, she stayed the whole time! No crying, nothing. She was all smiles when I found her after church - sticker covered, and holding her teacher's hand. HUZZAH!

I got to hear maybe 10 minutes of church, but at least Sophie enjoyed it. :)


Once we got home, I pulled out the camera to get pictures of the dresses. So there ya go.
(the egg hunt pictures will come later)

Friday, April 22, 2011


I had bunnies when I was a little girl. Other than the fact that they poop an absurd amount, and ours liked to hide behind the fridge, they are pretty nice.

Denny spends a lot of time coming up with gifts. He knows I can't stand cats, I don't want big dogs, and little dogs cost an insane amount. Reptiles are nasty, and most rodents are too. Fish are boring, and so on.

That left him with a hampster, or bunny.
So he went looking for bunnies.

Thus, Piloff became a member of the family.

Sophie loves her. (I've declared her a "her," the seller actually wasn't sure about the sex.) She is a Velveteen, super soft breed. Also she won't get more than 5 lbs. Yay.

Her name is Piloff.
Like Baba Yaga's pet in Bartok The Magnificent.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mya Laughing


Tuesday, April 12, 2011



I had a wonderful 21st birthday.

First we took Sophie to her tumbling class, that's the first time Denny got to go with us. Then we brought some Olive Garden home, and the family came over.

Isaak made a cake, that my dad and Sophie decorated.

Sophie led everyone in singing, and helped me blow out the candle.

I made out with a bag of snickers, a red polka-dotted body pillow, and money.


We ended the night watching a movie with the girls, and Mya pooped on me.

A day well spent. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love how much Sophie mimics us. If Denny is fixing something, she needs to use tools too. If we are doing dishes, she has to help. If I'm vacuuming, she uses her stroller as a vacuum.

This morning I pulled out my camera and she asks, "where is MY camera?" She has taken over my little Kodak.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Finally. It got over 70 today. :)
We spent most of yesterday and today outside.
Sophie would pick flowers and "plant" random things.

Mya napped outside both days.
Out cold.

Sophie used her watering can to create a big mud pit.