Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween! :D

I love Halloween. One of the awesome parts about being a "young" parent, is that you still get to do all the fun things. (aka - dress up for Halloween) If you are 25 and walking around trick or treating by yourself, people are probably going to assume you are a child molester. If you are 25, dressed as a banana, and have a kid in tow - its totally acceptable.
Luckily tonight wasn't too chilly. I was able to just stuff two shirts under my costume and stay warm. I stuffed a sweater under Sophie's shirt, then put some sweats on her. Denny is a man, men don't get cold - enough said.
We walked around our neighbor hood, and got some good candy. One o the richie rich people had a projector set up outside, chairs, The Nightmare Before Christmas playing, and was handing out cider and chips. Bless rich people. My hands were freezing until I got me some of that hot cider.
Stuffed animal in the pocket, creepy mustache, cartoon tshirt, ball cap, long coat, and a camera... this can only be one thing... A PEDOPHILE! You gotta hand it to him, the boy is creative. Last year he was a "towelhead," or more politically corect - Terrorist. The year before that he was Hitler.
Mama raised us to do what we want, be ourselfs, express what we think, and who gives a hoot what other people say. :) Love you mom!

The rest of the pictures are here - Halloween Album.


October 15th 2009
That's right ladies and gents, that there white outfit is meant for BAPTISM! Dun dun dun.
My daddy was the one who preformed the baptism. Our family came to share the occasion with us. The Joes, JaiAnn + her hubby, grandma & grandma Meakin, then of course Isaak and dad. An awesome friend from work came to see Denny too. Props to Ian. :)
Our wonderful Missionaries set up everything for us. (with our last minute trip to Arizona, we had to reschedule and didn't have time to get anything organized) Some very sweet people from the ward came to support us as well.
Sophie was ticked off that I woke her up to go to the church. We got there and all she wanted to do was snuggle with Isaak. It was super cute.
Aren't toddlers adorable when they are sleepy and in snuggle mode?
Anyway, Denny was confirmed the following Sunday. Huzzah! He's still a sarcastic pain in the butt. He still makes me want to curse every darn day... but at least now me can be my pain in the butt at church. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat at Daddy's Work

Last night I had everyone try on their costumes, just to make sure everything was good to go. Denny was very enthusiastic.
Sophie.... not so much. The moment Denny let her free from her costume prison, put her back in her PJs, and laid her down - she passed out.
Denny's work holds a Trick-or-Treat event of their own. Bless them for this. We still get lots of candy, we get to stay indoors, and we know that the candy won't have razorblades in it. Win all around!
They held a little magic show before they set the kids loose. Once the show was over, the kids get to go around to each cubical and get candy. I think it's an awesome idea. Sophie was a bit crabby and in dire need of a nap, so pictures were not really an option. (Don't worry I'll get oodles of pictures tomorrow!)
After dinner Denny passed out on the couch, and Sophie joined him - watching her SpongeBob, of course. We got lots of compliments on our costumes, it made me giddy. I enjoy knowing that my crafting obsessions are of some use. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Itty Bitty Nerd

Sometimes I don't know why I try to fight it. Nerd is in her blood. It's in my dad and brothers, then it fills every cell of Denny's body. She is doomed.
Sophie found Denny's headphones and wore them around the house for a good hour. To top it off, she started using the little remote to our portable dvd player as a cell phone. Silly little nerd in training - that's what she is.
Sidenote- I did finish our pirate costumes for Halloween. I'll try to get pictures of them BEFORE Halloween, but no promises. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

She Sleeps!

My little pain in the butt passed out around 1:30 AM.... THIS IS AWESOME! For those of you who think I'm crazy, hold on.

She's been sleeping from about 4 AM to 1 PM every day. Now while it's nice to sleep until 1 in the afternoon, staying up until 4 AM can become exhausting.

After she passed out, I nearly burst with happiness. I'm off to drag her little butt to bed and get some sleep myself.

Happy day. :)

PS My mom's birthday was the 25th :) Happy birthday, Mom! I love you so much! You are the bestest mommy ever! Wish you were here, and think of you always.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster Pops

We made these awesome monster pops for family home evening. It started as a family thing, then turned into a mommy and daddy thing, then turned into mommy thing. It's all good though, Denny and Sophie had fun making a mess of my living room.

So if you are awesome (and live in this state) you'll probably get a few. :)

Wanna make some? Go here --> Monster Pops!

Yay Money Saving!

Last night I bought 6 patterns at JoAnn's for $8. All McCall's patterns are 99 cents. GO BUY SOME! The sale runs until Saturday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We planned to go bowling at FatCat's on Saturday. It is pretty much a big family fun place in Ogden. (I know... family fun... Ogden... oxymoron right?) We got there to find out that it would have been $25 for just Denny and I to bowl. Poppycock!
So I pulled out my $5 bill and got some tokens. Sophie has some sort of fascination with ski ball. Even though she couldn't quite get the balls all the way up the little ramp, she had fun throwing them.
"Mom! DRIVE!" were two very popular words. I had to literally rip her away from this little Nickelodeon driving game.
She passed out pretty much the moment we strapped her in the car. If only she would sleep at normal times.... like now... at 2:30 in the freaking morning. *sigh*


That's right ladies and gentlemen - I made that shirt! Okay so I didn't actually sew the shirt, but I put the image on it. Pretty nifty ey? Never again will I pay an insane amount of money for a stupid tshirt! I SHALL MAKE THEM! MUAHAHA!

In case you want to know how I made it, go here! -->

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am putting off unpacking... I mean really. Who ever WANTS to unpack? Since everything is still laying on our living room floor, Sophie found my makeup bag. She took it upon herself to pull everything out and do her makeup. Then she did mine. :)
Beautiful isn't it?

The List!

I almost drove myself mad looking for the stupid list, but I found it! It was jammed into one of my scrapbooking containers. So here you are:
  • Holds my hand anywhere - CHECK
  • Looks at me & stares - CHECK
  • Treats me like a queen - CHECK
  • Is always there for me - CHECK
  • Talks to me, but actually listens too - CHECK
  • Kisses & holds me - CHECK
  • Makes me laugh - CHECK
  • Gives me butterflies - CHECK
  • Plays games with me, and intentionally lost so I can win - CHECK
  • Dances with me in public
  • Tickles me - CHECK
  • Watches me sleep (weird I know) - CHECK
  • Acts all manly, but isn't a jerk - CHECK
  • Shows emotion - CHECK
  • Only needs ME - CHECK
  • Determined to get me - CHECK
  • Excited to show me off - CHECK
  • Honest & Trustworthy - CHECK
  • Sings to me, even if he can't sing - CHECK
  • Brings me home to meet him mom - CHECK
  • Hold me when I cry - CHECK
  • Trusts me - CHECK
  • Respects me - CHECK
  • Loves me with all their heart - CHECK
  • "Argues" with me and teases me - CHECK
At the bottom of the list Isaak wrote in "Denny - Wins! He kicked all their asses, he's marrying me."

Can you believe that Denny has NEVER danced with me? Insane right? NOT EVEN AT OUR LITTLE SHOTGUN WEDDING! *harrumph* I told him that he has to dance with me at our "2nd wedding." I get to have a real one in a few years, and by God there will be dancing!

Until then I guess I can't be married to him anymore... being as he doesn't meet my list anymore. :) ... nah, I guess I'll give him a freebie.

3 Years

Three years ago, I agreed to be Denny's girlfriend.... boy was I insane! :) 7 Months later we were married. Nuts? Perhaps, but we were crazy about each other. Naturally, life was hard at first. Being married at all is hard, but then being young, and having a child just makes it all the worse.
However, we prevailed. We've made it through very hard trials both on our own, and together. We have a more mature relationship than some 40 or 50 year old people. We never argue, we never yell, we never fight. Sure we get ticked off at each other, but we actually TALK about it. We discuss problems, and work through them. (my old therapists would we so proud)
I knew life wouldn't be easy. I knew we wouldn't have oodles of money. I knew this would be difficult as all hell... and yet, I wanted it. We may not have loads of fancy things, but we are happy. We live within our means, and some how have a little extra left over. We are blessed. :)
The reason I even considered being with Denny forever - he matched my list. I've had a little pink piece of paper since about 7th or 8th grade. From each relationship, I took at least one good quality and wrote it on the paper. Whoever I married HAD to meet each requirement. A few people could meet 4 or 5, but no one ever got close. I'll have to see if I can hunt down that list and post it on here later today.
I love you with ever bit of my self. I love you so much it's retarded. :) You irritate me beyond belief. You make me smile. You are stubborn as hell. You go without, so we can have. You annoy me for sport. You make me relax when I'm going to snap. You get angry at stupid things. You let me be angry at stupid things. You take the covers. You sacrifice the bed so Sophie and I have room. You complain. You provide for us. You make me wonder why on earth I put up with you. You remind me each and every day just how much I love you. You hoard your dirty socks by your computer. You don't nag me when I haven't cleaned for the day. You snore. You are you, and you are amazing. Don't you ever forget that.


Wednesday evening we started our long drive down to Arizona. We planned to get it all done overnight, but my mom insisted that we stop in Vegas for the night. THANK YOU MOM! She got us a room at a hotel, and it helped so much. I couldn't imagine having to make that whole drive in one night. My dad was kind enough to give us our Christmas present money early, so that we could make the trip out there. Thanks dad. :)
We arrived Thursday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Here you see Sophie helping Grandma Horton clean up the floor.
Grandma Horton was just awesome. I could definitely live closer to her. She made Sophie these super cute socks. (there were several different colors, but who matches?) I love them, especially since my mom used to make them for me when I was little.
One of my favorite parts of Sun City, is that it's an old people city. All of the old people own golf carts, and feel the need to drive them around like cars. Seriously! They even have "Golf Cart Parking" at the hospital!
Don't believe me? There are two old guys in front of us, on our way to the hospital. When I'm old I want to drive a golf cart everywhere.
Sophie and Grandma Horton eating some fruit.
I made Denny go pose for some pictures before we left Arizona.
Grandma Horton tickling Sophie.
Sophie giving Grandma hugs goodbye.
Sophie giving Grandpa a high5. I'm really glad we got out to see them. Grandpa looked so much better after seeing Sophie. That was actually the first time they've met. Grandma met Sophie back when she was about a month old.
Sophie thought their lawn was awesome! With living in a desert, you can't really waste water on grass - so everyone just has rocks. Sophie loves rocks, and she thought it was amazing that Grandma's yard was filled with them! :)
Before we left Vegas on Monday morning, we decided to walk around the Luxor and Excalibur. Sophie got a big lollipop and I got me a cute new bag. (I'm a bag addict) While we went through Vegas, I notice how slutty the city has become. My family went there a few times when I was younger, and it was MUCH more family friendly back then.
Now everything is 'nude' this, and 'topless' that. Stupid Vegas. There were giant signs like these EVERYWHERE! I'm fairly convinced the blond is a guy.

ANYWAYS! Hopefully we can make it back down to see Grandma and Grandpa Horton for the holidays. If so... I definitely want to fly. I don't think I'll want to ride in another car for at least a year.

Here are the rest of the pictures from our Arizona Trip Album.
Here are the videos from the trip on our Youtube Channel. (they are the 4 new ones)