Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone is Sick

This past weekend we spent Sunday with Denny's family. It was a blast. We ate, swam, watched a movie, and whatnot. Denny's sister Melissa just so happened to be sick as all hell. Well Denny spent a good half hour or so in a room with her... lo and behold, he is now sick. Then he got Sophie sick, and now I am getting sick. Ah, how we all love germs. Sophie had a fever yesterday, but I loaded her up with Tylenol and her fever was gone by today. She is still a bit warm and fussy, but at least she isn't melting. I feel like my head is going to pop and confetti will fly everywhere. Denny has been laying in bed the past 2 days.
But on a happier note. I'm looking into babysitting. That's right. I will now have something to do during the day, and make money. Woo hoo! Everyone loves money. Well now that Sophie has crawled around and pulled out EVERY last toy that I just put away... I think I will try to get her to bed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girls Night

Last night Denny's mom invited Sophie and I over for a girls night. *woot* Who doesn't love a night away from men? :) So I packed up our swim suits and we headed over to Grandma Tina's. Melissa was supposed to be cooking us dinner that night... but she's a slacker. So we waited around for an hour or so while she made cupcakes and then we all put on our swim suits and headed for the pool. Being that it was the late evening already, the pool was pretty darn cold. We figured the hot tub would be nice to try then, but that was boiling hot, so we were pretty much screwed. We all eventually tip toed our way into the cold water. Sophie didn't seem to mind the temperature at all. She was having a pretty good time kicking and splashing the water with her hand... up until she got herself right in the face. Aunt Melissa just happened to be swimming over at that moment in time, so Sophie gave her the look of death. When we got back to the apartment we ordered Chinese food, because got knows Melissa never would have cooked. Then we popped in the movie "P.S. I Love You" which was amazing. Great chick flick, I loved it. So overall we had a pretty good night.

Friday, August 1, 2008

She Crawls!

That's right, my little ball of sunshine is now mobile! Over the past two weeks she has perfected her crawling and can now get just about anywhere she wants. -oh joy- I am going to be starting her on a sippy cup too, so we have all kinds of fun things going on.
When we went to Sophie's 9 month check up on the 28th (which was about a month too late) her doctor said she is doing great. Shes 37 inches long and 14 lbs 8.5 oz. She shot up in height, but she isn't gaining too much wait, and her head isn't growing all that fast either. So I need to plump her up. :)
By the way, there is a link to all the videos I put up at the bottom of the page.