Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sophie is 6!

Holy cow do I feel old.
My little girl is 6!

 photo sophie_zpsc7160d01.jpg

We no longer live in the snow-covered state, so we got to celebrate outside!
It was awesome.

We did treats and gifts at the park.
For her treat, Sophie picked oatmeal raisin cookies.

 photo DSC_7501_zpsa112ca10.jpg

 photo DSC_7502_zps47e41670.jpg

 photo DSC_7503_zps46ce7aa3.jpg

We got her a bow and arrow set.

 photo DSC_7504_zps7a1e25f8.jpg

And a dart gun.

 photo DSC_7505_zps97ad00c1.jpg

A little nightlight bug thing, and some silly string.

 photo DSC_7507_zpsa728a62e.jpg

 photo DSC_7509_zpsad310288.jpg

I didn't get oodles of pictures because my plans were ruined by my lack of directional awareness.
We quickly did gifts then shot off to the movies.
Sophie wanted to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

She has since been shooting everyone with her gifts.
I was woken up with an arrow to the face this morning.

Worth it.

Mya is 3!

At some point this year, my toddler grew into a full blown child.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.

 photo mya_zpsd0d25619.jpg

We celebrated Mya's 3rd birthday at CiCis.

 photo DSC_7425_zps9001d511.jpg

Her favorite babysitters came.

 photo DSC_7427_zps5a20a48b.jpg

 photo DSC_7477_zpse1172f13.jpg

And her favorite cousins.

 photo DSC_7476_zps2ef47c93.jpg

Everyone enjoyed pizza.

 photo DSC_7424_zps5b4effcf.jpg

 photo DSC_7430_zps521d9e53.jpg

 photo DSC_7433_zpsac3ea0a5.jpg

 photo DSC_7443_zpsd9ceed2c.jpg

 photo DSC_7469_zps77c7cd8e.jpg

We sang to the birthday girl.

 photo DSC_7457_zps47efbcd5.jpg

 photo DSC_7458_zps0f6291e2.jpg

Yummy chocolate cupcakes!

 photo DSC_7474_zps83046fa0.jpg

 photo DSC_7472_zps41bdaa85.jpg


 photo DSC_7482_zps163aae86.jpg

 photo DSC_7490_zps8bebeabe.jpg

 photo DSC_7494_zps998e1458.jpg

A very happy birthday indeed.

 photo DSC_7497_zpsbe67c46f.jpg

Christmas 2013

First off...


We have such amazing family.
We didn't really have a Christmas fund this year, and planned to get maybe 2 things for each kid.
That still counts are Christmas, so we didn't feel the need to go asking around for any help.

It came anyways.
You guys are great, we love you.

On to pictures!

Sophie asked for 2 things this year.
A telescope, and boots.
My kid effing loves science.

 photo DSC_7416_zpsb592d948.jpg

 photo DSC_7422_zps4d764572.jpg

Mya will settle for pretty much anything princess related.

 photo DSC_7420_zps62795984.jpg

 photo DSC_7421_zpsdb417871.jpg

And, well...Finn just shoves everything in his mouth right now.

 photo DSC_7406_zps88138f39.jpg

 photo DSC_7408_zpsb2a1ebff.jpg

 photo DSC_7417_zps6bce34b0.jpg

 photo DSC_7409_zpse2452f2d.jpg

 photo DSC_7413_zps83651821.jpg

 photo DSC_7414_zps45a87a73.jpg

We had a lot of fun, and hope you did too.

Grandma & Papa

Both of my parents came down to visit for Thanksgiving.
It was fantastic.

 photo DSC_7380_zpsa3f6138f.jpg

We crammed 18 people into my brothers home.
That included several members from our mom's side.


 photo DSC_7301_zps18304039.jpg

And our two tios.

 photo DSC_7300_zps1bf70d77.jpg

All the grandkids loved seeing so much family.

 photo DSC_7303_zps2e8375a1.jpg

 photo DSC_7309_zps39729110.jpg

 photo DSC_7317_zps856e4970.jpg

 photo DSC_7312_zpsb9df1866.jpg

 photo DSC_7315_zpsaadee041.jpg

 photo DSC_7322_zps32470bd5.jpg

Everyone stuffed there faces.
Abuelo played the guitar and sang.
We went Black Friday shopping.

so. much. fun.

After all the family left, we still had Papa and Grandma Taly staying with us.
Since the weather here in Texas is awesome (sorry Utah people...not really), we spent a day at the nature preserve.

  photo DSC_7378_zps4cf2dea6.jpg

  photo DSC_7368_zps97b0b0a0.jpg

  photo DSC_7343_zpsa8f7ece6.jpg

 photo DSC_7338_zpsdb721e92.jpg

  photo DSC_7353_zps9d3e8c2d.jpg
 photo DSC_7357_zps6bc2a8d5.jpg

 photo DSC_7348_zps23066d34.jpg

 photo DSC_7336_zps2413e002.jpg

 photo DSC_7351_zpsdb904a38.jpg

 photo DSC_7362_zpseb2ba1ad.jpg

 photo DSC_7379_zps5f82df0b.jpg

 photo DSC_7383_zps4e6a3cdc.jpg

  photo DSC_7327_zpse29b8869.jpg

  photo DSC_7330_zps15cd7f82.jpg

 photo DSC_7339_zpsfddf7f0e.jpg

  photo DSC_7335_zps386f617f.jpg

Until next time!
All the grandkids are waiting for you to come back.