Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank You

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing people in my life.

So thank you to:

Those of who have always loved.

Those who support my dreams.

Those who never judge.

Those who understand.

 Those who listen.

Those who treat my children with respect.

 Those who continue to be my friend, even if we don't go to church.

Thank you to my mother, the strongest woman I know.
Despite my piercings, drinking, teenage pregnancy, and endless shenanigans...
she has never stopped loving me.

Thank you to my father.
He spent an unimaginable amount of money to get me the help that I needed.
He is the one person that never gave up hope that I could be better.

Thank you to my older brother.
He brings the smiles that I need.

Thank you to my younger brother.
He loved me, even when I didn't love myself.

Thank you to my darling husband.
He delights and infuriates me each day.

Thank you to my little girls.
They challenge me each and every day.
They remind me to love, to play, and simple enjoy every minute of every day.

It amazes me how blessed I really am.

Das ZOO!

So I didn't really feel like taking time to fancy edit the pictures.
I'm lazy yo.

Every year I take the girls to the zoo.

This year Denny went without much fuss.


Looking for the tigers.

Staring at the giraffes.
The giraffe that was pregnant last year.... totally still pregnant.
Their pregnancies are 400 days long.
400 days.

The new arctic area was opened this year.
Mya went ape-shit for the seals.
She all but exploded every time they floated by the glass.

This polar bear was super silly.
She kept swimming over and popping up at the glass.

And other random pictures.









Thus concludes our zoo adventures.
Until next year.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out With Friends

Last weekend we went to the tree house museum with Sophie's BFF.

No joke, Sophie made her a BFF bracelet and everything.

Sophie used to call her Olivia, like the pig from the cartoon.
Her speech has since evolved into O-Lydia.

Lydia is our neighbor, and we are over there nearly every day.
Aside from the days when they "aren't friends anymore," the kids get along pretty well. :)


The Music Room.

Taking care of the newborn babies.

Hanging in the Art Garden.
That dude looking at the camera, that's their dad.
Mya kept taking toys to him the whole time we were there.

Ian & Mya playing with the knights and horses.

Playing on the stage.
They loved popping out from behind the curtains.

Having a Tea Party.

Mya fascinated by the fish.

Sophie riding the horse.

Mya riding the bull.

Lydia freaking out on the horse.

Ian playing with the farm.

Dorky little girls.

We are going to the Zoo this weekend, so prepare for more pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic Dollhouse

Here is just one more reason my abuelo is way cooler than your grandpa.

I asked him if he would be able to build the girls a dollhouse. I told him that I would buy all the materials, and he could build it however he liked.

A few days later he called to tell me that it was almost done!

He is an over achiever. :)

He built and painted it.

Abuela made the little crochet carpets and rugs.

Then Sophie and I bought some little wooden peg people and painted them.


We still need to decorate the house with paint/curtains/allthatjazz.
But I just HAD to share some pictures.
I couldn't wait.

So here ya go.

Mya even helped paint a bit.

We made a bald "papa doll."
Don't you just love my little blue stove?


They fit perfectly into the Polly Pocket cars.

BTW, this is where I ordered the peg people.
I also got a bag of assorted shapes, we used this to make tables and chairs and such.


I have wanted to get family pictures taken for years.


Only one thing was really stopping me, I'm a cheap ass. 

Also, I am married to an even bigger cheap ass.

I figured I would never get my pretty photo shoot, then fate stepped in.

I had the opportunity to be the doula of a very sweet lady.
This lady just so happens to be a photographer.

We decided to swap services!

Here are some the adorable pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Amy Budge of AB Photography.















Thanks again Amy, you rock my socks! :)