Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time

I love Christmas, but not until Thanksgiving is over. It drives me absolutely mad to have to hear Christmas carols the day after Halloween. Anyway... Thanksgiving has come and gone, so BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS!
Our stockings are hung over our tiny fireplace.
We kidnapped the tiny Christmas tree from my dad's house. I made some quick paper rings out of scrapbook paper. Last year our niece Melody made us some super cute ornaments with our names on them - so those are also hanging proudly on the tree. Tonight we will be making some more ornaments to hang. Yay family time!

Sidenote- Nearly all of the gifts are made (well the ones we are sending out). So you should see them before Christmas. :)


Tasha said...

Can I just tell you I hate you for having everything done! I started everthing really early, but sorta ran out of steam! I hoping to get everything done on time, but don't be overly surprised if I don't :)

Lexi said...

Haha it was pretty simple since I did necklaces for the girls and calendars for the grandparents. Then there are a few different gifts here and there. I knew if I tried to do something different for everyone, I'd probably lose my mind.