Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we made "gingerbread" houses. It was a delightful, and messy, experience. The above and below pictures are of Sophie's house. I put on the walls, and she did the roof and decorations. It looks like a bunch of bears just fell out of the sky and landed on her roof. She also went wild with the little tubes of icing. In case you can't tell, her favorite color was green.
The next house was created by Denny. For someone who often tells me how much he hates crafts, he really goes all out. His house includes shrubberies, a walk path, a door, windows, a loft, a chimney, smoke on the chimney, and grout. The man gets serious with his crafts.
Then lastly is my house. My house includes a door, windows, snow on the roof, a walkway (which Denny accused me of copying, even though I couldn't see the front of his house), grass, Christmas lights, and a single shrubbery.
All in all, we had fun. And to top off the night, my nerds sat and watched the Lego Harry Potter trailer about 100 times.


Miss Angie said...

Oh, cute gingerbread houses! It has to be fun having a toddler to play with like that. I miss being a kid.

Tasha said...

that's such a good idea. You're so good to have around so I can steal all your ideas! :D