Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wish List

Now I personally think it is a complete pain in the ass trying to figure out what people want. Will they use it? Is it in their size? What is their favorite color? So on and so forth. Instead of having to hunt down individual people, I wish they would just give me a giant list each year.

That being said, I am taking it upon myself to post our family wish list.


Colors - The colors she seams to like best right now are blue and green.
Sizes - She is currently in size 18 month clothes. 24 months are going to be needed before winter ends. Her shoe size is 5.
Baby Dolls - she's really into the whole mommy baby thing right now. Any little accessories would probably please her.
Lights - Anything that lights up would amaze her. Every time we leave the house, she oooos and aaaahs over the Christmas lights.
Snow Gear - She is in love with snow, but lacks the appropriate apparel to play in it. So I play bad guy and drag her inside to the warmth.
Spongebob - ANYTHING with a Spongebob theme. She watches it every day, and thinks he is just downright awesome. Dora the Explorer would also be loved.
Don't Need
Somebody already got her PJs, a play kitchen + food, baby stroller.


Colors - Black , dark green.
Sizes - XL
Best Buy - Things he wants are mostly nerd related (I.E. $80 portable hard drive, $100+ Windows 7, and so on) I'm thinking money would be his main goal, but if you are like me - money isn't "personal." So a gift card would be good for him.
That's really all I got... here are a list of places I can think he'd use a gift card from: Best Buy, Olive Garden, Game Stop, (electronic/game stores).


Colors - Red, Green, Purple, Black, I pretty much love the whole rainbow.
Sizes - Bottoms size 5, Tops Small or Medium
Crafts - Anything from some paints to some fabric. I love all crafts.

Sidenote - If you do give money, you won't be frowned upon. :) Most of our family that has already given us gifts, gave us money. It helped out amazingly. Being "poor" is a pain in the butt, and its nice to go out to movies or Olive Garden once in a while. Thank you to those of you who already gave us the money for Christmas. You have no idea how much you helped.

Also, this isn't me asking for gifts. This is just a list to help out those family/friends who are already getting us things, but need a bit of help with ideas. I mean we aren't rich, but come on, we aren't that bad. :P


Tasha said...

That was incredibly helpful! I was thinking of making pj's for Sophie, but didn't know if she really needed them. I do however have a snowsuit that my girl never used and never will use that I can now re gift :D Hope that's ok?! Also Jared was in charge of Denny and Isaak's gifts and while they aren't gift cards or pricey techy stuff they should provide some entertainment :P hehe!

Lexi said...

Glad it helped :) I already grabbed a few jammies for her on black friday, and my mom got her some too. The snowsuit would be awesome! :) I'm sure Jared will give them rather unique gifts. :P

Phreggs said...

If he sends me an annoy-o-tron... I will not be disappointed.


Phreggs said...
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Lexi said...

I accidentally posted the above comment on Denny's account.