Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gamer Wife

I grew up with boys, boys play video games, therefore I was exposed to the world of nerds at a young age. While I'm not a hardcore game nerd, I enjoy girl games. (Kameo, Mario Party, Zelda, Sims, and so on)

Pregnancy sucks when you are sick, and are stuck in a bed for months on end. I discovered Mario Brothers for the DS, when I was cursed to lay in bed. That game didn't leave my hands for days. I beat it twice before I got bored enough to put it down.

"New Super Mario Bros." desktop wallpaper 3 (1024 x 768 pixels)

Denny cherishes time when I let myself get sucked into games. He always offers to by any game I show the slightest interest in. (examples: Spore, Mario games, Sims 3, WoW) Something tells me that he is just slowly trying to turn me into the nerd wife he's always wanted. FAT CHANCE!

My most recent obsession is the Sims 3. Who doesn't want to live an alternate life? I get to be a doctor, have as many babies as I want, and control my husband with a click of the button. WIN! Denny made the mistake of showing me how to cheat and get money. So... I may, or may not, be a millionaire now. Just sayin.


Tasha said...

LOL! Don't let him do it! You. Must. Resist!

Miss Angie said...

I want the Sims 3 badly! Is it as fun as it sounds? Lots of new exciting things?

Phreggs said...

Yeah it's freakin sweet.