Friday, December 11, 2009


Somehow I was blessed with a child, who has manners. It must be my reward for putting up with years of sleep deprivation.

A few examples in her vocabulary:
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Sorry
  • (you're) Welcome
  • No thanks
  • (you) Okay?
  • (you) Alright?
It just amazes people that a toddler can be so polite. I love it.

When Sophie gets a hold of something she shouldn't have like my camera, scissors, or even once a steak knife, (Ya that one scared the Hell out of me. Apparently she can reach into our silverware drawer. The knives have since been moved) I ask her to share with me.

98% of the time, she hands over whatever it is. I figure this is more effective than trying to rip said objects out of her tiny hands, thus causing a tantrum. It works wonders.

Last night I was recording Sophie with my camera. The following conversation took place.

Sophie - Cheese mom. *reaching for the camera*
Me - No Sophie. It's all done.
Sophie - Please mom? *on her tippie toes*
Me - No.
Sophie - Mom PLEASE?! *pulling on my pants, in an effort to climb me*
Me - No. You don't need to play with this. *I start walking to the table to set down the camera*
Sophie - Mom
Me - What?
Sophie - Share?

Touché Sophie, Touché.


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AHAHAHAHA! That's awesome! Don't you love it when they outsmart you?