Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Early Christmas

Last week Denny went out to get an oil change for the car. He called me to say he was going to shop for my Christmas presents.

He called me on his way home.

Denny: Do you want to open when I get home, or wait?
Me: It's ok, I'll wait until Christmas.
Denny: I don't like wrapping gifts.
Me: So stick it in my stocking.
Denny: It won't fit.
Me: So throw it in the closet with all the other gifts.
Denny: What if I don't wanna?
Me: *sigh* Do you want me to open it right now?
Denny: Well, I'm really proud of myself.
Me: Ok then, I'll open it when you come home.

He demanded that I close my eyes, and plopped me on the couch. Then he dumped a bag with two plastic storage bins in my lap.

I got some super cute "Cow Jumped Over The Moon" fleece.

Some fuzzy socks. I LOVE super soft fuzzy socks. My feet are almost always cold, so I cherish my warm socks.

Sophie was admiring my pink duckie flannel. She saw them and said "aw cute", and Denny snapped the picture. I love how she has her hands. I'll have to make something for her out of that fabric.
(There were also come blank shirts for me to put stencils on, and some denim fabric.)

My hubby always puts lots of thought into gifts, and always surprises me. Even if it was 2 weeks before Christmas. :P

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Tasha said...

Aw! What a sweet hubby! See they know what they're doing they just want us to THINK they don't so it seems better when they do it right. We're on to them!