Tuesday, December 15, 2009

THAT'S Your Wife?

Generally when people meet my husband first, and meet me afterward, they are perplexed as to how we are married. Now this used to irk me some, but I've 1. gotten used to it and 2. understand why that question would come up.

  • Crude sense of humor
  • Nerd
  • Hates people
  • Kinda scary looking

  • Friendly
  • Girly
  • Loves people

The man can be a bit much to take in at first, and some people just think he's flat out intimidating. I'm going to tell you a secret... ready? He does it on purpose, he thinks its funny as hell that people think he's scary.

Unless I'm having a bad day, I generally try to be nice to everyone. (that is, if you aren't on the shit-list) I'm pretty easy to talk to, and I enjoy human contact. Where as Denny is perfectly fine with talking to people via the internet. If it weren't for me, the man would never leave the house.

I've had to explain to Denny several times that we probably wouldn't have ever been friends in high school. I've seen pictures of him in high school, and he just had a big "F U" printed on his forehead. I generally dislike people with his kind of personality. Yet, I love him oodles... a bit ironic.

We very rarely like the same person. I like people like me. He likes people like him. The problem with that is that he drives me nuts all on his own. I don't need multiple "Denny" personalities in my life.

So if you are Denny's friend, don't take it personally. Denny has just used up my quota of tolerance for all of you. If you're my friend, Denny probably makes it no secret that he doesn't love you. It's how we roll. Deal with it.

Maybe someday we'll find that magical couple to be friends with.


Tasha said...

I keep inviting people over for dinner hoping that Jared will click with someone. I end up with a new friend from every dinner. He, however, barely tolerates the whole evening. Hang in there! You're not the only one with an antisocial hubby!

Tasha said...

P.S. I truly LOVE how all your wedding pics turned out. And not just cause Jared took them :) They're just fun and different!

Lexi said...

I love the pictures too :) I'm working on our wedding scrapbook

Phreggs said...

I still have the FU look on my face, it's just at work now.