Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 Days

Real Birthday Wish List.

Bum Genius one-size cloth diapers. Love. I bought one from the Quilted Bear a few weeks back (this same green color) and I adore it. Plus it's daddy friendly. I want an army of these for night time.
I'm also a big fan of my gDiapers. My only problem with them, is that the cute colors are hard to come by. I NEED COLORS! These are awesome though.

Lola Camera Bag by Epiphanie. $164 of beautiful! ...a girl can dream.
A pedicure/manicure. I've never had my nails professionally done. Sad, isn't it?
A tripod.

Camera Remote

50mm lens. Isn't it pretty?

Fabrics. More specifically - knit fabrics. (t-shirt material) I'd happily take a bag of old t-shirts. :)

Flip flops. 2 for $5 at Old Navy... I want one of every color. I have a flip flop addiction. My favorite flip flops from last summer broke. :(

Arizona plaid Bermuda shorts. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. :( I got two pairs of these off Ebay last year and I love them. I would buy them in bulk if I could.

That is all for now. :P

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