Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wish List

My birthday is exactly 1 month away. :) Yay me!

  • Down payment for a house - $5,000
  • A house - $150,000
  • A car - $15,000
  • Boobs - $7,000
  • Pregnancy
  • Nikon 35 mm f/1.8 lens - $200
  • New Moon Special Edition... yes I want a $25 DVD I couldn't wait a month :)
  • A nice camera bag $40
  • Achilles to get better
  • A good straightener
  • Some BumGenius from Quilted Bear
    (I got so excited when I found them yesterday) - $20 a pop
  • A trip to Spain - $3,000 (yes I really would spend that much there)
  • A cruse would be nice - $1,000
  • PUL (waterproof) fabirc - $12/yard
  • Warm shorts weather
  • Summer clothes - $100

  • Spend the day snuggling with my baby girl, hubby, and stinky dog


Phreggs said...

The dog part is possible ;)
Dog is better now.

talyzman said...

So did you get the movie?
just remember one thing...
dreams can come real if we wish them hard enough and work for them.
dont give up, keep dreaming and wishing.
there is a guy here at my work that says if you think/wish something so hard every day it will actually happend to you. he told me "try it for a week, just think every day of something small and you will see it will come real"
I havent try it at all but he really believes it.
so... keep thinking, wishing and dreaming :-)