Thursday, March 18, 2010


The past few days Denny has been sick, and it has been delightfully warm outside. So naturally we left his sick butt and home and went out to enjoy the sun. :)

Wednesday we went to a few stores, then hit up the park. Sophie adores the park. Every time we drive by it, she asks if we can go slide.

Then yesterday we went to hang out with our friends Angelique and Isabella. Sophie was so excited. The entire ride there she was screaming "BELLA TIME!"

We had a yummy picnic out in the sun, then the girls ran all over the place.

I also read through my 1st twilight book again. :)

I'm so happy it is getting warm. I can't wait for shorts, flip-flops, pools, and the river-walk. YAY SPRING!


Miss Angie said...

Yeah, it's been absolutely gorgeous weather! I went for a walk yesterday and sat to read in the park. It was fun!

Myya said...

Hi! I'm your swap buddy (Shortmama's Spring Swap)! I tried finding an e-mail link on your blog but you don't have it set up :( I didn't see an "about me" section so I went through some of your old posts to try to get a feel for who you are. By the way your daughter is adorable!! Anyways... I didn't learn that much about you. So... come by my blog, e-mail me & tell me about you. Otherwise I might just send ya a bunch of stuff that only I would like ha!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!