Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Sophie has her room back! Shocking, I know. I've been planning to clean the room out for weeks, and it finally got warm enough to do so. After Denny helped more all of our crap out of the apartment, both him and Sophie took naps while I took over.
The closet. Yes, I am pretty awesome at Tetris. I ripped the broken doors off (they've never worked), then stacked things in. Don't worry, I'm going to hang some pretty fabric up to cover everything.
The left of Sophie's room. The bookshelf holds mostly my stuff, just like the closet. The two tiny wall shelves were made for me a few years back, by my grandpa. (They are the smaller version of the two larger ones that hang in the living room.) The little balloons and ABC shelf were actually my decorations when I was a baby.
Wire wracks hold our cloth/disposable diaper stuff. The doll on the top was made for me when I was a baby too. I love that doll. Super awesome curtains I made, as well as the personalized bookshelf/nightstand. The little yellow paper is a glue & glitter picture that Sophie and I made last summer.
The Nemo wall stickers, Pooh picture, and SOPHIE letters decorate the right wall. The TV was from Denny's mom. She actually took a nap all on her own! She crawled into her bed and watched Dora on my laptop while I moved things around.
Yup, he was totally asleep on the floor, using a beanbag for a pillow.


talyzman said...

Great job Alexis, it looks so cute and I am sure Sophie loves it too.

Myya said...

Can you come organize my girls rooms now??? :)