Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am married to an infuriating man. Luckily, I've gone through years of therapy, which gave me the skills to deal with all of the crap the world throws my way. My main outlet was the piano, but since our apartment has no room my full sized piano - I've had to be creative.

Collages, a beautiful outlet.

Being "bipolar," (I think labels are stupid) some days are harder than others. I started this collage a few weeks back when I just couldn't sit still. It is compiled from my "hospital" years. Pictures from highschool, letters written to me while I was away, bits and pieces from my analysis, and various other things.

Yesterday was one of those annoyingly difficult days, so I broke out the collage and went to work. I also completed several other projects, including a bow holder for Sophie (it is ADORABLE, I'll get pictures tomorrow).

Of course, Sophie couldn't let me have all the fun with paint, glue, tape, and ripping of various papers. So she came in to paint.

Life is so much funner when you have a toddler around. (We both ended up covered in paint)

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talyzman said...

Sophie looks so much alike to Denny's skinny sister!!!!!