Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Most of you know that we began our cloth diapering endeavor last spring/summer. I started by making about 15 pocket diapers from the Rita Rump pattern. We also had a dozen or so of prefolds. I was still iffy, but decided making them was better than forking our a couple $100 for a stash. The diapers worked wonderfully, and we did use them the majority of the time. We went from $40 a month on disposables to about $10. We only used them at night, so one pack lasted us a month.

Eventually I had to rebel. Washing the diapers wasn't bad, it was the folding and stuffing that would kill my arms. I had to fold 15 microfiber cloths, then stuff them into 15 pocket diapers, then fold 15 diapers. Every now and again I would forget my cloths and just use disposables for a while.

Then about a month ago I started looking at actual brand name diapers. The reason I never used cloth when we go out for a long time, or at night, is because the diaper I have do not pull the moisture away from Sophie's skin. They absorb wonderfully, but if she sits in the diaper for any real length of time, she'd get a rash. Rashes = Hell.

I am a fan of There are a few cloth diapering groups on there, so I joined them. There are sections where moms post diapers that they want to sell or trade, lucky me a lady was get rid of some brand spankin' new gDiapers. I've coveted gDiapers since Sophie was about a year old, I just didn't have it in me to spend $17 on one diaper. So I jumped right on that opportunity.

At first I wasn't too use about them, because the little inside snaps left marks on Sophie's hips. Simple fix - most to the next size up. I was trying to have her wear mediums, since logically she fits into the weight range. Silly me. Now that I put her in larges, I adore them. These are the diapers that she wears during the day. I like them because you don't have to change the cover every time she goes potty. Instead you just change out the insert, and since I'm super cheap I didn't even buy the "proper" inserts - I use prefolds.

But alas, they won't work for night time. Since I don't have inserts that would pull the moisture away from her bum, she would get a rash. That is where our BumGenious comes in! It pulls the moisture flawlessly. Sadly, I only have one. So once I get my hands on a few more, you can bet that we'll make the change to all cloth. Slowly but surely! :)

*Now on a related side note, there is a cloth diaper give away going on at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. It is the 9th anniversary, so they are giving away 9 diapers. :) Now I have yet to ever win a giveaway, but one can hope. Plus, cloth is awesome.*

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