Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is Here

Denny has the intensely irritating habit of sleeping in every weekend. And since the majority of my zen-like patience is used up during the week, I tend to ditch him on the weekends. :P

Much like any other Saturday, the afternoon was creeping closer, and there was still no sign of life in Denny. Eventually he did get up, and he was sick.

So Sophie and I headed out to the duck park, armed with an entire loaf of bread. Here is an action show of her tossing a hunk of bread right at a duck.

We spent a good hour or so running about the park.

Sadly, it started to get cold. I had to rip Sophie away for the slides with promises of seeing Papa.

Once we got home, Sophie and Denny snuggled on the couch, while I went to sew. After 1 or 2 Spongebob's, Denny informed me that Sophie wanted to see "How to Train Your Dragon." Being as Denny is an uber nerd, and has a thing for dragons, I had a suspicion that he was the one who wanted to see the movie.

Off to the movies we went! It was a good movie, even if we were stuck in the very front row. Sophie even sat and watched most of the movie. Around the last 10 minutes she got restless. My favorite thing about the movie is that it had some of my favorite actors as the voices. McLovin, and Jonah from SuperBad are in it. :) Best of all Gerard Butler!

All in all, a pretty good Saturday.


Myya said...

Sounds like a pretty great Saturday!!! :)

Miss Angie said...

Yeah, that does sound like a great Saturday!

Mmmm... I love me some Gerard Butler.