Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Why world? WHY?

Monday I noticed that Achilles wasn't really himself. He didn't get super excited when I went to let him out in the morning, he didn't run all over the apartment with Sophie, and he didn't eat much.

Tuesday he didn't eat at all, or even move. In the evening he threw up a round worm. So we bought de-wormer.

This morning he pooped pure blood. So off to the vet we went.
Not only does he have round worms (which is easy to treat) but a very bad case of Parvo Virus. It pretty much eats away the lining of his intestines, so he can't eat or drink. Since he is only about 5 months, things don't look good. The odds are against him, so we were given two options.

1 - Hospitalize him. The vets give him IVs, antibiotics, and whatever else he will need. We hope he pulls through, and nothing else goes wrong.

2 - Put him down. Parvo, especially how bad he has it, is painful. It would be cruel to make him suffer through it without medication.

My first thought was that putting him down would be best for him. He was absolutely miserable. He couldn't eat, drink, or even move much.

I am an emotional person, when I love something I put my whole self into it. I potty trained that pain in the ass dog. I cleaned up poop/pee countless times. He is a good dog. He listens, he is good with Sophie, he doesn't rip things up, he rarely barks, and best of all - he serves as my own person foot warmer. We are giving him the chance to fight it.

He may be "just a dog," but he is our dog. I can honestly say that I never planned to spend several hundred dollars to save a pet. If he gets to stay around for a few more years, it's worth it. I'm glad we are spending the money. It breaks my heart when Sophie runs around the rooms yelling "Achilles, where are you?"

So now we keep our fingers crossed, and hope everything goes well.


Miss Angie said...

I really hope he's ok, that's a terrible terrible disease. I'm praying he'll pull through!

Tasha said...

It's hard to find a good dog, I hope he pulls through!