Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snuggling & Tears

It's like Where's Waldo.... but with Sophie! :) This is how I found them a few days back, while I was cleaning. They were both plopped in front of the tv.

Tuesday night I was doing the dishes, while Sophie and Denny watched Spongebob. After a while I noticed that it was far too quiet in the other room. I walked out and they were snuggled on the couch, fast asleep. The cherry on top - it was only 8:30!

I love when she goes to sleep at a normal time. Plus they looked so cute.

While I was busy finishing up this order,

Sophie was running all about with Achilles. She wanted to shove him into his cage, but he wouldn't have that. Sophie was overdue for a nap, so the logical way to react was for her to burst into tears.

And since I already had the camera in hand (taking pictures of the order) I figured I'd snap away. I'm an awesome mom like that.

Plus Denny and Sophie share a trait that I love. Their eye color varies, depending on their mood. Sophie's eyes tend to have a green tint when she's sad, where Denny's go a bright baby blue. I doubt he would ever let me get evidence of this though, because he is a man, and men don't shed tears. :P

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