Monday, March 29, 2010

Where I Get My Craftiness

Papa (my mom's dad) is an amazing person. He is musical, crafty, good with is hands, magical, and so many more things. When I was younger, he carved me a wooden jewelry box with a big sun on it. (I'll post a picture later) I love that thing, it is beautiful.

A few days ago he showed me what he was working on for Sophie. She now has her very own box.
Don't you love it? I do. I'll probably let her actually use it come QuinceaƱera age.

And here is the back.

He told me that he chose a star, because that is what she is - a star. She shines so bright. Whenever she is older and doesn't have him around anymore, she'll always have something to remember him by.


Myya said...

It is beautiful! What an awesome thing for both of you to have. Papa's are pretty stinkin special that is for sure!!! :)

talyzman said...

Just beautiful! papa sure is an amazing person, he is almost 74 years old but his soul, mind and heart are just like a teenager :-) hope some day Sophie gets to treasure her jewelry box with much love as papa as made it for her.