Monday, March 22, 2010

Because I Can


ice cream flavor - mint chocolate chip
season - it was fall, in Ohio the trees were beautiful when they changed, not that we are in ugly Utah it's spring
sport - soccer
hobby - crafts
song - changes with my mood, today it's Once from the movie Once :P
band - as of lately it's Metric
place - the duck park
musical - Phantom of the Opera
book - Breaking Dawn
color - red
food - mama's fresh tortillas, mmmm
search engine - google
subject in school - math
flower - snap dragons
candy - ferrero rocher, I am my mother's daughter
state - Ohio
time of day - sunset
drink - lemonade
language - Latin
music type - soundtracks
store - Ross
month - August or September, it is warm, but not insanely hot
day of the week - Thursday :)
number - 3 & 7
movie - The Princess Bride
smell - Evy
sound - the rain

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