Monday, August 2, 2010

Water Fun

(click on pics to make bigger)

Last week, Sophie and I hit up the Roy Aquatic Center with our friends, Claire and Dea. The girls had a freaking blast. If you have little kids, you should go there.

Sophie had herself a drumstick (after she asked mom to buy pizza, then didn't eat it), and Dea snacked on some of my nachos. Ya, I ate pizza and nachos... I can't help myself these days.

Last weekend we also went to play at the river.

This is super fun once you get used to the cold water.

Sophie spent the majority of the time drooling over the puppy.

And Denny managed to cripple himself.

Then after he was bleeding, he asked me if I was going to go tube down the river. After he just injured himself... I think not.

Maybe I'll go next time, and have Denny get a picture of me screaming in the cold water.

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