Monday, August 16, 2010

The House

Get ready for the picture overload.
You can make them all bigger, just click them.

First, a quick look at the layout of the lot.

The main floor.
The basement.
My flower garden out front.
The house :)
East side o the house. ie - our yard & shed
(the posts are where the guy is finishing the fence)
Other side of the house, from the 2nd driveway
Back of the house, from the shed.
Back of the house, from the 2nd driveway.
Front room. I LOVE the windows. :)
Front room, from the other side.
Sophie hanging in the front room.
Sophie in her room.
Bathroom upstairs.
Looking from Sophie's room, toward the kitchen.
The kitchen.
Dining area.
Basement family room.
One of the rooms downstairs. My future craft room.
Bathroom downstairs.
Storage room.
She totally loves her new house. She even knows which room is hers. :P
Being a dork on the car.
Making faces.
Soon enough house... you will be ours!


Myya said...

Looks like a great house. Sounds like it is meant to be!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so pretty! I'm jealous of all of the storage space!

Has your offer been accepted?

Lexi said...

in a way, we put in an offer thursday evening, and they counter offered for like $900 more, so we close on the 8th. :)

Phreggs said...

Appears as though there's some spam on this blog post.

Brad and Mo Petersen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Buying the first house is a HUGE leap of faith. It is a fun adventure that never will get old. Always something that can be done, and by the sounds of it you've got a list already started. :-)