Monday, August 16, 2010

So, Guess What?

Should everything go according to plan, we will be home owners as of Sept 8th.

Yep, HOMEOWNERS! Most people that both Denny and I grew up with, are complete failures at the moment. So needless to say, we're rather proud.

The home is a 4 bed, 2 bath, about 2000 sq ft. Ginormous family rooms. (mostly) Fenced Yard. Two diveways (I want to fence one off). A shed. Shaded yard. Little garden area. Green grass. A carport. Freshly updated. New carpet and paint. Completely finished (aside from our storage area).

Too good to be true, yea? We have quite literally spent 2 years looking for a home that would fit our needs, that was affordable, and was NOT located in Ogden. Not such an easy feat with only one income. Denny supports my decision to stay at home and raise our children, so we make due.

I'm horrified that with buying a house, we'll most likely be stuck in this state for years. I hate Utah. I cannot stand the kind of people that live here, they drive me nuts. Everything is ugly here, there aren't enough trees. Also, the members of the church here just aren't the same. My hope is that in 10 years, we'll be able to move FAR away from here. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

We first saw the house when we were driving up to my ultrasound last week. On the way back I called the number to see if the house was even in our price range. It sounded delightful, so we got in touch with our favorite realtor and went to see it the next day.

This was the only house we've seen (and believe me, we've seen a lot) that we actually liked, the moment we walked in. Being the opinionated person I am, I generally have a lot to say about the houses we see. My only gripe with this one was that the backyard won't be completely fenced. I figure I'll have Denny finish that next spring, since winter will be here soon enough anyway. I just don't like the idea of people being able to wander into my yard. And the stairs are steep, but it's an older house.

I've already started the decorating in my mind. I've got paint colors picked out for half the house. Being both pregnant, and not having money to spend, I'll be painting the house next spring. In fact, the house will be pretty empty until we get our tax return and buy things to fill it. But I'm ok with that, just gives Sophie more room to run all over the place.

Also with both a yard, and a friend who has a fresh batch of puppies - I've promised Denny a dog. For some reason he likes labs, but I'm not so fond of big dogs. Our friend, Mary, has a bunch of puppies that were born on Friday the 13th, and I've got my dibs on one of the girls. I like the idea of being able to stick the dog on a chain, and throw it outside when it annoys me. (not so easy in an apartment) So in a few weeks, you will see Denny's new bitch. (tee hee, get it, girl dog?)

Aside from scaring myself silly by looking up our address on Family Watchdog, I'm still pretty darn excited. Being traumatized by sexual abuse as a child, you can bet that I'll be printing out the pictures of the offenders in our area. I'm crazy like that.

Tonight I get to go back to the house, so I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.


Myya said...

That is wonderful news! I'm so excited for you. There is just something really empowering being a homeowner. You two should be TOTALLY proud of yourselves, especially at such a young age. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you & praying everything goes well. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again! I'm still in shock about having to be in Utah for such a long time too. We're probably going to be in this house for 5-10 years and that means I'm stuck in this blasted state for that long. Oh well though because I love my house and it's probably good to be around family while Dea is little.