Friday, August 13, 2010

Revised Diapering List

So, should we make a certain GIANT purchase next month... we are going to have less play money. My play money is pretty much baby oriented. I'm a sucker for tiny things.

Remember my super awesome diaper want list.... yea... I've decided it's just more financially responsible to make the diapers myself. *tear*

So I've had to come up with a revised list of sorts. (which doesn't include any diapers) Depressing, no?

I need tiny prefolds, they are the most convenient thing for newborns that need to be changed 12 times a day.

$10 - 1 dozen preemie size prefolds (apparently I make small babies)
$18 - 1 (i really want 2) dozen newborn size prefolds

I'm going to be making most of the diaper covers from fleece, but it's nice to have a few PUL ones for out and abouts.

$11.50 Thirsties xs cover
$12.50 Thirsties newborn cover
(I want to get a pair of size small ones too, but I'm trying to be cheap here)

My goal is to use cloth wipes this time around. We tried with Sophie, but it didn't impress me. This time around I plan to use a wipe solution.

$12 baby bum drop wipes solution

I'm ok with the solid poo, you just plop it into the toilet... not the same story with breastfeeding poop. tmi? Too bad. If you have a baby, you know the stuff is like mustard. I definitely want a diaper sprayer. It hooks up to your toilet so you can spray the diapers off before tossing them in the pail.

$45 BumGenius diaper sprayer

I hated the ammonia smell that came from washing Sophie's diapers in hard water. Freaking Utah. The "Hard Rock" detergent is make specifically for hard water.

$16 Rockin Green -Hard Rock- detergent

I don't imagine the diaper smell being bad, but just in case - I'd like to get some odor helpers.

$6.50 Rockin Green pail freshener, just shake it over the stinky diaper pail (works with the detergent I want as well)
$6 Bummis odor remover, but this has to be sprayed on each individual diaper

With a pail, I then need a pail liner. I hate the having the diaper smell forever stick to the pail.

$15 Kissaluvs antibacterial pail liner (two would be awesome, but I think I'll make due with one)

Cloth diapers need their own special bum cream. The normal kinds make them all icky.

$16 Grandma El's diaper rash cream

Ways to close the prefolds, I've heard Snappi's are much easier than pins.

$4 Snappi (I'll need at least a few of these)

The tar poo isn't my favorite thing. You know, the stuff they make the first few days of their life. Plus going out is ok when baby pees, but I don't much want to cart poopy diapers along with me.

$6 Cutey Baby flush-able diaper liners

That's still $180.... that I don't have. :( Plus, a lot of those things only last so long, and need to be bought again. Maybe I should take up robbing banks?

I've been trying to trade with other mom's for the things that I want, but shipping adds up. I'll probably end up cutting my list down, yet again, in a few weeks. ON WITH MY QUEST OF DIAPERING!


talyzman said...

I see nothing wrong with your request at all. We grandmas sure can donate to the cause 1/2 and 1/2 Its nothing compare to the joy of having another little baby that has our blood!
Right grandma Tina?

Tina the Terrible said...

I totally agree!!! I can go half when ever your ready. We will also have to plan a house warming and baby shower to help out. Our beautiful granddaughters deserve the very best.....they already have the best parents and we are here to help with the rest.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a diaper sprayer for breastfed baby poop. So long as they are exclusively breastfed, their poop is water soluble so you can just throw it in the wash. It's pretty awesome. I miss those days.