Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooling Off

Earlier this week, Sophie and I walked over to dad's.

I gave her the towel to dry off, since she had been playing with her little worm toy that squirts water everywhere. She had different ideas.

Step 1 - Get towel soaking wet.
Step 2 - Squish some water out onto the concrete.

Step 3 - Scream "HAPPY BIRTHDAY OREO," while flopping the towel on the dog. She claimed she was "drying him off."

Step 4 - Repeat several hundred times.

Silly Oreo thought he could hide from her in the kennel.

Fat chance.

Laying out her towel.

Then jumping over it.

As you can probably guess, I eventually had to get her a new towel to actually dry off.
Brightly colored toe nails make me happy.

And a belly shot. I'm not THAT big, I had to arch my back to get the picture right... at least that's what I'll continue to tell myself.


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talyzman said...

There is nothing on this earth that makes me happier as to see my kids’ life develop in front of my eyes every day. Thank you for always posting for me to feed on that:-)